Choking man was rushed to the emergency room for help women doctors for a “knife” pierce the tracheal help

Emergency room burst into a blue face suffocation still speak to men, contact nurse on duty immediately came to an ear, nose and throat surgeon for emergency treatment. Because of the urgency of the situation, women doctors flying forward, will be in the hands of devices into a patient’s throat. “Pop……” with a thud, a stream of blood spray out, splashing female doctors face, just cannot breath and calmed patients with extreme anxiety. Patients were saved, family members and medical personnel finally stretching a taut string.

Correspondents high-sensitivity Sun Jiang, Liu Xinyun modern Express ()/ZAKER Nanjing Xinhua Lu Wenjie

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Female doctor “one size” on saving patients life

April 13, at three o’clock in the morning, Changzhou City, Jiangsu second hospital emergency department suddenly sounded like shouting in the corridor: doctors help! After nurses on duty heard rushed into the room, I saw a middle-aged man pointed at his throat, chest dramatic ups and downs, blue face suffocation, completely unable to speak.

This is typical of inspiratory dyspnea. Patients admitted to the emergency room nurse on duty immediately, arrange for oxygen. Family members and patient Mr NG sudden sore throat, hung in the local anti-inflammatory drugs, but will not only not get better, but worse. Has more than 10 years experience in nursing contact, ear, nose and throat surgeon, and simultaneously take all emergency measures to relieve symptoms of Mr Wu.

On examination, doctor Wu yanyan was the cause of acute laryngeal obstruction, danger at any time. At this point, Mr Wu’s breath more rapidly, heart rate speeding up.

“Be Prepared for tracheotomy! “The doctor shouted. However, because of too low blood oxygen saturation, with extreme anxiety, completely out of tune with, soon to die. Juncture, doctor Zhang Xia rush forward, will be in the hands of the cricothyroid membrane puncturing devices in patients with laryngeal cavity, begin rescue.

After a few minutes, with Mr Wu irritating respiratory, blood, airway open! Casing smooth insertion, rescue was a success! Looking at Mr unobstructed breathing, all hearts finally stretch taut strings.

20 minutes of life and death to save. Mr Wu always sober the whole process, the medical staff has been cheered him in the ear: don’t worry, we will rescue you! Don’t give up, it will be OK. Finally, when he finally calmed down, when gently waved, loving families excited to tears.

“So there was an emergency, I’ve been thinking about how to save directly in the rescue Hall rescue. “Zhang Xia told modern express reporters, only to discover later that his face was blood sprayed all hands split open,” after asking patients does not appear to be any infectious diseases, if there really is, that and that, anyway, I came back to save the people. ”

Heal the spirit was reflected most vividly in this night, this night for a return to living life becomes very warm.

Doctors advise

Still appears short of breath to get medical attention

It is understood that the acute laryngeal obstruction consists of acute inflammation, foreign bodies, tumors or trauma causes narrowing or obstruction of the larynx of a disease. Difficulty breathing is the most direct expression of acute laryngeal obstruction, even can cause death within a short time.

Changzhou hospital Otorhinolaryngology Director Zhu Juanfen introduction, laryngeal obstruction caused by tumor is generally a gradual increase, if still appears short of breath, voice modulation, or mouth and lip cyanosis, should immediately send patients. Inflammation, foreign body, such as laryngeal obstruction caused by sudden, in the hospital at the same time, if patients have a pale, cold sweat, coma, serious situations such as incontinence, should immediately use the sharp instrument with lumen through the cricothyroid membrane under the Adam’s Apple can quickly relieve respiratory distress situation, do not hesitate, in order to save lives in seconds.

“Acute inflammation such as more and more patients with laryngeal obstruction induced by acute epiglottitis, onset is acute and very dangerous, laryngeal obstruction from the onset to a minimum of 2-3 hours, pay attention. “Zhu Juanfen said.

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