Chongqing juvenile arson burned Alex milking: milking his father died young Alex as treasure

Zou Xiang still does not believe his son Qin Qiang was burned to death for arson grandfather, grandmother of suspects.

About 2:10 A.M. April 12, qingyang Palace Road, wanzhou district, Chongqing, 107th, unit No. 202, dormitory fire emergencies, 80 heads of Zhao Su Qin Lun and his wife were trapped in death.

19, Qin Qiang (not his real name) to Grandpa and Grandma death for arson. This picture came from journalists surging Xie Yin

Wanzhou district of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau branch reported that two dead of inhalation of toxic gas, were killed, according to the investigation, fire department arson triggered, 19-year old grandson of the deceased Qin Qiang have a major crime suspects.

April 12, at 8 o’clock, police dispatched Qin Qiang arrested. Trial, Qin Qiang confessed to grandparents for money is not a quarrel, set store room in the House on fire before fleeing the scene. At present, Qin Qiang has been detained by police.

Qin Qiang caused by suspected arson death of grandparents after media reports raised concern, 19 years old, he experiences a kind of growing up? Why fire escape? 14th, local community residents who declined to be named told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), and they didn’t understand Qin Qiang, Qin Lun retired seldom walk with community residents, some say Qin Qiang because drug users to find the old man for money.

Area residents said Zou Xiang responded by saying that her husband died ten years ago, son Qin Qiang was the junior, the only boy in the family, Grandpa and Grandma kept his treasure. Son graduated last year often outside playing with classmates, she had found her son dark pill with an English name, but whether the drugs, she did not know. After the incident, Zou Xiang also told police the situation.

Wanzhou district of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau branch office staff told the surging news, cases handled by the Bureau of the criminal police detachment has been arrested other suspects, Qin Qiang money motive is still under investigation.


Qingyang Palace community janitors here (not his real name) told the word news, around 2:10 A.M. 12th, when he discovered the fire, flames had surrounded the entire dormitory, No. 202. Huang Yong alarm evacuation of residents in the community.

Hostel 202 have been sticking paper strip seals on the fire.

When he ran to the burning hostel 202 when the door to the rescue, and found that the door cannot be opened. Here with the people living inside the House very well, master named Qin Lun, 80 years old, is the Wanxian County Water Conservancy and hydropower school (now Chongqing Three Gorges Water Conservancy and hydropower school) retired teachers walk is not easy; the hostess called Zhao Su, 75 years old, was a seamstress. And two old men, living together, and their grandson Qin Qiang.

“When the fire is too large, it is impossible to rescue and House have no cry for help. “Huang Yong said that online” Zhao Su has run out and go back to save cripple Qin Lun “is false,” the doors are not open, how to run it? ”

Huang Yong and area residents say, if not for the fire exits blocked all the year round, can put out the fire early, people may have been trapped inside the House would be saved.

Surging news found at the scene, leading to the 107th dorm hallways filled with cars, or “zombies”, turning on the set cement pile fire trucks could not get close to the burning building.

Because of the door cannot be opened, the fire growing, area residents can only watch as flames engulfed hostel 202. “Fortunately did not live on the third floor, balcony or stacking stuff, or the consequences could be disastrous. “Dr she said community residents, due to the large fires, residential power soon, some residents were holding a wet towel and ran to the top floor and turn to another down the stairs to escape, someone downstairs in the dark for their lives. Was lucky, escaping officers without casualties.

Zou Xiang learned that news of your House is burning, due to abnormal noise in the community, her dormitory community away from the water they live only there are more than 100 meters away. Hearing voices, she found that in the past was her home on fire.

She cried out her son and husband’s name, has been no response. Desperate, she borrowed a neighbor’s call from his mobile phone to call his son Qin Qiang.

“What is it? ”

“I’m a mother. ”

“I’m dead, you never call me. “Zou Xiang Qin Qiang answer puzzling, but after she learned her son all right, slightly more at ease. “The House is on fire, Grandpa and Grandma was wrong. “She told her son.

Zou Xiang memories, Qin Qiang said on the phone: “had an accident? ”

Fire exits leading to the fire site is still blocked.

