College boys wearing a wig with the girls ‘ showers were girls just get found

(Original title: Jinan University boys wearing a wig with the girls ‘ showers were girls just get found)

Twitter was recently broke the news that, in a University in the town of Changqing, Jinan University, a man wearing a wig to sneak into the girls bathroom, many female students heard the news suddenly exploded, said a female student at the University today for fear in the shower, just look carefully around.

Hammam’s managers said that there is such a thing: the boy standing at around 1.75-meter, wore a long curly hair, dressed in a gray coat and into the girls bathroom on the second floor, just inside, was discovered by a female, so the boys escape.

Students hurried alarm the local police station has also been involved in the investigation. Many students reported the boy could easily into the girls bathroom with baths related to lax, but managers also cry foul. Manager said: “with this for such a long wig, wearing a woman’s dress, I can’t call them one by one to see is male or female. ”

So why did this guy will be entering into the girls bathroom? Administrators that he might have to steal something, a lot of girls holding a cell phone, went inside, not locked up, for thieves to exploit.

Reporters also saw no monitoring around the bathhouse, this security vulnerability into a bathhouse. After the event, school decided in bath installed outside the door monitoring, and strengthen the management of baths.

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