College girls candid roommates privacy according to sell my boys and two people were arrested

Recently, the Jinan University girls reflect, 3 and her roommate was being photographed. Candid camera turns out to be a dormitory roommate Ding lived together for four years, and Ding also sold the candid photos to my boys, Sun.

When reporters came to this University, seen in some quarters of the three girls. They said he was being photographed. Even more amazing is that take pictures of girls is still secretly roommate photos to a male friends!

Says one day a man add me and send me a photo. I look like in our dormitory, I asked him what happened, he didn’t explain it to me. The girl reporter looked at her talk and male friends, Sun records, chat eye-popping!

The girl said, roommate cried, said police, hostel girls acknowledged she took, we don’t call the police! Girl told reporters at hearing this, four of them are shocked! Candid pictures of people who had lived together for four years is a dormitory roommate Ding, they suspected, Ding done is purely a psychological metamorphosis.

Subsequently, the four girls called the police, the police investigation found the photos were but a and male friends, Sun, people didn’t think of, Sun was also their classmate.

Taking a girl said, the police detained them. Woman for three days, the men for five days! But now, Ding and the Sun have been released, the funky four girls in the dorm, even a girl, are afraid to come to school again!

Afterward, the reporter found the head of the College, the school says, schools within the case, as the University was shocked, however, to make really hard for concerned students and parents to come forward.

School official said schoolgirls candid student privacy photos d a picture with accepting male students between the Sun just relationship between students, police have to Ding and Sun make administrative punishment. As a school, there was no investigation into the incident thoroughly.

Students and parents think the thing is, after all, in college dorms, Ding and Sun do such nasty behavior, as do schools do not look into the reasons, speaking of the problem, the administrators said, it’s really hard to say.

Students think, Ding and Sohn received administrative punishments of detention, however, had gone home, and two students involved have not made a public apology. Taking into account both parents are involved in the field, to deal with the matter, also have stepped in it, however the school’s attitudes are very vague at this time.

The school says, it also requires schools leadership deliberated.

Student parent representatives believe that student Ding and Sun could very well have been suspected of violating someone’s privacy, if the other party doesn’t give a satisfactory answer, the injured students will jointly investigate Ding and Sun’s legal liability. Lawyers say this is obviously violating someone’s privacy, have full authority to require the victim to harm damages for emotional loss.

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