Daughter suffering from uremia, divorced parents a debt to around kidney donation

Treatment in Dong Lu

22 year old female college student Dong Lu, in the eyes of others is, unfortunately, parents divorced 8 years ago, mother pulled her for her to go to school alone, ill apply for school 2 years ago, now seriously ill in need of kidney transplant, the father remarried, decided to give her a kidney donation, Alumni Friends circle are forwarded to raise messages helped her raise life-saving money … … Yesterday, the sunshine girl said, in fact, be happy!

Rely on dialysis to stay alive, dialysis five times every two weeks, Dong Lu is smiling all the time, she was hoping for a miracle.

22 year old Dong Lu, hometown in heyang County, weinan city, Shaanxi Province, junior parents divorced when mother never remarried, usually to hold part-time jobs to earn a living, she went to College. Sensible of her reluctance to see his mother so hard, once had to give up the idea of University, mother tearfully says, “you are the mother of hope! ”

In 2014, she admitted to XI ‘ an University of technology school of Economics and human resource management, wanted to learn, a good job in the future, allow mothers to enjoy early, but God she was a big joke. “First half of 2015, I have been vomiting, fever, and could not eat. “Dong Lu was diagnosed with kidney disease by hospitals, forced to take treatment, mothers everywhere to borrow her in XI ‘ an city, Shandong, Nanjing and other hospitals for treatment, cost more than 100,000 yuan.

Unexpectedly, the October 2016 sicker, she was diagnosed with kidney failure, uremia. “The moment the outcome, his mother a white hair at night. “Dong Lu, 4 months to only rely on dialysis to stay alive, because no money was hospitalized only outpatient treatment, takes care of thousands of Yuan per month, now the only way to survive is for kidney, high operation costs and the cost of treatment will take approximately more than 300,000 yuan.

First time mothers have to donate kidneys, but blood type does not meet. Mr Tung, the remarried father, also had a baby, due to contract debt owed, I heard Dong Lu sick need a kidney donation, and immediately came to the hospital for a checkup. “She is my daughter, I can’t! “Mr Tung said, the inspection results immediately, and if it matches, he gives daughter kidney donation. When asked whether his current wife will agree, Mr Tung has hesitated for a moment, “I haven’t told them, believe that every parent on the child’s heart is the same……”

“Meant to just give up, but watched his mother crying, my heart ached, for 22 years, mother suck me up, I was all of her hope, I can’t leave her alone. Countless a night, I comfort himself, sleep a sleep tomorrow open eyes, I of disease on good has, I on can school to has, I on can for the mother share all has…… “Dong Lu in pain torture to night cannot sleep of situation Xia, pen wrote Xia this seal help letter,” seeking seeking kind people saved saved I, I desire live down, I only 22 age, life only just began, I also no read finished University, I also no return mother, I also has many things no do. ”

Her college counselor Liu said Dong Lu is a Sunshine girl. When she was second for the suspension procedures, inform you of her illness, the teachers and donates money and raise message forwarding for all your circle of friends, forwarding the alumni group, everyone you 100 of 1000, he, hoping to save the great alumni. Charity account: China Construction Bank 6217004140000681126 (head of Dong LU), Tel: 18309221419.

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