Chinese woman who disappeared on cruise suspect killed by German husband shot dead sea

“Global times special correspondent Aoki to Germany” and “German husband wife threw China into the sea. “German daily Bild said 27th Italian coast found an abandoned suitcase, which contained a highly decomposed female corpse. Italian media suspect that this may be a February cruise missing 38 year old Chinese woman Li Yinglei (sound).

Reported that the harbour in North-eastern coastal town of Rimini, Italy, 25th it was found floating in the sea a strange big luggage. Curious hauled luggage, he found inside a woman’s body, the alarm immediately. Forensic revealed that the woman inside the box of “Asian appearance, aged about 35 years old.” This bring to mind a case in February this year.

On February 9 this year, German husband of 45 years and Li Yinglei Burling and two young sons aboard a cruise ship visiting the Greek. On February 20, the cruise ships come to an Italian port, cruise ship employees counting passengers found that Li Yinglei had disappeared. After police received a report of Italy, was arrested at the airport ready to fly back to Ireland Burling.

Behring was born in Germany, in Ireland IT consultant. Chinese-born Li Yinglei runs a wedding company in Dublin, the Irish capital. After his wife disappeared, Behring and did not report, he explained that wife disappeared in the Greek port, but she has also done similar things, he thought of her own home.

Li Yinglei was last seen on February 10, when cruise arrived in Genoa, Italy. The family went into a souvenir shop. Shopkeepers say, heated Chinese woman and her husband. Dropped from a man took off his shoes to women. According to the police, Burling’s eldest son says MOM gone and did not appear again, and father to them to keep quiet.

Currently, Behring denied killing his wife, his lawyers requested DNA testing. The Italian news agency ANSA said that suitcase woman who found no traces of violence, everything is still pending the police investigation.

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