Couples live four star Wenzhou Hotels: room found videotaping equipment containing 9 videos

According to Wenzhou, April 12: wanted to charge a cell phone, only to find that hotel’s Sockets hidden candid camera equipment. On April 9, the business trip to Zhejiang Wenzhou Gu at the Hotel Victoria Hotel meets such a vexed thing. Alex immediately alert, reporters learned, Wenzhou lucheng district police now has been involved in the investigation.


Parties: 9 videos, did not finish

12th, Mr Gu told reporters the parties, on April 7, he and his wife from Huaian of Jiangsu province to Wenzhou, to attend a Conference, Victoria Grand Hotel can take around 1 o’clock in the afternoon on that day.

April 9 at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, back at the hotel Alex ready for charging the mobile phone. However, one outlet in the room TV to the left but not inserted charger, he observed that the mystery hidden in the socket, but filled with candid camera device.

Alex select the alarm immediately. Mr Gu said he was with his wife and a hotel staff to the South Gate of the police station, his wife viewed a videotaping device 9 3 to 4 videos in the video.


“I told my wife, couple appears in the video, see the indecent images, you do not see. “Mr Gu said, according to his wife, video content is clear, but you don’t see on their screen.

Mr Gu told reporters that the hotel’s explanation, there are two, one is the candid camera equipment fashion video equipment may be other guests in the negotiations; the second is the other guests to prevent hotel staff install touch personal items.

Hotels side: candid camera device, only a 3-minute video

To parties to take candid about the device found in the room, said Chen Xiaohua, Hotel Victoria, hotel cooperate with the police investigation after the incident.

Candid camera device disguised as a socket mounted on the wall opposite the bed

Chen Xiaohua said they called the professionals to examine the device and found that it only works for one hour, and not a remote monitoring device.

“Monitoring time label has been garbled, displayed was 2,111. “In addition, he said the device has only a 3-minute video, the video is fuzzy, can only see the shadow of a woman, listen to sound vaguely like arguing with another man,” men and women in the video are certainly not regard Mr. “

Chen Xiaohua, speculated that the furtive videotaping of a device may be installed after the 2011 hotel. “In my opinion, is not a hotel personnel to install, if they install, why after the risk was found not take it? ”

Chen Xiaohua told reporters in the hotel, and attendant on duty only, foreman, supervisor, Manager, General Manager according to the relevant permissions, can open the door.

Candid camera device location (red circle)

Compensation negotiations fail, both parties or legal proceedings

For this event, mediation proposals of the hotel Alex is, photographed by the return 4-day housing costs and the discovery of the device thanks to a red envelope, envelopes amounting to 2880 Yuan.

But Alex is not satisfied with this mediation, he said, the incident caused psychological harm to himself and his wife, after the incident, his wife days of nightmares, was careful in life, for fear that privacy.

Mr Koo, the hotel charge you want to apologize, on the other hand the hotel provided 50,000 yuan deposit, Alex thought they were on April 7, on April 9 found videotaping equipment, about whether their video during outflow is not guaranteed. So he asked the hotel to pay 50,000 deposits, such as after a certain period, no video out 50,000 yuan to return the hotel deposit.

Candid camera device inside

Photo courtesy of Mr gu gu’s encounter, said Chen Xiaohua, the hotel has some responsibility, mediation programmes to Mr gu. But Alex does not accept mediation on this impasse.

Both said that if it could not be reconciled, the matter will be resolved through legal channels.

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