Bath 3-year-old girl drowned when their families leave only 2 minutes

(Original title: family left 2 minutes bath from drowning 3-year-old girl)

On April 18, the Hunan provincial children’s Hospital, bath if the accidental drowning of small (not his real name) lying in bed treatment. Figure/reporter Hua Jian

Red Changsha, April 19 (Xinhua Zhang Shubo intern Yi Yongyan) the morning of April 18, at the Hunan provincial children’s Hospital neurological Department, small, 3-year-olds (a pseudonym), curled up on the bed and kept shivering. Already crying MOM busy to tuck her red eyes.

Little father Chen said, they live in ningxiang, wife working in Changsha, his job and stay home with the two children. Son is 7 years old, little daughter, 3-year-olds.

March 21, at 1 o’clock in the morning, he found his daughter signs of fever, measured with a thermometers with 38.2 degrees Celsius. He is going to soak in a warm bath for his daughter.

Chen had the usual two baths with locker, put about two buckets of water, and asked her to sit in the water.

“Storage tank 60 cm long, about 40 cm high. “Chen said normally sons and daughters are the bathroom with, when daughters sat in the water, water about chest position. Mr Chen has settled his daughter, turned and rushed back to the room cold medicine, and accidents.

“I left about two minutes or so, my daughter drowned. “Mr Chen said that when he went to visit her daughter, daughter floating on the water, his lips pale,” may be the Halo has slipped into the water. “

Chen quickly picked his daughter up, first lift the foot control, only a little water comes out. In bed, Chen gave his daughter a cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, about two minutes later, the daughter finally had breathing, “she short of breath some, but she did not respond.”

Chen then contact your local hospitals, he drove his daughter to the hospital, doctors gave her daughter a cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, presided over the daughter to the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

The morning of April 18, nerve Division at children’s Hospital doctor Chen Mei, Hunan province introduced when patients brought to the hospital, was diagnosed after cardiopulmonary resuscitation for drowning syndrome hypoxic-ischemia brain damage, Central respiratory failure and other symptoms, when in a State of deep coma.

Chen Mei said that due to impairment of brain function in children with obvious, in Nineth day came to the intensive care unit, but there is still no identification, unable to walk or talk. Further treatment for a patient in hospital, does not exclude the possibility of complications.

Looking forward to

Never give up the treatment daughter

The morning of April 18, in the two wards in the nerve, the little mother Wang tears, a few hours before the incident, she got a call from her daughter, the phone, the daughter said, she was, when she was working in Changsha.

Wang said that when her daughter said she wanted her home, she promised to buy his daughter loves to eat snacks. Daughter, albeit small, but sensible, sometimes also know how to comfort her.

“The daughter woke up, but there’s no call MOM. “, Says Ms Wang, the daughter lived in the intensive care unit for nine days, the Nineth day woke up, but absolutely no sense, nor did she react, let alone call MOM.

Wang said that daughter appeared unabated situation has been shivering, sometimes sleep better at night, sometimes very agitated to bite his finger, “I’m afraid she hurt herself, dare not sleep at night.”

Standing’s father Chen couldn’t help crying out, saying he was to blame, shouldn’t have let her daughter be alone in that. On the night before the incident, the son also took photos of his daughter. “Kiss left cheek Kiss right cheek before going to bed, and kissed his forehead. “Mr Chen says, felt very happy, but I didn’t think it would be an unexpected.

Mr Chan said, now wife quit work to take care of children, family has no income, parents are older, relatives and friends are also raising money to help children heal.

“As long as there is a glimmer of hope, I will do my best to treat. “Mr Chen says, these days, can’t sleep well at night, he would do his best to rescue her daughter, will not give up.

Reminder not to let children out of sight

Nerve Division at children’s Hospital doctor Chen Mei, Hunan province, warned that because the infants skin is tender, poor endurance to heat and fever fever, does not recommend use of a hot shower or bath to a fever, “we’re safer with hot towels”.

Chen Mei, said parents should always have basic first aid, child drowning occurred, if the child is not breathing or shallow breathing, lip cyanosis, hypoxia, recommends the immediate first aid for chest compressions, maintain airway patency, which can reduce the risk of brain damage in brain of oxygen for a long time.

In addition, after using the tub, bathtub, etc to be immediately emptied the water, do not leave children alone in the bathroom and the bathroom, especially alone in the bathtub, tub, or other open body of water. When the children in the water play or the environment when there are open water, parents should ensure that children reach the distance and do take care, ensuring that even on the phone, talking, something like that can control it.

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