Cadres investigation lost 12 years alone: they look eye talk

[Abstract] in fact, the “lost one” moment of tragedy may befall each of the one-child family heads, and the one-child policy after 35 years, China 3 family of more than 100 million.

Han Sheng was interviewing

On April 12, in Beijing Han Shengxue took part in a “lost single” party. He watched the parents, trying to remember their old face.

But he found, “they all seem to look the same, the same faces, the same eyes, even the talk is the same tone”.

In the past 12 years, Han Sheng visited more than more than 100 “lost one”, he has tried to reconstruct these “lost one” complete portrait. Until April 15, when his 260,000-word of reportage, “panoramic reflection ‘ loss alone ‘” loss of China household survey published by the mass press alone.

And works go into the public eye, and his identity: Vice researcher in Huaihua City, Hunan province, a competent Deputy-level officials ‘ – in the 25 family planning work, he has won dozens of “family planning crucial battle” won “Advanced worker” title, the bookcase of honor more than half a meter high.

Also because of this identity of the delicate situation, someone he was “active reflection”, openly choking him as “mutineers within the system.” For him, the identity is the responsibility of the cadres, but also burden, created this work only “after witnessing many tragedies and had to do something.”

“For the whole world, you’re just a speck of dust, and it seems to me, you are the whole world. ”

And as always, and that night, after the signing in Beijing, Han Sheng and click on the phone’s “lost one” group.

Those watching the group called “unique” “love” and “baby”, “Heartbreak”, “stick” parents comfort each other, he tried to put a comforting words, but his fingers were hung up at only a few centimeters from the screen’s location, but “heavy lift any one.”

This middle-aged man staring down the phone more than 50 years old, wears a black lapel jacket, dark skin, wide nose and the eyes wide, looks no different from ordinary cadres.

“And they question much less contact to listen. “In 12 consecutive years of visiting, this is the first rule of Han Sheng realized.

Even if out of the early trauma masquerade, weary of the haze, but some external stimuli will touch “lost single” not healing wounds, their “labor pains.”

Han Sheng is doing, is to record them.

“Walking in the streets, every young man as her own child, talking about kids in the neighborhood, is also on the children’s TV series on television, even the ads are related to the child. “A” lost single “mother told Han Shengxue of his frustration.

Almost all of the “lost one” experienced a period of “isolation” of life. Networks become they rely on exports. On the Internet, no one knows their names, and nobody ever asked about their past, some “life” can also come together, each other to keep warm.

Han Sheng has seen “lost one”, whether the body was healthy middle-aged man, fingers trembling old man, almost all learned to type, Internet access.

Mother who lost an only child, the son found a glimmer of life only after the QQ number. The old man had never touched a computer they groped learned to use the Internet every day before dawn, she would get up and turn on the computer, enter the password, wait for the right corner of the screen your QQ and son head on–it is almost every day before entering another world of fixed rituals.

“My son, MOM came. “The mother said.

“Mommy, I miss you so much! “Her son’s QQ back.

Every day, the mother takes at least 20 hours of “son” talk, only “sons” and “mother” QQ head depending on when she will feel both mother and son to go back “reunion”.

“Dude, I’m married, but unfortunately you can’t live suifenzi you mean enough. “One guy wrote in son’s room.

See this sentence, the mother did not know how many times she burst out crying. She is friends with son reply: “rest assured that the blessing. ”

The day of the wedding, she was at the door put the gifts into the hands of sons friend, cried and turned to leave.

In addition to using QQ and “son” communication, Han Sheng interview “lost single” family, more than 90% parents in their own unique way of “keeping” their children.

Wuhan, one of the “lost single” father was a government official, he always wears a neat suit, playing the meticulous tie, is working so hard. They go home at night, take off that suit, he sat on the floor all night long, holding his son’s casket, his mouth kept repeating: “children, let father hold you. “In this way, he has been lying on the floor 8 summer and winter.

“Children suddenly go, in their eyes, everything associated with children, are living life, breathe and speak. “Han Shengxue sighs.

Also in Wuhan, a mother after the loss of his daughter, in addition to occasionally go out buy some necessities of life outside, 24 hours a day locked herself in her daughter less than 10 square meters room. She kept her daughter everything in the room layout, even got her daughter’s hair and teeth. Every day she has to touch every item in the House, my daughter used tables and chairs, blankets, clothes, books and toys … …

Han Sheng has seen many “lost single” parents, hopes to write to children have nowhere to pain. A mother wrote in his letter to the dying son: my beloved sons, to the whole world, you’re just a speck of dust, and for me, you are my whole world.

