Autism teenage foster Center 4 men in charge be taken compulsory measures

On March 10, Xinfeng County in Shaoguan, Guangdong funeral home staff register to view practice Brook care home death records. Beijing News reporter Liu Ziheng photography

20th from the Shaoguan City Government Information Office was informed that, in mid-February, found in practice, Xinfeng Brook care center has farmed out after death, Shaoguan city public security, civil affairs, health meter and formed task force investigation to proceed expeditiously, Xinfeng, the foster Centre is closed down, foster has been properly resettled, persons responsible for the investigation and accountability are ongoing.

According to the bulletin, according to the Working Group survey found practicing Brook care center does not have the conditions of farmed, the civil affairs departments have on March 2 against the foster Center, existing 733 foster objects are properly placed. Related departments have responsibility for the care center, Shaoguan city, take four main responsibilities in the management of compulsory measures, deaths and causes of death to foster Organization for further investigation. Shaoguan City Commission for discipline inspection organizations for suspected disciplinary violations by public officials are investigating.

On February 18, the Xinfeng practiced in Shaoguan, Guangdong Creek care center in the second iron gates closed, not allowed to enter. Beijing News reporter Wang Jing Yi photo

On February 18, a car from Xinfeng County in Shaoguan, Guangdong practiced Brook foster Center exit. On that day the foster Center still in normal operation. Beijing News reporter Wang Jing Yi photo

“Further reading” practice, Xinfeng River Care Center survey

According to the Beijing News reported on March 20, Xinfeng practiced in Shaoguan, Guangdong Brook care center is now empty, without the noise of the past.

On October 19, 2016, 15-year old autistic boy Lei Wenfeng after getting lost, being around here. On December 3, 2016, Lei Wenfeng died. Xinfeng County people’s Hospital determine died because of typhus.

On February 24, the County Civil Affairs Bureau asked the foster facility rectification, “there is an internal management is not perfect, legal representative, problems such as unauthorized leave so far did not return”, and requested the Commission to take back their support personnel, a total of 733 people.

On the socio-organizational information public service platform in Guangdong province showed that the support center currently has “removed”.

According to a local funeral home records, from January 1 to February 18 this year, 49 days by practicing Brook is farmed out to dead center to send 20 people.

Foster Center built on the site of the detention center

On March 10, the green hills around, Xinfeng practiced Brook care center compound by high walls, iron gates closed.

Villagers around here is the mystery, all they know is the placement of homeless, weekday is not easily open to the public.

Foster center located within the site of the original County Detention Center. Villagers used to call it shelter, usually invisible, can only hear voices, loud noise.

Noise disappears after March 2. Villagers see buses in other parts of the province that will answer a few days away, “more than 10 a day, sitting in cars of 50 people. ”

Former employees of the foster Center old ice (not his real name) said that the foster Center is divided into two regions, separated by two iron gates before and after.

Enter the first gate, is a 2-storey building on the right-hand side, called “supervised children’s area”. Left hand side is a 2-storey building, the first floor is an adult community, is the Office and control room on the second floor.

There is an area between the two buildings, as space. Through this space, is the second gate.

Second Gate followed by two one-storey bungalows, respectively, were referred to as male and female, is home to the vast majority of fostering personnel. Between the two houses, their area of activity.

Old ice that, thanks to the Center by the detention center rebuilt, retains the original furnishings, such as many quarters as the cement of their own hideaways, instead of beds.

According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued in 2015, the vagrants and beggars institutional guidance for foster, (hereinafter referred to as the Guide) requires “foster agencies to provide a single bed, bed linen according to the season with a” compared to the situation here was not correct.

On February 18, the Beijing news journalists enter the first gate, see care center was in the latter part of around two metres high, surrounded by walls, the walls to dry some clothes. The second door closed, see wall within sight.

When the reporter to enter the second gate, was rejected by the staff.

