Express brother died car accident left young organ donor save 4

Not long ago, Changzhou, a small express delivery car accident, sustaining serious head injuries, after the hospital still unfortunately passed away, leaving behind two children as young as 5 and 7 years of age. Grief at the same time, his family chose to donate organs, eventually this was saved by express organ through transplantation 4 people.

30 years old from Anhui Province, Hui (not his real name) works in Changzhou has more than 10 years of life, is the pillar of the family. Not long ago, hui became a courier tell, every day, hoping to work hard, but work just two months, unfortunately, fell on him.

On February 27, Hui sent express collided with a truck on the way, and serious head injuries. “The injured were taken to hospital when the injury is very serious, rescue, on March 3 he has no spontaneous breathing. “Nan Yuan ICU doctor Chen Dan, wujin district people’s hospital said. After expert evaluation, grassing consistent with brain death status, unfortunately passed away.

Hui’s sudden death to a big hit with the whole family, but sad at the same time, Hui family heard of organ donation-related news from doctors, family consultation, decided to adopt the organ donation for grassing of life.

On March 4, Hui’s father eventually signed with Red Cross organ donation-related instruments. In the operating room, some more than 10 medical officers Group observed a minute of silence, expressed thanks and respect for grassing. Grassing on the liver, lungs, and eventually two kidneys were transplanted to Nanjing, Wuxi, Changzhou 4 different patient’s body, saved the lives of 4 unknown stranger.

Hui’s daughter is 7 years old, son is 5 years old, the wife working in a private, monthly income is only around 2000 Yuan, Hui of adversity, home more money. “Medical expenses before and after a total of more than 90,000 yuan, really have no money at home, asking relatives contributed 20,000, make arrangements for a funeral or to spend money, the family now owes external debt of 30,000 yuan. “On March 15, Hui’s father the modern Express (the) reporter said. Wujin district hospital after learning of the Hui family, active late rescue treatment costs of relief to more than 70,000 yuan, Changzhou Red Cross help for grassing family hired a free lawyer.

Grassing is gone, but life will go on. “My daughter-in-law and I was at work, my wife stay home with the children, this time at home is really difficult, we adults eat nothing, is the child always makes people feel worried. “Think of grandchildren, Hui’s father, could not help but worry wiped tears.

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