In order to complete this report, he has been to more than 10 provinces, interviewing more than more than 100 parents

For this report, Han Sheng visited more than 10 provinces, interviewed more than 100 more than “lost single” parents, until “fully into their community”. Can be put in 25 years ago, he never dreamed he would contact one-child families in this way together.

In 1992, Han Sheng became one of xupu County Commission clerk. At that time “almost the only economic development in the County and family planning work” and transferred to this important sector, his pride.

To the Commission in early Han Sheng was useful not to finish the drive, working half the time for propaganda in the country every week, “transform the country the benefit of the community sense of”.

Drop out of school because his brother, and seen friends and relatives for many children, poverty was to eat, was eventually trapped in the mountains, Han Shengxue believes that “traditional fertility-unfriendly, and must be corrected.”

Early 90 ‘s of the last century, the County Commission’s main task is 4 times a year, “family planning operations.” By this time, the County would set up a “headquarters”, Political Commissar of the County Party Secretary, County Commander, the whole military.

Han Sheng in charge to every check “abortion targets” and “Ligature index” implementation, met doing a poor job of Township, the poem “literature for youth” also can’t help pointing to the town-planning zhuangan nose loudly.

Later, Han Sheng found grass-roots cadres complain more and more, “the village women’s Federation Director of crops planted, overnight was cut away, all chickens and ducks were stolen.”

One of the most serious, a village cadre being revenge killed his only son and the murderer’s wife had to forced induction by this village.

Han Sheng are discontent with any gross way of grassroots family planning work, he still keeps many of the cadres and masses of the common conflict is due to the ignorance of the people. He is still fail to understand that “such a beneficial policy, why can’t people understand? ”

The question until after Han Sheng met old eyes, slowly unravel.

The late 90, 4 times a year, “family planning raids” has become a twice-yearly, storm of family planning work have gradually calmed down. Also during this period, Han Sheng’s parents began to appear in the Office lost an only child.

Old Xu is one of them, the man had lost only daughter shortly also insane wife.

Daughter left, on concern that stimulus to the wives, old Xu can’t cry in front of her at night in order to fight back the tears, he even bitten lip. Even so, his wife’s spirit is still a serious problem, without undue command old made kneeling, let him smoking slapped and cursed himself. Old Xu couldn’t help crying out loud a couple of times, his wife picked up the iron pot on his head banging, until the iron pots Variant.

In the Office, these encounters are almost word for Word from the old mouth, not at all sad. He unconsciously bent her head to one side, a man is taking the spirit, tears hung in the face without expression. Old brush Han Sheng Xu empty eyes every now and then, he clearly remembered, “that is a pair of numb, dead eyes. ”

Back home, old eyes constantly flashed in front of Han Sheng, forced him to start thinking: “if he had had two children, probably will not become like this? “In order to find out, Han Sheng was finally out of the House, to visit” lost single “the real situation of the family.

“They are the world’s greatest pain, and the pain associated with my work. “Han Sheng theory.

Woman with a grandson to attend “lost single” old man outing, was told that “children cannot fit in the group photo” and most “lost single” chat groups, are not welcome to the third generation of “lost one” to become

In subsequent visits, almost every family, Han Sheng was the “lost one” life struck indiscriminately scattered debris, filled with desks in the room of the bottle. He found that “than heart pain, real problems in life are more likely to beat them.”

Old age childless parents because of extreme depression, and are more likely to be struck down. According to the survey, more than 90% “lost single” parents suffer from varying degrees of illness. , Over half of them to take high blood pressure, high risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cerebral infarction at any time the risk, there are 15% people have to face cancer, afflicted with serious diseases such as paralysis.

Hunan’s “lost single” mother, Zhang Li, “lost single” chat groups had disappeared for two days. Friends arrived at her home, found she lay at the door of the Hall, “arm stretching out, the distance from the lock only one hand”. Netizens have sent to the hospital, doctors discovered that her appendix had septic abdominal accumulation of body fluids, “later, there will be life-threatening.”

The parents of many children died of illness, doctor owes huge debts to the child, but the child died, debt is not “dead” and debt pressures and even with their entire lives.

One “lost single” series in poetry and asked a number of “how to”:

Tomorrow I old has, go not moving has/I the do/cannot to buy dish has, take can’t wage has/not himself cooking has, himself wash can’t clothes has/I the do/sick has, see not clear drug manual has/himself to can’t hospital has, hospital need accompanied has, I the do/age big has, memory poor has/money cannot themselves has, cooking forget shut fire has, forget shut water has, I the do/I fear tomorrow, because I increasingly old has/hungry has didn’t people end jobs, Ill hand accompanied by glasses of water/no one is alone, waiting is desperate/tomorrow what should I do?

