Boys ‘ drowning, parents want to give doctors anxious: 1 days

These two days, hospital of Yuhang district, app group, as well as medical staff’s personal circle of friends, were drowned by a two year old boy pulls at the heart.

Nursing bottle feed the boy to drink milk

2-year-old boy drowned

March 14, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, 120 ambulance back to a drowning boy, less than two years old, with the car doctor arrived in Yuhang district, hospital emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation when the boy spasms, dark purple, his mouth a lot of pink frothy sputum, heart beats have once stopped.

In emergency, Pediatric, physicians immediate first aid, intubation, cardiac compression … … Fortunately, the child’s heart finally started beating again.

The boy called pingping, Yuhang, with my parents, grandmother from Yunnan, the family also have a 4 year old sister. That afternoon, she came back from work in the fields, see siblings play in front of the House, and went to take a bath.

Bath, two kids are gone, and after a while my sister back, but not my brother, had asked two men to play in the water, she ran to the river.

When passers-by saw the children in the River, quickly caught up in the River, during which time about half an hour.

Parents refuse to hospital to give up treatment

After a two-hour rescue of children slightly stable vital signs, doctors ask parents the next step is to go to or stay in the hospital for further treatment. But the child’s parents said, “we died, took the child home! ”

The answer shocked the doctor. Children’s lungs inhale large quantities of sewage have unstable heartbeat, breathing, ventilator support, but all hope of recovery is very large. If children come home, died of respiratory failure from severe edema and infection.

Presence of doctors are nasty, constantly being mediocre father of ideological work.

Pingping’s father said, “we both husband and wife worked in a brickyard, talent for 10 days, with only more than 2000 Yuan a month, no money to save the children. ”

ICU Director Zuo Cuoqing said, “we don’t talk to you about money, kids don’t send province, then stay in our hospital for treatment……” but mediocre father still insist to take children home.

Doctors told him, “you leave the kids in the hospital, give us one day, if the condition has not improved, you then take the kids back. “Pingping’s father agreed.

Yuhang district hospital in ICU patients who have never received such a small

Flat transferred to ICU, ICU treatment protocol developed with pediatricians, jealous guardian of the night. Flat situation improves, gradually to restore various physiologic responses, nurses call aunt also had some response.

Conditions improve, the parents again to give up

The next morning, pingping’s father went to the doctor, to take the children back.

Deputy Director of the hospital’s Communist Party Secretary Yang Zijian and Ruan Hua to communicate with ordinary father, he is seen struggling with money problems, just like he said, “If you put a child to see a doctor, his expenses related to us, we guarantee that the hospital will not ask you for money. ”

That afternoon, the doctor ordered father came in to visit is just removed the ventilator by flat, flat saw his father reached out to him, the father my son fell off the bed in tears.


The afternoon of March 16, Yuhang District Hospital launched “helping Yunnan boys flat” campaign, called on medical staff lend a helping hand, hospitals will contribute money as a bailout Fund, to help them tide over their present difficulties, such as the balance will be concerned about flat growth.

Health care have expressed support, and they say, “can’t look at a young life lost because of the poor survival of rights. “

Currently xiaopingping has been awake, call MOM and dad, have a drink of milk, the body recovers quickly, can be transferred to the general ward treating right away.

The bibs boy soon!

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