Bride-to-be before the wedding and ran: Hengdian world Studios looking for love in the TV series

Chutian metropolis daily, March 14 (Xinhua Gan Mingqiang Zhou Peng correspondents), Hubei Xianning chongyang surely bride Liu Xiaofang (not his real name) wedding day ran away from home, police to help find, discovered she had gone to Zhejiang, two of her brothers overnight back to Zhejiang, go run over in several places, which culminated in the 11th at 11 o’clock in the evening in Yiwu train station she was found.

14th, the reporter saw Liu, she doesn’t speak too much, ask the reasons for running away from home, her answer is simple: and groom Wang Ming (not his real name) understand time is too short, don’t know, she’s not prepared.

Liu’s brother, introduced, after the younger sister ran away from home, the two brothers with Yang police introduction, 8th to Zhejiang to find, according to police video Tracker, March 10 at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, sisters appeared in the local Zhejiang Hengdian Street, was spitting, she insisted on a blue umbrella, very frustrated look.

The morning of March 11, the two brothers received the clues provided by local public security organs, my sister booked to Zhejiang Yiwu train tickets on the Internet.

11th, two brothers arrived in Yiwu. In order to save money, spend 30 yuan per person to rent a bicycle, searching the streets of Yiwu. Two people asked all the way to a neighborhood supermarket, supermarket bosses to say met this girl, open video at, Xiao Liu did come, just bought something and went, each of the two brothers had to hold two export community, waiting for the appearance of sister.

The evening of 11th, the brothers received a police notice, my sister had purchased from the ticket to Hangzhou, Yiwu, who should be at the station. Two brothers rushed to the station search.

“My brother, why are you here? “Liu’s elder brother, or sister to see him, he found that his sister didn’t know everyone was looking for her, pretending and cousin came a bit small, go home, and the three of them went to Yang.

According to Liu Jia family introduction, Liu and Wang Ming was introduced, and got engaged after only two weeks of time, really soon. Liu told them her little chance to get along with Wang Ming, alone, do not know each other, nor did she see Wang Ming’s romantic, so back out.

She likes to watch TV, look forward to romantic love, trip to Zhejiang, she went to Hengdian World studios, hoping to see the stars, but do not see.

According to reports, the 13th, the family found Liu Ming family, discuss solutions, as both do not consent to the marriage, two consultative tuiqin, Liu returned 100,000 yuan bride price, in addition to other cost 65,000 yuan Wang.

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