Daughter interrupted two ribs old father father call shop operators dispute

Said the girl was MOM and Dad’s warm padded jacket, not small boast, small size stand, is this insulation that ~ ~ good ~!

Hey, this kinda want to MOM and dad, get tickets, came home from work to see MOM and dad!

Now, however, like small make up such a clever girl is rare, thanks to MOM and dad raised me better (〃 ‘ ▽ ‘ 〃)

Little remarks made with a feeling, zouping Lao du, 68 years old this year, let your daughter a while ago broke two ribs! Which is this jacket, this is only the eyes are not good wolves!

Just a month ago, in zouping in a lighting store, old du left 10th rib, 11 lives were interrupted by his own daughter. This is not, a month in the hospital, and the girl is neither one has seen. Just out of the hospital during a lighting shop staged a father and daughter relationship drama!

Father and daughter went to this point, all because of the lighting shop! Lao du said the second floor lamp shop add up to nearly 500 square meters, is he opening up, is his name on the license. But now, he’s trying to do some business on the second floor, his daughter wouldn’t let him walk in the door, still in the store, said the store was her, said what is not gone.

This story of the Torre, when offended by her. Rana Talwar says end of 13, Torre put the store to her, she also took Daddy a lot of foreign debt. But du said, I never said these words, he kicked her several times, she is not!

Lao du, said the girl working back from Qingdao ping, have not lived’ve got from her shop, never said to her shop. As for the past few years the money given by her daughter, and compared those loans, it is nothing! Girl is Chinese new year to qianbabai, their goods but also value for money, too! Yourself back to girl babies too!

Hear, old du is a girl not a living material, and not old-age, just think back the shop. Playing the father, and the girl what?

Torre will be billed it, her eyes blur, and choose to be silent. UPS and downs for a long time, she didn’t mean out the shop. Lao du, rib fractures would have called the police. Lao du said, she doesn’t matter now, forensic identification, ye good breaking and breaking again in the courts!

Hey, small said, Pro-Alex both went to Court really does not look good, or this girl is too much! Because Daddy what did you feel at ease? Don’t say people don’t admit to you shop even having been admitted, now wants it back, you still have to Ah them up is to let you run, did say that earning money is you! You said you earned money in recent years, not only in full to the Lao Tzu, interrupted two Lao-Tzu’s ribs, where hospitals have, what do you think of it!

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