Driver episodes while driving after being stopped by passengers with ear plugs ear plugging

Drivers using a mobile phone while driving more episodes

More episodes

Drop drivers in Hangzhou West Road

Yesterday 12:08, users “girl provocative days” in 19 floor posted: this early in drops drops Shang taxi, wants to with Monday road car certainly more, fear traffic on ahead of has a few minutes Bell taxi, luck also OK, just released about car information didn’t long on has driver received single has, prepared prepared on downstairs,, with driver to received I, halfway received driver phone, said he zhiqian of car bad off has, today open of is addition a car car, wants to with fast late has that on good’s…… Then back on the bus, bad drivers, presumably because of my 2 minutes, I did not say anything.

Wonderful things here.

I see the driver with a cell phone on the dashboard, which broadcast on behalf of the people. I look into the driver’s eyes constantly looking at mobile phones, I panicked and immediately to stop the driver, don’t let him see, driving, should come to do?

Drivers, however, didn’t pay attention to me, at first is to wear an earplug, then simply put the two ear plugs wear out, I instantly testy, I also do you desperately!

I loudly say to him, please turn off your cell phone? he is not listening to, watching TV while driving with ease, I can find no way out but warned him to complain about him again, useless … … Not the destination I would make him stop, long remembered his license plate number, has complained.

The whole thing down, I just want to say: drop the company, professional quality is the driver really needs to be strengthened, but I also have seen a very good driver, and can only say that today …

Netizens comment thread –

Hubei KAN: HA HA HA, this is Yu-Liang, Secretary of the driver.

Lq36022612: Visual is Zhao Ruilong during the dot-com the wits.

Happy with 666: I met drivers driving-while-eating sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds spit out the window, get off the decisive complaints were made.

Yesterday at noon, contacted the friend, was a little girl, more than 20 years working in the financial sector, she lives in Yuhang district, unit in the West, working late, usually select express trips to the last drop, from where you take a taxi to the units ranging from 10 to 20, depends encountered peak fares.

The same day, she meets the more episodes driver, aged 28 to 35 years old, where people do not know, because didn’t you hear him talk, unable to extricate themselves in the episodes.

Cameron said, drivers have been waiting for her for about 2 minutes, during which he has been calling, first call, she was off the elevator on the way out, then he called again, she didn’t have arrived at the door of the community, got a driver’s attitude is not so good, she thought was her own late didn’t say anything.

“Car started Hou, I found he has been at with phone in Chase drama, occasionally see Xia ahead road, paper a West Road was on is blocking, early peak special dangerous, I first times said he, he didn’t acting I, instead put another earplugs also wear has, then I on took has photos again discourage, he also is didn’t reaction, at to after a bridge, I impossible let he in bridge Shang stopped, Xia bridge Hou, I requirements parking. “The girl said, for their own safety, she got off early, walk 10 minutes to the unit, came when he was watching on behalf of the people, then, according to speculation, he was watching the 43rd episode.

Girl does not want to provide more episodes driver any information, she said would like to remind you that wonderful drama, cannot drive a car chase. Also, if you are experiencing drive episodes driver, determination to get off. On behalf of the people, and don’t forget the people’s safety.

More episodes

Zhejiang drivers on the highway in Guizhou province

Not unique. These days, there is also a similar news in heat transfer, was transmitted by the media a video field enforcement of high-speed traffic police in Guizhou: how hot is the name of the people? of highway driving episodes to Guizhou, Zhejiang.

1-minute video.

Drivers driving on the freeway in Guizhou, Zhejiang episodes was blocked drivers driving on the freeway in Guizhou, Zhejiang episodes was blocked

On April 18, two high-speed traffic police fine high-speed (Qinglong-xingyi) when investigation and found limousine driver in the driving process of a Zhejiang nationality from time to time, staring at the dashboard, looked focused, acting suspiciously.

After the Police intercepted the vehicle service area, indicating that drivers pulled over for inspection.

Police found the car’s dashboard location with a mobile phone, TV plays on behalf of the people. Driver initially denied, eventually admitted that he “do it.”

Driver said he xingyi East from San Quentin high speed on the charging station after watching TV while driving at high speed, has been driving for about 30 km. Police education and drivers, you joke about his life, and putting others in danger, had violated traffic regulations. Police immediately driver penalty: 2 points, fines of 50 Yuan.

For the drivers on the highway driving episodes to Guizhou, Zhejiang was punished, friends comments-

Himalayan I: watching on behalf of the people, is playing people’s lives!

Book 020407: prospect on the development of autonomous driving.

Dainfo: what a joke.

Xiao Hu slag residue to burst: on behalf of the people!

However, most comments are: this penalty was too light!

For Highway Shang Chase drama of punishment, Hangzhou Lake Police Brigade left Squadron Yu Wei Deputy squadron leader said, “drive Chase drama” with “drive playing phone” “drive eat popsicle” as, with belongs to hamper security lane of violations, according to people’s Republic of China Road traffic security method implementation Ordinance 62nd article 3rd items provides finds, driving people exists “driving Shi has other hamper security lane of behavior”, according to people’s Republic of China Road traffic security method 90th article provides, Penalty of between 20 Yuan and 200 Yuan, and Zhejiang are fined 100 Yuan, and deducted 2 points, Guizhou is probably a fine of 50 Yuan deducted 2 points.

Is any punishment?

“Punishment according to law, it can’t be punished, there is no other more appropriate legal provisions. “Yu Wei said.

Episodes of Zhejiang fines of 50 Yuan deducted 2 points more episodes of Zhejiang fines of 50 Yuan deducted 2 points

Lawyer claims

Drive Theater punishments are too light?

Express “lawyers” signed up lawyers, auspicious, Zhejiang law firm lawyer Wu in charge of motor vehicle traffic accidents, to investigate the situation and after watching the video, explained as follows –

Common traffic violations in other circumstances that deducted 2 points, or only driver does not harm other people, such as not wearing a helmet, not wearing a seat belt or the violation will not result in serious consequences, such as suspension vehicles identified, not by dock site. They deducted 2 points, the crowd is generally accepted.

And a similar driving videos that harm others and may result in severe consequences, also fined only 50.2 Yuan, would feel abnormal light legal penalties.

Then, driving more episodes, enough said in a comment on crimes of endangering public security?

Listing several legal cases of the crime of endangering public security, drive episodes are not included and cannot be expanded explanation of criminal law.

Others have heavier penalties?

There are no other penalties, watching video while driving has a great security risk to themselves and others, but incidents have not been caused, the punishment is based on the Ministry of public security of the provisions of the motor vehicle driver’s license to apply for and use, deducted 2 points. In strict sense, deduction is not an administrative punishment, but a kind of educational measures. Transportation administrative penalty provisions in the road traffic safety law, forms of detention and a fine of only two. Only watch video while driving but did not lead to consequences of the violations committed, the penalty is limited to this. If the tragedies will bear criminal responsibility.

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