Yet many “lost single” grief does not even being addressed. “Lost one” on new year’s Eve to eat dinner at a restaurant, but because of “too bad luck” by the boss off.

Even in the “lost one” inside, some special groups will also be excluded. Woman with a grandson to attend “lost single” old man outing, was told that “children cannot fit in the group photo”, and in the virtual space, most of the “lost alone” chat groups, are not welcome to the third generation of “lost single” old man added.

“To see their grandfather and his grandson aside Twitter, we can’t stand it. “An old man complained to the Han Sheng, the grandchildren of” lost one “is already lucky–because” at least there was a descendant. “

Han Sheng learns but does not think so. In his eyes, with the grandchildren of “lost single” old man and not only face the same pension difficulties, it would take a generation to raise pressure. Some of them already years into the cycle, but once again had to play the role of parents.

“When the parents ‘ meeting, the gray-haired grandparents also acts as the roles of parents. “Han Sheng theory, such a” lost single “faced more frustration and embarrassment” for the elderly, the children are kind of hurt. ”

Another neglected group is “lost Daddy alone.”

They bear the same kind of hurt feelings, but in the face of the collapse of his wife, they want to be spiritual, but also to support broken families will continue to run. Han Sheng has seen “lost single dad”, “bear”, “silence” can be summed up nearly all of their characteristics.

Baoding Wang Yunlong was the father. Her daughter days after the accident, working in the finished dish, his wife fell asleep after midnight, he often ran into the street alone, “caught in the cold rains of winter, looking left the daughter”.

In fact, the “lost single dad” under greater social pressure. “Some of my colleagues about my State, I can only answer ‘ better ‘. Own gone baby, how do I look in front of others. “He told Han Sheng theory.

Pain like this, is the anger in “child poverty will only result in” Han Sheng cannot be imagined.

In 1980, the “one-child” policy that year, as only a few high school dropout in the village, Han Sheng was elected village Junior High School thru all, get rid of the farmer’s fate. At that time, he did not know of “family planning” how to plan more heard “only children” the new Word. Opening soon, someone put a piece of brush-writing members of the village slogan posted on his office door that reads: “the population non-controlling, no! ”

Almost at the same time, far away in Baoding, Hebei, Wang Yunlong’s wife received a letter made her feel “confused” letter from home. Email, Wang Yunlong enthusiastically wrote in the army: “ju-Fang, now the country has introduced the one-child policy, I was in the army, should take the lead in the lead, not trouble to the country. ”

In fact, the “lost one” moment of tragedy may befall each of the one-child family heads, and the one-child policy after 35 years, China 3 family of more than 100 million

An interview with “lost single” family is not an easy thing, even more so for a cadres.

Han Sheng were often “lost single” rejected, even cursing. On one occasion, a “lost single” heard about his “cadres” identity, unable to control emotions: “worse than pigs and dogs, will be punished sooner or later! ”

However, while Han Shengxue in 10 years to accelerate the pace of the interview, but still cannot catch up with “lost one” pace of domestic growth. According to the Ministry of health the development report of China’s undertakings for the aged (2013) statistics, each year, 76,000 parents lost their only child, a “lost single” family.

After the birth of her daughter, Han Sheng learned to better understand these families. “I was afraid of losing her, just wanted to let her accompany me to the old. “In contact with more and more” lost one “, the Han Sheng no longer demanding his daughter’s achievements, he sent his daughter breakfast for 2 dollars in the past, began cooking himself breakfast every day.

In family planning work Han Sheng, known as a lot of information, he wrote: “the ageing process in developed countries for dozens of years or even 100 years, China only took 18 years old before it gets rich as a country. ”

In October 2015, 18 plenary session Communique, “second child” policy will be fully liberalized. See the news, Han Sheng “pleased to jump up”.

On January 1, 2016, introduced the amendment to the law on population and family planning, clear and unified implementation of a comprehensive two-child policy, advocating a husband and two children, 35 of the “one child policy” is about to become history.

Han Sheng “lost single” story must go on record.

For your records “lost single” story, he never told his daughter, “it’s too bad, easy for kids cause shadows. ”

Writing “lost single” story time, Han Sheng used to shut himself up in his study, draw the curtains, “to feel their pain. ”

Han Sheng, often resulting in insomnia, then he can only silently in my heart some prose to dilute the repressed feelings.