Guangdong Province March 1 to meet someone of the shelter staff Linzee (not his real name) memory after they have been practicing Brook care center, see inside the room is high, and high window open, and good ventilation.

But this time, he entered the second gate, saw a wonderful sight.

A separation within the second gate, inside a single room about 15 square meters, half a meter high concrete while dormitories for more than 10 people sleeping in it. Toilet in the room, because there are no flushing system, smelly.

“The feeling is the detention center. “Lindsey said at a recall information, thanks to keep central problems in many places,” in 2013, fire certificate, the kitchen is not standardized, less human activity, may be about two or three square meters per capita. ”

In accordance with the provisions in the Guide: the trustee “foster gross floor area of not less than 25 square meters per capita, per capita living space of not less than 4 square meters. ”

Lindsey said he saw some people in the House reduced to skin and bones and frail. They pick up the homeless, some foot swelling.

According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of public security jointly issued the Declaration on strengthening for vagrants and beggars without any assured living status queries and views of care placements (hereinafter referred to as the opinion), rescuing and protection of minors should be different from the adult homeless, relief agencies may not use minors to foster social welfare institutions for adults.

Linzee says starting from 2015 issued the opinion, not minors and adults mixed foster, mentally handicapped persons can never be the normal mixed foster.

According to investigative journalism, practiced Brook care center as of this year, has been accepting minors and adults together foster.

Last year, according to a nursing staff working in the Centre, where she was the children’s area, there are dozens of children, but only six or seven of the nursing staff.

The nurses said, children’s health conditions are not ideal, many entrusted with raising children with disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, relieve themselves, laksa to look after, care workers busy all day. Some children because they do not listen, and there is no time for, even being tied up with a rope.

Funeral home records 49 days 20 deaths

Funeral parlour and practise, Xinfeng River care center line distance of about 1 km.

15-year old autistic boy Lei Wenfeng died on December 3, 2016. After 11 days, Lei Hongjian Lei Wenfeng father found his son’s body here, then cremated.

Lei Hongjian said practiced XI of the day care center a total of three bodies made him recognizable, time of death is December 3.

On February 17, the Government released death note Lei Wenfeng, Xinfeng, also confirmed on December 3 last year, there are two practice Brook care center’s placement officers died of illness.

Lei Hongjian memories cremation son, a funeral home worker comfort, he said, “practicing Brook care center a number of years to the body a lot, can find is two or three families, you can come have a worthy children. “For Lei Hongjian and on-line questions, Xinfeng county authorities denied it.

On February 17, the County Government released briefing note said, “the foster centres do not exist this year there are a number of people were killed. ”

In Xinfeng County funeral home, man Brook care center registered deaths recorded in detail.

On March 10, the funeral parlour, Xinfeng, Beijing news reporters looking for practicing Brook care center this year young male deaths. Staff took out a notebook, practiced Brook care center sent victims recorded in the calendar year.

The register provided at the funeral home, practicing Brook care center many of the deceased did not name, only a string of numbers, such as “OH178”, “anonymous 386”, “Wu Ming-683,” and so on. The staff member said, placed persons “a lot of people don’t even know their names.”

In January this year a record, date of death: January 30, stray finds: Dongguan, Guangdong, name: anonymous 386, sex: male, age: 28 years old.

According to the funeral home’s register shows that January 2017 to February 18th, 49 days, practicing Brook care centers to the dead, 20 people, including 15 people in Guangzhou, 3 people in Dongguan, Shaoguan 1, block 1.

Subsequently, the Beijing News reporter on behalf of someone, ask to see a practice Brook care centers of young male bodies.

Staff reporter went to the funeral home later in gaobieting, and are displayed here with about 1.5 meters high, consists of three layers of metal ice chest.

According to the funeral home’s registration records, the staff followed by open 4 freezer, pulled out bodies of four in a yellow bag.

