Car top bag upside down looking for pregnant women to fool men wine police

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March 12, at 2 o’clock in the morning, Xinglong Gong tour of Yubei District Public Security Bureau police detachment Brigade received the alarm a lady said, driving a car in paragraph 210 national highway CI Zhu a subversion at sharp bends of steep slopes, to civilian police force disposed.

Recognize insurance claims top package

Police rushed to the scene and found a car, “upside down” and “lying” on the road, was seriously deformed, almost useless. Standing next to the vehicle, two alcohol fumes all over man and a young pregnant women, there were no casualties. Pregnant woman claiming to be her driving caused the accident. But the police see the shuffle, indefensible, they obtained surveillance video to see the truth.

When the police are investigating, standing man Wang head admits, is to run his own car, he drank, drove over and fell down, looking for insurance, the insurance company is required to pay policemen will only issue a certificate of liability claims, so he called his friend’s wife Zhang for “pervert”.

Wang begged police to let him go, the police refused, Wang and quietly put two in the police car, Zhonghua and 2000 Yuan in cash. After the police found, cigarettes and cash were returned, and rightly criticized the King, ordered to cooperate with the investigation, bribe shall not interfere with law enforcement.

After the education of civilian police, Wang realizes his error, with the civilian police conducted a breathalyser test, the result is 54mg/100ml, a drink driving.

Do not scatter forcibly driving car accident

Upon investigation, 30, Wang, Yubei District in a company as a full-time driver. That night, invited by the friend of Zhao, he drove the company car to the CI Zhu Zhen’s house party, Cho is located in the Yubei District, 12 o’clock at night, Wang before driving home.

It is understood prior to departure, friend Zhao Zhang worried that Wang and his wife driving unsafe, Wang to stay living at home one night. Wang said patting his chest no problem, forced to drive home. Who would have thought, Wang had just less than 10 minutes drive away, eyes, limbs stiff, and no advance slowed down at the corner, skid the car crashed into the side of a slope, Subversion became “upside down”. Fortunately, Wang wearing a seat belt and was not injured, was being scared sober up.

Wang climbed out of the cab, was anxious to call the death curse Zhao Mou and his wife. Because cars are the company’s almost scrapped, and can’t afford to lose, just like insurance. But because it is drunk driving, insurance company won’t pay, so Zhao Mou and his wife to the scene of the accident to help find “pervert”.

Zhao and his wife hurried to the scene, Zhao to drink wine that night also cannot “pervert”, after deliberation decided to let a wife Zhang Zhao soon had just got his driver’s license to “pervert”, some five or six months pregnant, afraid of police, patrol officers will find out the truth, some hesitation. At the request of Wang, Zhang was made warning phone call. Civilian police arrived on the scene investigation, Wang was afraid betrayed, or is admitted.

Accidents caused by Wang drunk driving and improper operation, Wang held full responsibility for the accident. Pursuant to section 91st of the road traffic safety law of the provisions of the first paragraph, Wang Jiao Xun punishable by 12 points, fined 1000 Yuan, withhold the penalty card 6 months, Zhao Mou couple illegal “pervert” warning.

Chongqing evening news reporter Chen Ying correspondent Ge Shengdong police photo

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