Beijing Safari Park confirmed that Tiger has got off the first time discouraged not listening

Whistle-blowers take tourists to get off the field. Whistle-blowers photo

CNS, Beijing, March 19 (reporter Lv Chunrong)-users today leaks, at the Beijing Wildlife Park Road in Daxing District White Tiger, a family in the play to get off on the way, this sparked media attention. In this regard, the Beijing Wildlife Park Beijing, confirmed the incident and said did not cause accidents.

Today noon, burst material who to Beijing, reporter revealed related details, said the event occurred in 19th morning, has visitors driving a car SUV into since driving district, in first a waterfowl district got off, was staff discourage, in Hou a white tiger district, they again got off, then in work personnel discourage Hou Shang has car, zhihou this a home people on didn’t again Xia had car has.

Why choose to expose this thing? Whistle-blowers, “said what some visitors not long memory, hope the visitors pay attention to safety, improve quality. ”

Whistle-blowers take tourists to get off the field. Whistle-blowers photo

In this regard, the Beijing Wildlife Park this afternoon made a note on the tourists get off to Beijing, reporter: media on March 19 “Beijing Wildlife Park car family several times to get off in the resort area, staff to discourage” reports, verified to be true.

Park officials said March 19 10:20, get off at the White Tiger family viewing area after coming to a stop watch, staff required immediately to discourage, visitors did not listen to discourage, duty manager on duty about 2 minutes in the region, to dissuade tourists on the train continues along. No security incidents involving tourists occurred.

Earlier, media reports, as long as there is in the Park Drive area animal display area has a moat, the beast separated from visitors. Trench the perimeter network, can be used in emergency situations to prevent the beast out. Beast side more visitors at the top side of the trench to the top is a little lower, so design, see beast as being in the car.

Whistle-blowers take tourists to get off the field. Whistle-blowers photo

Reports also pointed out that the Beijing Wildlife Park Drive area, garden parties, allows visitors to tour during “drive window, open a window”, but specifically requested “no car”. In addition, mengshouqu also sets the grooming, the location is 20-50 meters, and there are few blocks, can see each other. As long as visitors get off at least 2 channel will see. Whenever you see tourists off the dredge will be discouraged.

In recent years, the Safari Park gossip. On July 23, 2016, three of Zhao with mother, driving to visit Beijing Badaling Safari Park. The Tiger Park, Ms Zhao off the bus was towed away by a tiger mother Zhou Keqin got off the rescue, was bitten by a tiger. Events culminating in MS Zhao severely injured mother Zhou Keqin were killed. (End)

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