The 4 deaths are young people, the body intact. Were recorded as “2.15, conghua, CH169, male, 20,” “1.26, luogang, Guangzhou, 31403001,” “2.13, luogang, Guangzhou, 30905005, male, 22,” “2.18, luogang, Guangzhou, 31402004, male, 10”.

After Xinhua identified one by one, is not the person to find. But funeral home staff said, practicing Brook care center this year sent to young male bodies so much, for the elderly and women.

In addition, the Beijing News reporter won 3 County people’s Hospital this year to issue “medical certificate of death”, two men and a woman, name is “anonymous” and a number.

3 medical certificate and funeral home offers 3 dead match information.

According to the administration of relief for vagrants and beggars without any assured living working procedures provides that cannot die of the aided persons or their family members could not be reached, aid management agencies should publish on the city-level newspapers, notice period is 30 days. Remain unclaimed after the expiration of the notice, then cremation formalities by aid agencies.

According to the Guangzhou daily since January this year, Shaoguan, the yangcheng evening news and the daily news and other newspapers published “in search of relatives and friends of the deceased notice” Beijing News reporter found 8 officers and registration on the Xinfeng funeral parlour registers match the death information.

To sum up, Xinfeng County funeral home registration January – February 18th, 20 practicing Creek care center in the list of the dead, Beijing News reporter saw a death certificate or newspaper advertisement and the 15-member body by funeral homes.

According to a local rescue station in Guangdong insiders, the 2011 date to practicing Brook care center sent more than 200 people farmed. As of March of this year, hundreds of people dying within 6 years.

In this regard, the Beijing News reporter statistical staff is located above the main newspapers, local rescue station for practicing Brook foster staff published tracing the death notices, 22 people number in 2014 alone.

“Send when people are healthy, but Feng () is very bad. “The staff member said. In his statistics of causes of death, dozens of people have died of pneumonia. “It has great relationships and health conditions are not good enough. ”

The data had not been practicing Brook care center and the County Civil Affairs Bureau confirmed.

Practicing Brook care center more than Liu, Deputy Director on the death certificate as “guardians”.

On March 19, Liu told the Beijing News reporter, and now death is much less than before, the existence of death occurs because the send is homeless, sent when sick.

“Profit of 1 million or 2 million Yuan a year”

Related data show that practicing Brook care center began operations in 2010, has been more than 6 years.

Social organization of public service information platform in Guangdong Province official website shows that practice, Xinfeng Brook care center for “private non-enterprise units”, registration number is “No No. 07021 Guangdong Shaoguan new home”, the legal representative for Luo Lifang.

Luo Lifang’s relatives while he (not his real name) told the Beijing News reporter, 39, Luo Lifang Xinfeng was head of the social welfare institution a care worker. In 2010, the County Civil Affairs Bureau propose to add a foster Agency, Luo Lifang seized the opportunity.

In accordance with the then County Civil Affairs Bureau signed the contract with the Luo Lifang of natural persons, according to the County Civil Affairs Bureau, as welfare party a will County welfare home receive the field (shelters) sent some foster care are transferred to b Luo Lifang operation and management personnel.

Under the agreement, the original place was set in the Public Security Bureau Detention Center for foster care, rental and all other operational expenses by party b.

Explicitly in the agreement, all personnel transferred to the Luo Lifang, Xinfeng County Civil Affairs Bureau under the present maintenance of 660 Yuan per person per month, “reserve management fee of 50 Yuan per person per month for the Council. Support to increase the support, 10% per cent of increase in reserves as management fees. ”

In six years, practicing Brook care center business scope has expanded each year, in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, bid, received local aid stations for vagrants and beggars temporary placement services.

China’s Government procurement public information display, in July 2015, practicing Brooks foster won, Dongguan city shelters for vagrants and beggars from the Center temporary placement services and service for two years.

Many informed recalls practicing Brook care center foster personnel originally received only dozens of people, 2016 to increase the size of five hundred or six hundred people until March 2017, when corrective action is required, foster a total of 733 people.

