Beijing West railway station being behind the scam: passenger rights into “Rashomon”

(Original title: Beijing West railway station: being behind a hoax)

An article entitled “Beijing West railway station scam being” the network card network and a station experience of being cheated, attracting attention of tens of thousands of people, a lot of people resonate: early exposure.

However, in the railway station square, passengers race against time may not have reasonable procedures for handling such as; law enforcement personnel on the square day and night patrols, combat forever cheats hidden in the crowd.

Under the pressures of time, Crooks targeting passengers panic, in their eyes, the train station is a fertile soil.

“Two hundred or three hundred Yuan, cheat cheat”, passenger rights again and again into a embarrassing “Rashomon”, a popular Internet post, touched all passengers Beijing West railway station. Window as Beijing, Beijing West railway station, this one can really make changes?


“Sudden storm traps”

Beijing West railway station, came out from the subway, just check into the train stations.

Like many times by rail, as China’s Heilongjiang province to work in Beijing Li ping (not his real name), on October 1 last year, Johnson plans according to the path station.

Just out of the subway station, three or four officers in uniform, with a work permit persons, came up and stopped her, and look at the train ticket.

“At first I thought these people were at the station directing personnel, help point the way. “Li ping recalls that, these people said, leading to the high speed rail stations have been closed, forty or fifty Yuan is required to take in.

She did not believe that to ask the station staff found that everyone is a “liar”.

However, a lot of people have “sudden storm traps” when Li Ping did not like this time, to avoid being cheated.

Around 18 o’clock on the same day, a Beijing University Student Zhang (not his real name), back to Maryland. When she was a freshman, the Beijing West railway station are not familiar with and don’t know where to get tickets.

After the lifts out of the station, Li sees four or five neatly dressed men who, wearing a work ID and name, just ask each other about.

“They know that I went to Lanzhou, said long, what took you so long? At that time from the start one hour left, I was very nervous, after all, is not easy to buy the tickets, don’t want to miss. “Zhang Li said.

These “agent” told her to pay 400 Yuan, you can open a fast track, return money after her arrival the first window.

Zhang Li is only 200 Yuan, “I was quite worried, let others transferred money to them. Later, another person took me to lift, to take place in a few minutes. “

While waiting, talked with their families, and after a search on the Internet, Li found that he had been deceived. But eager to get home, think of as “buying a lesson”, she chose to remain silent.

Lens b

Departure time

Hurry, Zhang Qian (a pseudonym) in the Beijing West railway station “staff” way.

She was a high school student in Guangxi, studied fine arts in Beijing on November 29 last year, returns after the end of training camp in Guangxi.

Zhang Qian clearly remember, 9:10, came out from the West railway station subway, is the automatic ticket machines on the right side. Suddenly, two men wear blue uniforms “staff members” to stop her.

“The other side seemed to know where I am going, said the train was about to leave, also lend a hand table pointed out to me, I immediately blocked. “She recalls that train in 50 minutes start time, but told myself, self-service ticket machines in repair, not for a ticket.

See Zhang Qian were troubled, “agent” immediately, transfer of 600 Yuan, can help to quickly collect the tickets, then the Internet will refund, then her.

Zhang Qian turn immediately called his family money. During this period, one person to distract her, let her wait outside a building in the distance, another person took her ID card processing for a ticket. Soon, he also gave her a train ticket and ID card.

The waiting room waiting for a bus, Zhang Qian to calm down, and realized she had been cheated. She said that in retrospect, most of these people are people, and some active service, after sales. They were wearing uniforms, wandered outside at the ticket gate. Why the inspection staff, making them invisible?

Scene three

Report was not reported?

After encounter cheats, look closer and closer to departure time, Yan Jun worry about reporting process cumbersome, afraid to miss the high-speed rail, hesitant to report.

This is 7:43 on March 14, less than 50 minutes from departure time.

