British bar men “bump face” Darwin faces look almost the same

“Web report” in life there are always people who tell a star is very similar, and that “movie star” no matter from which point of view, the reduction degree is very high. Recently, someone in the UK found a contemporary “Darwin”. According to the daily mail of Britain reported on March 15, Isle of Wight in the UK within a bar, user Luobo·laite (Rob Light) and his friends in casual notes, sat an old gentleman, is fine wine, and he looks look and scientist Charles Darwin on the 10 pound note was exactly the same.

Wright took out £ 10 banknotes printed on Darwin portrait than with the gentleman, and he was surprised to find that not only are they Grey Beard, hardly the orientation angles are very similar. Wright said with a smile: “I was just out with friends celebrating a birthday, never thought the pleasure of seeing a real-life great! I think I should give him a glass of beer. ”

January 2017, some netizens met famous politicians who was playing cards on the bar “Churchill”, high hairline, lifelike features, how to look exactly like on the 5 pound note. Photo upload network, immediately reaped large tracts of wasteland. (Practice compilation: Du Dongjun review: Zhu Ying)

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