“In the process of creation, I was free. “Although he did have the lowest levels of family planning, but his 23 years to write under a variety of” indicators “,” file “, is the grass-roots work of the massive thrust.

Han Sheng began writing “lost single” group soon meet someone in a public place when asked his profession, he’d reply, “Government officials”, instead of “family planning”.

Now, meet married relatives, friends, Han Sheng society seriously and encourage them, “two.”

He wanted to do, not just “speak for that failure alone”, but “the written history of the family planning policy, including the rationale behind this policy, contribution and sacrifices of the story of this generation.”

The silver-haired old man recently neck short hair a elegant waves aligned, clothes very clean. “I’m not afraid to live, but I’m afraid to die without dignity. ”

Writing later, Han Sheng in the Government organs called attention to “lost single” family. Field meetings, school lectures, he will set aside time specifically about “lost one”. It was moved, “the Secretary heard crying”; it was also sarcasm, telling him, “you were in charge of this work.”

The previous summer, facilitated by the Han Sheng and his unit leader, Huaihua City “lost single” family support standards up to 800 Yuan a month. He knows, in contact with the “lost one” families all over the country, “in the absence of the top design cases, individuals alone, somewhere, can change too little.”

“National ministries ‘ loss alone ‘ family issued a number of policies, but it is difficult to land. “After studying many policies, Han Sheng a bit helpless.

Around the “lost one” family support standard, most are in accordance with the law on population and family planning “from one-child parents honor certificate for couple, one-child accident, disability or death, in accordance with the provisions of access to support” this article.

Each place to help has a different understanding, many areas still perform national minimum standards, the monthly 340 Yuan. In addition, the “lost one” family needs such as pension, medical and psychological comfort, seems to be in the implementation of a “minimum standard”.

Some thought of mutual-aid self-help for the elderly, to rescue the “no life after people” every time “we are the same” type of persuasion, but they are hurting themselves.

In addition to the lack of professional social workers involved, many self-help organizations face no venues, there’s no money, could shut down at any time with an awkward situation. “Because there is no effective mechanism for most of their support is easy come, walk away. “Han Sheng theory.

Self-help organizations of old people do not know that their weekly group activities of knitting, calligraphy has been in, “said there is no” risk. They appear more “policy” is still on the road, but not to wait for them, their white hair, it’s going to go any farther, sigh, “put an end to my life.”

Even so, they have one of the lucky ones. “Such self-help organizations are too small, some people want to take the car for several hours to another city to participate in the activity. “Han Shengxue exclamation, especially in small cities and rural areas, the silence of” lost single “parents can only endure the pain alone.

Another had to face the problem, is they lose their ability to act, and even mutual aid organizations can’t go to the after life.

“Lang misses” is one of them, when this old man on crutches in Inner Mongolia in a line frozen legs, almost lost the capacity for action. She almost could not lift her foot on the ground step move, issued a “Bared Bared” sound.

“We can no longer be regarded as crazy, live, and to live in style. “The silver-haired old man recently neck hair snap a elegant waves, clothes very clean. “I’m not afraid to live, but I’m afraid to die without dignity. ”

And “lang misses” first generation “lost single” old man, there have been over 70 years old, but this particular group’s pension problem is not really set the stage.

Han Sheng has seen “lost one”, almost all the people are unwilling to live in ordinary homes. “Losing a child is never healing wound, it is difficult for them to communicate with other elderly people, also bear other people’s to their children regularly to visit his parents. ”

Now there are two professional “lost single” old-age care institutions: a nursing home in Guangzhou has set up a “lost pension alone zone,” welfare reform v in Beijing as “lost home alone.” Thousands are getting old, “lost one”, the two beds together and only around 200.

There is good news. Han Sheng put the news on a news broadcast is forwarded to a “lost single” chat groups, and immediately started to boil. Politburo meeting on that day, “solving family planning a special family protection” entries on the list.

Compared to before the “lost one” family “family planning special hardship case families” is defined, this is not “difficult” words.

“This means that the State of ‘ lost alone ‘ family is no longer treated in a regular humanitarian aid, they should be ‘ contributors ‘. “Han Shengxue gesticulated excitedly said,” maybe, ‘ lost only ‘ group support system will change. ”

Change is occurring, and 2016 in March, “step up to the loss of family care and assistance alone” was written into the “Thirteen-Five” plan.

Compared to larger policies, “lang misses” wish is much smaller, she wants to go far away to participate in the activities of the organization. Now, she can only use her lift up her feet back on the only one man’s House, take off her glossy coat, rubbed his son’s picture day after day.

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