As men arriving in huge debt spend 1.9 million forged parents ‘ death certificates

Before he retired, ride ladies and couples were State Executive and has a son and a daughter. Ms should spend way unexpectedly, his own son, just (not his real name) took 1.9 million forged his and his wife’s death certificate, my sister gave up inheritance Declaration, will transfer to his name and mortgaging the House parents. It was Xiao gang ran up a big project when the contracted projects, owes loans after mortgage companies 5.1 million Yuan. After things, Xiao gang was ready to commit suicide. Afterwards, notary’s Office returned the House to the way ladies and couples, but Chou was harassing a microfinance company. At present, they have prepared a report to police.

Not just “death” House foreclosure

Ms Cheng told the Beijing morning news reporter, son, just do engineering contracting, was married, and his wife lived in a house in the baiziwan. “Last year, my daughter suddenly called me, said Xiao gang to baiziwan have mortgaged houses, but also I and his wife now live in a House to their name and are prepared to mortgage. “She said, hearing the news, his shock. “My wife was still alive, how quiet the House transfer and mortgage? ”

Asked her daughter-in-law knew that Xiao gang carried two old men get forged death certificates of both. “Prove that reads, I and his wife have died in 2014 and 2016 respectively in Langfang, Hebei province. Not only that, he forged my daughter, his statement opened a certificates of inheritance to the notary’s Office. “Ms Cheng said, sobbing. She did not understand, have been dutiful and honest son, how can you do such a thing. Woman’s son-in-law identified inherited instructions on the ID is fake, and the signature is fake. “Our families who do not know this. ”

Cheng said that in January, the company also found homes for a loan. “They said, Xiao gang has mortgaged the House to them, and if you do not have 5.1 million Yuan, let us move out.” Hearing the news, Ms Cheng has completely collapsed. “I did not expect so old, they’re homeless.”

Loans the company continued door-to-door DUN

Cheng said that the matter has come to the point where out, and their families begin looking for Xiao gang, hoping to ask what was wrong. But his phone was off, often to places you don’t see people. Ms Cheng family in desperation, can only find the notary’s Office to complain, and ask for a House. After verification, notary office to cancel the relevant instruments. But things did not end, the loan company continued door-to-door Dun. Reporters came to Gemini’s micro-loan company, a loan company staff told reporters, and the little they have just signed the contract, small also borrowed money from them. Now just disappeared, he owes the can’t nobody pay 5.1 million Yuan.

A few days later, little had just returned home, but has been unable to walk freely. According to him, knows things, think there is no way back, at one point wanted to commit suicide. He said he forged false evidence and House is for contracted projects fail, due to the high debt. Thought by home mortgage to pay off the debt, but debt rolling more and more. “Mortgage my house were not enough, more and more debt. Just looking for someone to spend 1.9 million Yuan were forged parents ‘ death certificates and sister’s statement, mortgaged his parents ‘ House. But still owes 5.1 million Yuan. I’ve wanted to quit, but had withdrawn it. “Xiao gang said he was sorry parents, but now it’s too late. “I hope parents can sue me now, at least don’t have to hit them.”

Cheng said that at present, the loan company to harassment at home every day, they don’t know what to do, only the police. In addition, the notary’s Office and failing to verify obligations and are responsible for her loss.

Attorney: forged death certificates have been violated

For such a farce, Kang, General Director of the law firm lawyer in Beijing said Wu Lihong, judging from the present situation, Xiao gang forged his parents ‘ death certificates and sister inherit disclaimers, and in obtaining a notary certificate of inheritance, and, ultimately, real estate closing their parents to their own name, and actions have been suspected of violating. In accordance with the provisions of the civil law of China, Xiao gang’s behaviour totally incompatible with fraud, fraud to pursue their criminal responsibilities. Secondly, obtained through forged material obtained false notary House, all subsequent legal acts, including property ownership and mortgages are invalid, House property should be restored, re-registrations back to two old names. Xiao gang for mortgage loans should be repaid by him, regardless of their parents.

Wu Lihong lawyers also pointed out that impostor fraud using false instruments and other materials easily fooled, notary’s Office staff misconduct, should bear the corresponding legal responsibility for losses related to notarial liability to the party.

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