County agriculture officials abused journalists respond to the masses: curse because of their temper

The staff and reporters chat screenshots

Angolan online according to Anhui daily reports at work “above board” was not one to play computer games, also made things difficult for villagers come to do, even more ridiculous is that public complaints, also scolded the crowd and journalists are dogs and cats, strange things appear in yuexi County, the Council of agriculture. Yesterday, yuexi Anhui commercial news reporters from the Council was informed that the masses case, the cadres ‘ work to play the game right, swearing is bad-tempered, they will be criticized in the system.

[Reflected] work to play “steal” hot for the masses

Yuexi County shop Chienchen Galactic village is a poor village in mountainous area, 2015 and 2016 to natural disasters, crop losses of some villagers, yuexi County Council set up a disaster relief working group of agricultural production, agricultural steering service on flood disaster and post-disaster recovery in agricultural production.

Because agricultural production in disaster-relief funds in doubt at the time, the morning of March 28 this year, some villagers ran an hour winding mountain road in yuexi visited the Council of agriculture, want access to 2015-yuexi and 2016-Dian Qian Zhen agriculture disaster relief funding disbursement roster.

One villager told reporters that in yuexi County Council staff will introduce them to their counterparts in the Office of a Department, but the villager are surprised the Department staff working time on the computer to play “steal” game to face the public and did not cover cover.

After the villagers explained the reason for, the staff said it was unable to provide agriculture relief funding disbursement roster. “This is the need to make public material, but people must hold a formal letter or approved to view or obtain, which obviously is to make things difficult for the people”, the villagers said, this would be clearly contrary to release requested agricultural disaster relief funds must be open, transparent spirit.

Villagers on a video sent to Anhui commercial news reporters, the reporters saw at an Office, a man with legs up sitting next to a computer screen told the crowd must have a formal letter of introduction cannot be viewed, while the flashing computer screen is displayed in the farm to steal food game.

[Negotiations] scolded the crowd and reporters are small dogs and cats

On March 31, after receiving complaints, yuexi reporters reflected the suffering of the masses to the discipline inspection departments of agriculture, the Department said, staff reception before the masses wrong, agricultural production roster disaster relief fund is open to the public, can be made available to the masses. The next morning, the reporter got a call from a man claiming to be in yuexi County Council staff, QQ number to a reporter, said it would send roster through QQ, QQ number after a news report, the other side suddenly asked journalists “? Female? ”。

Reporter was confused, at a press conference after adding the other QQ, this network named “Taoyuan zhaizhu” staff scolded reporters suddenly QQ, ignorant, stupid, retarded, said, “these tables are still signed to them, the villagers ran to the County Council to check there is no need. “Not all dogs and cats are to be found.”

Reporters answered, people not dogs and cats, and not. Villagers came to the County Council of access, is your trust you and is your responsibility. Have never thought the other seemed more angry, scolded the reporter is mentally retarded and pig brains, boob, man is not man ghost ghosts, “you stop being a journalist, go home to your wife’s feet. ”

Reporters ask “Taoyuan zhaizhu” who the hell is? The other side refuses to State. Reporters will it reflect the yuexi after head of the discipline inspection group of agriculture, the official said, this person is such that journalists don’t and it alone.

[Investigation] insults is the County Council of senior agronomist

In yuexi County, COA rare encounter on April 10, yuexi County shop Chienchen yuexi villagers had come to complaints the Commission for discipline inspection.

Yesterday, one villager told reporters in the complaint, yuexi yuexi County Disciplinary Committee refer the matter to the Council of agriculture, April 12 in yuexi County of agriculture informing them of the investigation results, work to play to steal food reporter cat small dog and scold the masses of work are the same person, yuexi is a senior agronomist of Agriculture Liu Zhongzhu, yuexi County Council has asked its people an apology.

In response to

General of the curse because of their temper in the system criticized

Yesterday, yuexi County Agriculture Commission discipline inspection team leader told reporters that people report the problem at all true, Liu Zhongzhu, abusive behavior during working hours playing computer games, the curse because of their temper. In view of the performance of Liu Zhongzhu, the County Council decided to give the commandments conversation, writing checks, and criticized throughout the system and demanded its apology to a client.

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