Chinese women to Hong Kong for wearing sexy was suspected of prostitution have been repatriated to the US Customs

Overseas Chinese Web on April 25, according to American newspaper report, single women are arriving “high-risk groups”, when intercepted by Customs what they hear. Bell recently from Shanghai to the United States at the time of entry into the United States was difficult to miss, customs officers suspected professional that she is, “prostitution in America”, in a small dark room check the app records, verify personal information to return in the end, Chung due to excessive pressure cried on the spot, I feel wronged.

Dress is so beautiful was suspected of prostitution have been repatriated

It was reported that Chung, 22, engaged in performing work in Shanghai, usually would have a plane model patted photo, or a slight movie filmed. Invited by friends, take pictures of friends shop as a model to the United States earlier this month, on April 7, Chung landed New York’s JFK airport.

To the United States for the first time, she was very excited and also repair makeup before getting off the plane. The day she wears v neck white t-shirt, black ripped jeans, pink light thin feather coat. According to Ms Chung said, is normal attire.

But at the time of customs clearance, Customs has been called into question. Customs asked her why the United States, her play. Customs asked her occupation, she said is a model. After she was taken to the “dark room” for further inquiries. In a small dark room, customs in the translator, she knew her through an interpreter because the costume is suspected the purpose of beauty, so needs to cooperate with the review.

Then she was asked to open the phone, look at the chat. Customs officers from the records, discussion with others to New York to see her take pictures of price, determines the itinerary and dates, has paid a deposit, and then asked whether she “to work in the United States”, the clock is hard to miss, though, is to take pictures, but because it is a friend, so I did not pay, the so-called deposit is paid for her round-trip ticket.

She explain to customs, he was to play, by the way do a friend a favor, not to work, nor to engage in other illegal activities. Custom Miss also in Bell’s luggage found a lot of gorgeous and sexy outfits, Ms Chung explained that this is his style of dressing. Customs did not accept her plea, finally announced plans to repatriate Chung.

Just landed, haven’t seen the New York home of blue sky and white clouds, Miss Bell feel too wrong too aggrieved, cried on the spot. Customs officers have little sympathy with, or let her change the ticket to return to China.

Single women United States notes

Examples of single women like Chung to be repatriated are not uncommon, end of December 2015, South Korea girl group Oh My Girl went to Los Angeles to shoot turnaround, because without going through the P2 actor visa, luggage has a lot of sexy costumes, customs officers suspected of prostitution in the United States, was eventually repatriated.

Lawyers warned that single women, particularly young single women often are customs scrutiny. As possible when entering the low-key and dignified, not so cool exposure, give the feeling of light, so suspect to the United States to find marriage partners or engaged in illegal trades. Special dress up do not have dust and behave appropriately. Not too expensive big names of clothing, not to wear fake Designer.

Customs scrutiny often return messages, but most visitors are so good to the United States, deportees must be caught by the Customs handles are reasonable before repatriation. So, to play normal people need not worry.

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