Deception can get public housing targets women pay 25,000 yuan 3 years

Public housing, is designed to provide an affordable housing for lower income groups, the rent is low and be welcomed. In recent days, working from Ting to Haikou, Hainan Province, Chen reflected, 3 years ago, she introduced through friends met a man claiming to be understanding and relations within the public housing targets has friends, just pay 25,000 yuan to help get a set of indicators. However, Chen did not expect, money, she is almost 3 years did not live in new houses.

Reflect: claiming to be inside, a set of indicators 25,000

In June 2014, Chen introduced by sister, understanding the relationship between public housing targets has an internal and a man claiming to be the woman, the woman committed to making 25,000 yuan, we will be able to help get public housing targets. In order for Mrs Chan reassured, unknown woman promised, if things are not done, definitely be back. To hear the other say, Chen made money authorize each other to help deal with indexes.

Chen recalled, the so-called internal Ms LI is his sister store regulars. She learned that she and her husband worked two years in Haikou, tight of the economy offered, said he knew many people, can you help me get public housing targets, but Chen to pay 25,000 yuan to dredge. But in late 2014 or early 2015, ever show Garden District, Haikou city, Chan will be able to move into a new home.

Make money, Ms Chan was originally thought that the end of the year will be able to live in a new House, but didn’t think this Flash almost three years have passed, things were still not done. Afterwards, Chen repeatedly contact Ms LI, but the other side still refuses to show up.

In desperation, Chen and her husband only pinning my hopes on housing Security Center notification of public rooms at the list, however, notice a look silly eye, and do not have their own names in the lists. At this point, Chen realized he had been deceived, trying to recover the 25,000 yuan, have repeatedly been rejected.

Reminder: find the relationship between the index doesn’t work

After the incident, Ms Chan is reflected to the center of Haikou city xiuying district, housing and other related departments, after coordinated party she came forward, but denied the money used to handling of relations within public housing targets, but said it was “borrowed” and promised to return as soon as possible.

Subsequently, the Southern Metropolis daily journalist through the relevant person is aware, on March 14, Lee has asked Chen to return the sum of 25,000 yuan, both sides expressed mutual accountability.

After the incident, about whether you can apply for public rental housing through so-called internal relationships, a center of Haikou city xiuying district, housing-related staff to respond to relevant circumstances.

According to reports, beginning as early as 2014, xiuying district, public housing targets has been finished in August 2014, applications, there is no new public rental housing. Chen’s family can continue a row number to wait for, as for those that find the relationship between the index of so-called, is unworkable.

According to reports, applications for public rental housing to go through “three trial publicity”, through the window accepts, turning street survey; housing Center and publicity at the district level; the city housing Security Center level record, qualified for review will be in city public rental housing information online for public notification and verification.

Therefore, the housing Center reminded members of the public, must be through formal channels in the Government process, relationship, should not rely on these so-called attempt to find the way, or you may fall into the trap set by the others.

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