Black girls XI ‘ an alarm police claim 603: no return police tube

Yellow to the driver turning 603 micro-transfer records. Hua Shang NET ()

China business news reported on March 23, 603 black driver expenses, Huang questioned, but drivers locked in the car, her transfer to the driver 603 before being released.

Did not expect to get a taxi on the “black”

20 year old girl Xiao Huang is one of Heilongjiang, a sophomore on March 18, her friend from Harbin XI ‘ an, on that day, at 3:35 P.M., after arriving in Xian railway station to the North, wanted to go to Dr Chang ‘ an district, Western Avenue and cross the road.

After Exit, not ride the subway, yellow abandoned subway, and because too many people waiting for a taxi, dragging the box while walking. At this time, a man approached and accosted her, asked not to take a taxi. Small yellow followed men for dozens of meters away, but see a man opened the door of a silver car.

Huang said, seeing men carry her suitcase, don’t want to toss her, after a brief hesitation got into the car. The car, the man says he does not know the way, and refused to let the yellow navigation, and insist on his own navigation.

From North Station to terrestrial drivers say fares 603

“Along the way, the driver and I talk, to tell you the truth I was a bit bored, I now wonder if he intentionally changed the subject. “Yesterday, accompanied by little yellow friend, said to Chinese reporters, drivers were still on the highway.

More than 40 kilometers away, walking for an hour, to destination, drivers say fares altogether 603 Yuan. She asked how 603 counted, told mobile phone software is. Driver yellow glanced, while this time, Huang took a picture. Photographs show that totally 603 Yuan price of 9.58 Yuan, 56.4 miles (kilometers), 61 minutes.

“I asked him why the price is so high that I have no money. “Xiao Huang said what she said, what driver device, lock the door, she feared, had to use the app to the driver turned to 603, after driver to collect money, car doors unlocked, she hurriedly got off, the driver got off the box, left, she manages to take the vehicle identification number.

Worried about the exposure of retribution, she replaced dwellings

Huang recalls that black car driver young, speak a dialect in Shaanxi Province. After March 18, she lived in the hotel, like exposure, for fear that a black car drivers exposure will retaliate, changed Hotel 20th, 21st, she posted about it.

Photos from the yellow show, black is Cars-Shan a licence, followed by three digits of 0D3. Huang said the windscreen on the driver left the car phone. Yesterday, the China business daily journalist repeatedly dialed the phone number indicated the shutdown. Yesterday afternoon, the huashang newspaper reporter in Xian railway station to the North around looking for Xiao Huang said that black car, to no avail.

City Canal: it’s blackmail, the parties should first alert

March 22, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, China business news journalists to this reflected to the XI ‘ an city, traffic and transportation management, service inspection team official said, black yellow are no doubt, but black driver involves more than just the illegal trading, and extortion.

Head said, black driver if received has and taxi freight almost of amount, is illegal operating, but if small yellow is sat taxi, spent is hundred Yuan around, black driver received small yellow 603 Yuan, are enough from Xian sat rental to a trip Luoyang has, has beyond has illegal operating of category, belongs to extortion, small yellow should alarm, “police filed Hou, if need we with, we full tie. ”

Attorney: Transportation Management Department should be promptly investigated and dealt with

In this regard, the XI ‘ an city, police said a civilian police, this is the typical black kill the guest event, transport departments should timely intervention to ensure passengers ‘ rights. Huang said she also wondered, obviously is black, how to go to the police, but since the transportation management office said she first alarm bar.

Shaanxi hengda lawyer fan Qin the matter say, yellow face, apparently without the trading qualification of black in the illegal trading, and charge a fee, then the transport sector should be duty-bound to investigate, later asking for 603, that is another aspect of the question, anyway, Transport Department should carry out investigation.

March 22, at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, yellow reluctantly told Chinese business reporters she Dial 110 to call the police, but being told “the pipe not owned by public security, can find transportation. ”

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