Zou Xiang feeling two elderly people might have had an accident, her first reaction is to notify parents in law daughter Ping Chin. She hung son Qin Qiang the phone in a hurry.

Zou Xiang said the husband subsequently was rescued by fire, but the doctor died.

The suspects

The night of April 12, wanzhou District Public Security Bureau informed Yang Palace fire case, said two dead Department of deaths due to inhalation of toxic gas, after investigation, the fire department arson triggered, 19 year old grandson of the deceased Qin Qiang have a major crime suspects. Have been supervised, police captured Qin Qiang.

Trial, Qin Qiang to ask grandparents for money not quarrel, will house storage room lit confessed before fleeing the scene of the crime. At present, Qin Qiang has been detained by police.

Qin Qiang of 19 years has experienced a kind of life? Why is he set on fire? Qin Qiang, area residents said they just saw, are not familiar with. Several residents told the news the surging, Qin Qiang of the years of death of his father, after he graduated from the school last year to work, but loves to play outside, possibly because drug-taking to grandparents for money.

Mother Zou Xiang surging News said Qin Qiang’s father died a decade ago, when Qin Qiang is only 9 years old. She said that last summer, Qin Qiang from the three gorges Water Conservancy and hydropower school graduated and now does not work.

Zou Xiang said that after her son graduated, and indeed often play outside with my classmates, but its simple, normal play is not to mix social and his classmates.

Discipline of Qin Qiang, Zou Xiang has been preaching. She said, son particularly obedient, but also very sensible.

“The US has been very good for the elderly. “Zou Xiang said her husband died 10 years ago, she never remarried, his son having to take care of grandparents living with them, every day until her own home cleaning for the elderly.

Zou Xiang said that after the death of her husband, Qin Qiang houses only in the junior boys, the two seniors who like the grandson, as treasure him. Although, sometimes the wrong way for the elderly, loving criticism Qin Qiang, but she never saw Qin Qiang and grandparents back, fighting.

Zou Xiang Qin Qiang’s aunt also Ping Chin confirmed. Ping Chin said, his nephew did quite well with my parents, but she refused to tell her parents and nephew of other circumstances.

According to Zou Xiang told Qin Qiang recently over a period of time, nor quarreled with Grandma and Grandpa, father-in-law and mother-in-law also did not reflect her and her grandchildren make a paradoxical situation.

Money motivated

Zou Xiang Qin Qiang is not considered drugs. No matter what neighbors say, she said, her children know.

But she told the surging news that she had found some English from Qin Qiang name, black packaging, each plate has only one coloured pills she confiscated asked Qin Qiang “is what” Qin Qiang did not answer, just the pills back. Whether these pills are drugs, she did not know. Zou Xiang said: “after the fire broke out, and I told this to the police. ”

Surging news attempted to contact Qin Qiang friends, classmates and teachers, but because of graduation for a long period of time, contact failed.

On April 14, the workers are burning building-renovation of the line.

Wanzhou District Public Security Bureau staff of the political office, Qin Qiang drug addicts, police are also investigating, but Qin Qiang was the only one captured suspect.

Qin Qiang is a thing mentioned in the police force, said Zou Xiang, Qin Qiang spend more frugal, and in-laws often gave him money, dozens of Yuan, many times one hundred or two hundred Yuan.

Two days before the incident, she told Qin Qiang 30 yuan, and later to 30 yuan, Qin Qiang said previous to 30 yuan to useless.

“If he asked grandparents for money, as long as the amount is small, Grandma and Grandpa will give him. “Zou Xiang said, her father-in-law retirement income of 3800 Yuan a month, she has done business before, two elderly people usually lived very frugal.

Recalled after the fire situation, Zou Xiang couldn’t clear the sons in the fire morning conversation with her, she felt that Qin Qiang of the telephone that is so strange, but do not understand why “I’m dead, don’t call me.”

Family photos show, Qin Qiang handsome, youthful Sun. Zou Xiang said, the family is ready to let his college entrance exams this year, but did not expect such a thing to occur.

At present, Zhao Su Qin Lun and two elderly people whose remains have been sent to the funeral home in wanzhou district. Zou Xiang said that mourning’s time has not been determined, should be after waiting for the police to investigate.

(Respondents were required, the suspects and their families is not his real name)

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