Ex-girlfriend on their wedding night the man downstairs with loudspeakers shouting money

The Yangtze evening news (reporter Shen Xi reporter Wang Guozhu) “me 80,008 gift you received, do not marry me, ran to the side to get married! Also, our 140,000 works, where you go? “On March 21, is a community the couple in Jiangsu Taizhou Jingjiang wedding wedding day, ex-boyfriend of the bride that night armed with loudspeakers shouting outside the new bride” money “, the two sides clash, local police get involved.

According to Jingjiang Park of Jiangyin police introduced, they received the alarm is 21st 7:45 P.M.. Police rushed to the area found that the scene was filled with people, young people armed with a megaphone pull tug-of-war with another person. Police then brought to the police station to understand the situation on both sides of the conflicts. Police asked that, carrying loudspeakers young Zhang (not his real name), lives in the community. Coincidence is that his ex-girlfriend’s husband in the community, and is the ex-girlfriend of the day of the wedding day. Zhang told police he and his ex-girlfriend, also spent 88000 gift, in which ex-girlfriend’s father borrowed 140,000 works, from his father, and a receipt. Later the woman’s wrenching, but the money has not. For nearly four years, he has been looking for his ex-girlfriend have failed. Some time ago, he heard the community whenever a wedding, find out which learned that the bride is actually the ex-girlfriend he searched for years.

That ex-girlfriend getting married the same day, Zhang had to go to their new homes the night knocking, but there has been no reply. In desperation, the small take out prepared loudspeakers, stood up shouting downstairs: “me 80,008 gift you received, do not marry me, ran to the side to get married! Also, our 140,000 works, where you go? “His cries immediately attracted public attention, because the man did not know in advance the bride with little dispute, some relatives and friends arrived, with little conflict.

Xiao Zhang’s move is achieved. Before the press was informed that afternoon of 22nd, bridal party to the police station, and small disputes and clarify the situation, but the police did not disclose specific details.

It is understood that small debt relationship with his ex-girlfriend, police could not determine, but Police reminded Xiao Zhang, even though both have debt disputes, but also through legitimate channels to claim their rights.

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