Chinese netizens insomnia map release: Beijing ranked forth in Shanghai at the top

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March 21 is world sleep day each year, the 2017 insomnia map Chinese netizens in Beijing in recent days published.

Survey results show that nearly 80% insomnia participants had experience with the highest proportion of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, Beijing, Shenzhen, followed by people with insomnia experience difficulty falling asleep in a major cause of insomnia.

In addition, more than 57% study participants cannot fully understand the harm of insomnia, only 4.5% thought that sleep should be treated immediately.

Xuanwu Hospital of capital Medical University Neurology Professor Wang Yuping, Director, said: “the high incidence of insomnia, severe, but the survey results show public on insomnia risk awareness is low, I do not know a insomnia should start treatment in a timely manner. ”

This “insomnia know? –Insomnia network survey, “which lasted a month, collected from China’s 32 provinces and autonomous regions in 362 cities 8,567 valid questionnaires, public experience of insomnia, the risk of and attitudes toward treatment research.

Insomnia is very sleepy, but go to bed sleeping or easy to wake up at night, difficulty falling asleep, sleep for longer than 30 minutes; awakening number two and above all night sleep quality, reduction in total sleep time (less than 6 hours) and woke up in the morning without recovery of the body, most importantly with daytime dysfunction, fatigue or malaise.

31.84% Internet users in the survey participants indicated that they would have appeared groggy lethargy during the day for a short time, but energetic awake at night. Yuping Wang explained: “actually, this is a sign of occasional insomnia. Occasional insomnia from acute insomnia can lead to decreased attention the next day, excitable, fatigue and other symptoms, have the potential to increase traffic accidents, injuries from happening. ”

Although there are more than 80% of Internet users plagued by insomnia, but more than half of Internet users cannot fully understand the harm of insomnia. Surveys have found that many people do not know that insomnia associated with high incidence of certain cancers, do not understand insomnia will increase risk of diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity, do not know that insomnia can cause depression and other mental problems.

Yuping Wang Professor: “acute, occasional insomnia if left untreated, can progress to subacute or chronic insomnia and somatic disease, studies show that insomnia and obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and other diseases is directly related to, and may even cause cancers such as breast and prostate cancer incidence. In addition, the insomnia might lead to anxiety, depression and other mental disorders and other diseases. Therefore, when insomnia occurs, should medical treatment as soon as possible. ”

The survey found that, among those who have insomnia experience than 57% said the firm does not take medicine. China pointed out that the Guide to diagnosis and treatment of insomnia in adults: for patients already diagnosed with insomnia treatment; for acute, occasional insomnia drug treatment should be adopted as soon as possible.

Yuping Wang said: “people with insomnia experience, 83% insomnia is a disease, people without experience insomnia, 35% believe that insomnia is a disease. No insomnia insomnia experience who understands pain. However, many people with insomnia are not willing to go to the hospital to standardized diagnosis and treatment, in addition to understanding the hazards of insomnia, there is an important reason for fear that taking sleeping pills side effects. Actually, currently treatment incidental sex insomnia, clinical Shang will recommended patients using non-benzene II nitrogen class drug, this class drug phase more Yu traditional sleeping pills in dependence and addiction sex Shang are has great improved, and used ‘ non-benzene II nitrogen class drug ‘ of intermittent sex treatment programme more has became treatment incidental sex insomnia of important means, for blocking insomnia of cycle can up to good role. ”

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