Boys inject rice continued will today take a piece of intestine surgery esophagus

Red Star News in recent days of continuous reporting, huize, Yunnan, 9-year-old boy Si Shunyang eating big buck led to severe burns of the esophagus, by injecting paste of sustaining life news, caught the attention of many caring people across the country. On March 7, Si Shunyang accompanied by his father, staying at the West China Hospital of Sichuan University, and 11th of the gastroscope. At four o’clock in the afternoon today Si Shunyang esophageal reconstruction surgery.

Si Shunyang preoperative fasting in bed hungry cry

This morning, the Red Star journalists coming to Si Shunyang Ward, see Si Shunyang lying in bed crying, while his father Si Xingchang squatted on the bed, his hands holding his head, fingers painfully in the hair, think of comforting words.

Met reporters come Si Xingchang stood up. He told Red Star journalists, was this afternoon for surgery, Si Shunyang yesterday after dinner, began fasting colon cleansing. Si Xingchang Red Star journalists said: “he was too hungry before you arrived, he let me buy him a noodle is eating, but the doctor said to fast, I can’t buy it for him, he just kept crying. “Forced to father Si Xingchang took out his mobile phone, open the downloaded TV shows, giving Si Shunyang, which asked him to quiet down a little.

Si Shunyang

Si Xingchang said, in the face of upcoming surgery, Si Shunyang not scared, “he grew up as the character once is what they want, no matter how hard will not give up. “Si Shunyang since the admission, is actively involved in treatment, medicine, blood, injection, without equivocation,” he had to get surgery, cure your disease. Children can finally had surgery, I was of course very happy but also worried. ”

Si Shunyang

Take a piece of intestine reconstruction of the esophagus instead of

Because Si Shunyang doctor is another surgery, so journalists cannot understand from the doctors to the specific operation. Si Xingchang told reporter, doctor had told he, surgery set in today four o’clock in the afternoon, will continued seven head, doctor will interception a intestinal, to instead of was big alkali water burned of esophagus, but surgery end Hou, children belly Shang of fistula cannot immediately on removed, if operation Hou recovery normal swallowing Hou, once occurred any does not apply, Si Shunyang must immediately stop normal of esophagus swallowing, change back from belly Shang of fistula injection. “Doctors told me that the surgery has some risk, if the long reconstruction of the esophagus is not good, will still need another operation. And after surgery, intestinal obstruction complications. “Secretary Chang talks about son’s surgery, worried look on her face.

Tender loving remittances has more than 300,000

Due to the current operation is not complete, the entire cost of treatment cycles, bad forecasts. Si Xingchang said that currently the community of caring people, contributions to the children, there are more than 300,000. “Thank you for your love, your love, saved my baby’s life. “Whenever said from the national love of kindness, Si Xingchang failing to hide her gratitude.

Si Xingchang memories, six months ago, the child just stomach intubation, the doctor had told her, “the surgical risk of illness, spending”, these words, was stolen by Si Shunyang heard, know he knows his family’s economic condition, then said to his father: “no money, don’t I, don’t live it. “A child’s words, let Secretary XING Chang worried,” I said to him at that time, Dad borrows money from everywhere, and also will give you medical treatment. “However, Secretary XING Chang thought is, after media reports of their stories, drew national media attention, love and more donations coming.

Huize County Government said that as of March 9, 2017, Si Shunyang community caring contributions received 301450 new threat definitions. The next step, according to the patient, if necessary, huize County Government will set up a donation account and donation hotlines, donation for caring people from all circles of society. (Red Star journalists, Shen Hang-yee photo coverage)

Event review

Soda-water burns the esophagus injection of 9 children a year from belly rice life

Si Shunyang cattle wallow in huize County, Yunnan province, the second-year students, on February 21 last year, Si Shunyang at home eating the family placed in a bottle of soda water, causing esophageal bleeding heavily, was rushed to the hospital. On February 28, Si Shunyang condition improved, hospital discharge records show that its diagnosis as “Burns of the esophagus.”

Soon after discharge, Si Shunyang appeared unable to swallow food, on April 14 last year, Si Xingchang band Si Shunyang travelled to Shanghai for treatment, “expansion surgery after his condition improved, but didn’t get home for a month, kids eat anything. “Then he took the child to Kunming for help, be as before and the answer.

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