While he told the Beijing News reporter, beginning in 2015, practicing Brook care center obviously profitable, “more than 1 million or 2 million a year.”

By 2015 the opinions of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of public security jointly issued for long-term flow begging people stranded in shelters may be made by the Government by way of purchasing services, entrusted to qualified public and private welfare agencies or other social organizations, the implementation of off-site foster.

In addition, the opinions and requirements, for off-site foster agencies, institutions of civil administration and relief management to carry on various ways to foster service quality, security management, and conduct regular checks. Unfit to continue fostering institutions that foster services, to terminate the foster agreement in a timely manner.

Linzee revealed them as clients, to practice Brook Care Center checks, “every time they eat well, but also because advance notice. ”

Linzee says XI fostering personnel, according to the practice of hospital records, the majority of poor nutritional status. He repeatedly practiced XI Center high fatality rates, to the municipal Civil Affairs Bureau to raise and foster, replace the foster agencies, but were not approved.

In addition, on October 31, 2016, the County Civil Affairs Bureau to the practicing Brook care center issued rectification notices and points out its fails to participate in the annual inspection, internal management problems. Requested its rectification before on November 15 of that year.

Practicing Brooks foster civil servants behind the Center figure

On February 24, the County Civil Affairs Bureau to the practicing Brook care center issued rectification notices, refer to “Center there is an internal management is not perfect, the legal representative from October 2016 problems such as unauthorized leave so far did not return. ”

While he and a number of insiders, practicing Brook care center since its inception, there have been related officials who participate in the operation.

While he said practicing Brook care center was established, the County Civil Affairs Bureau, a major leader of his nephew, when presenter, is responsible for fostering financial work of the Centre. Luo Lifang, as the legal representative, is inaccessible to foster financial work of the Centre.

Foster Center says former employees of old ice, monthly wages of employees are paid in cash by the presenter.

Juniper memory in August 2016, presenter quit foster Center, the Bureau leadership and arrangements with Liu Xiuyu took over as presenter of the work. External is Liu Xiuyu finance.

Old ice was impressed by Li Wei and Liu Xiuyu. He disclosed that Li Wei and Liu Xiuyu are husband and wife, Liu Xiu jade before foster Center runs a canteen, and Li Wei, also often come to foster within the work of the Centre, the “shocking”.

Another Li Weili Xinfeng was the Judicial Council as Chief of the political section. Pictures of him posted on the County Justice Bureau in the public bar of the compound.

On February 18, the Beijing news reporters at the practice Brook care center met Li Wei, he describes himself as a consultant for the foster Centre, the Centre’s death is not clear.

Insiders said that practicing Brook care center in September 2016 onwards into the ownership fight, the battle for both sides of the center of legal representative Luo Lifang and later Director Liu Xiuyu.

According to Juniper’s August 2016 Luo Lifang is ill in hospital, Liu Xiuyu therefore took over the practice of responsible finance Brook care center management. Luo Lifang September after illness, Liu Xiuyu are reluctant to surrender control.

According to the Centre’s internal information, Liu Xiuyu currently serves as Director of the Center. Old ice that, head of the Finance Department Li Pinxin, Deputy Director Liu Ping Liu Xiuyu bring people, Li Pinxin Liu Xiuyu’s son.

While he said Luo Lifang has been in alarm, complained to the County Government offices, including human rights defenders.

On March 8, on suspicion of crime of misappropriation of funds, Luo Lifang Xinfeng Public Security Bureau detained.

Long before Shenzhen Lei Hongjian heard the news that had a short Brook care center rectification.

On March 12, said Lei Hongjian, son die in Exchange for more than 700 people want and avoid similar things happen also death count.

The Beijing News reporter Liu Ziheng interns shichao Zhang Wang yajun Deng Yuchen Wang Jing Yi, Guangdong reported

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