British man for selling a house full of trick play Parrot advertising blogs eye

Beijing, March 22, according to foreign media reports, England Bolton a man in order to sell suites, dressed as a parrot, now his outfit every property sale advertising, success in attracting people’s attention.

It is learnt that the housing by a local company called “Platinum properties,” real estate broker sales. The intermediaries said homeowner just “wanted to blog a laugh.”

REALTOR Lei Kaoke said the “Parrot man” of anonymity, and said the photos were “Macaw flaunt their decoration.”

Advertising can be seen in the photo, this “Parrot man in that house worth £ 225,000 in many corners of pictures. Sometimes in bed, sometimes in the bathroom tub, sometimes on the patio Grill.

Although such marketing tools are very rare, over 100,000 people clicked on the pictures on the Internet, but not many people go to see a House, this suite seems hasn’t sold.

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