Countryside to buy food for the elderly miss the last bus shed night walk home by taxi

Washington (Xinhua Li Aihua), a deaf and mute dad Qiaokou wandered over to the new island by bus long Tai Yang Luo, back when having missed the last bus; life frugal elderly don’t want to stop to take a taxi, a trek of nearly 40 km on foot, returned home early yesterday morning, fearful and had a sleepless night his wife cried.

Yesterday 3:30 A.M., who lives in Qiaokou long Tai Chen Huai an in a mother-in-law call our information hotline at 82333333 for help: she was 76 years old wife Liu Luosheng Daddy go out after lunch the day before yesterday and failed to return home. Daddy was a deaf-mute, 1.75 metres tall, with a buzz, not FAT or thin, was wearing camouflage clothing.

70 years old grandma Chen of his walk is not easy, most of the night and cannot go out to look for. “Daddy was a deaf-mute, honked and he couldn’t hear her. “The danger to worry about his wife’s mother-in-law Chan sitting at home and talking to himself, was awake.

Yesterday morning, the Wuhan evening news reporter asked Chen for the first time her mother-in-law, she excitedly said, “Daddy 6:25 A.M. home safe, and thanked the newspaper concerned. “Let her mother-in-law did not think Chen is: dad was from Xinzhou yangluo walk back. Tai of yangluo nearly 40 kilometers long, Daddy walked the whole night.

Home Daddy, hungry, tired, exhausted, Mother Chen quickly heat up a bowl of rice to eat. Liu father then took a bath and went to bed rest.

Originally, Liu father heard his wife say the country cheaper, then took a bus all the way around to positive patrols until it was dark, the menu didn’t buy into, and missed the last bus returns, Daddy will walk back along the road, until the dawn to Hankou.

She said Chen, the Daddy who is no money, but she knows, my wife is not going to spend money to take a taxi, accustomed to austerity of his life.

His wife’s safe return, Chen mother-in-law hanging hearts were finally put down. She was glad for the nag Daddy, Daddy says to her through sign language: don’t go far in the future, will no longer do walk at night in the dark this dangerous thing.

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