West point officers Zhang (not his real name) told her that from the South Plaza in North square police station, 10 minutes, if the report does not, but encouraged her to report processing.

Taking into account the working stroke of the afternoon, Yan Jun tickets changed to 10:00 start, and made a report to the police station.

After looking for officers to help catch cheats, Yan Jun and two police. Eventually, the crooks escaped, but miss the bus, she did not go to statements. “Unfortunately didn’t catch Crooks, it may allow other passengers to deception. ”

Select report like a Yan Jun, is one of the few. Most of the passengers, being little amount, anxious to catch, plus catch cheats evidence difficult, often choose to “swallow”.

Student (a pseudonym) stated that on April 9 at 6:20, West station themselves, ready to take the 7:08 train, was on the second floor, circular stairs, stopped by three men. “The other side says, don’t let go on the second floor, 305 refunds. To the window after return of 300 yuan, 5 Yuan left for fees “.

There is half an hour by train to start with very few passengers waiting on the second floor, she didn’t think a lot, would sweep the yard to pay 305.

Later, a “security” that took her to the entrance. Was about to leave, the guard came down the stairs directly, vanish. “I was also wondering, do not just in front of the window, why is he going down? ”

Staff instructions to stand guard nearby, Zhang knew he was cheated. “I was cast, the three crooks from the staff of 100 meters, should be so blatant. ”

“Cheaters have not” there is no evidence, at 15 minutes will hurry back to school, she didn’t have time to assist in the investigation. “I’m anxious and, in desperation, had to get back to the second floor of the station pit stop as soon as possible. ”

Scene four

Enforcement of “Rashomon”

Beijing West railway station to passengers ranks first in the national railway system. At present, the daily average number of passengers getting on and off over 300,000 visitors, and this figure will reach 500,000.

Qianlong, it was reported, especially as early as 7 o’clock in Beijing West railway station, station ticket window not work, appears dressed in similar to the railway staff who through the passenger walk and talk from time to time. They often take advantage of travellers eager driver mentality, for various reasons to defraud.

Guo recalled passengers, last winter, own West stand at 6 in the morning, a uniformed woman asked the departure time. Learned about 7 o’clock on the grid, they told her, automatic ticket Hall open until 7, too late to get the tickets. Eventually, she was paid 800 Yuan by cheating insurance premiums. “Fewer security personnel at that time, but the station operates 24 hours, also wants to strengthen management. “She said.

Self-service ticket machine next to the screeners on duty said that many ways to cheat gang fraud, travelers all too easy to be cheated. Gang dressed as ordinary passengers is no different, some still carrying bag, is hard to read. From time to time they accosted with foreign tourists looking for fraud.

Scams to passengers, most of them are in a hurry, swindlers spoke to take this forward, providing “help” some passengers have humility is not strong, it will fall.

Ticket Office is referred to another security worker, fraud was so rampant at the station for many years, difficult to manage. In order to prevent fraud, station set reminders for many measures, with the exception of patrol officers, each booth is also equipped with the police. “Beijing West railway station high traffic, too many crooks and secretive, it is difficult to catch the current. “His blunt, even if caught, but the amount of money involved is not much light punishment, even crooks have been caught out medical records, on the grounds of illness to get away.

Song Jianguo, Secretary of the West Beijing station introduced since December 2016, catching all kinds of Security Law 105, 62 detention illegal suspects. But Beijing West railway station personnel-intensive and involves a number of departments, management cross each other and, in addition, “the swindler gangs” and ordinary passenger indistinguishable in appearance, in the absence of “caught” cases, it is difficult to combat.

In addition to Crooks caught tourists do not cooperate with the investigation, have also occurred. The security worker said, tourists have the ticket, looking for scalpers to buy, after he was caught did not cooperate with the investigation, said he is voluntarily. “Should have been able to deal with the case, had to be dropped.”

Li Ming, a Beijing News reporter Zhao Jixiang interns Pan Jiakun Liu Jingyu

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