Anti-210 million award in the young women happy to shout her husband threw cold water on “stop dreaming”

Beijing, March 22 electric according to Taiwan China Times reported, this year January 6 even bar 9 period big Le through jackpot 210 million Yuan (NT, with), Yu new Taipei opened, and 1 people alone have, Taiwan Lottery General Manager Huang Zhiyi yesterday (21st) revealed, this lucky is bit years about more than 30 age young wife, dinner walking after homes Lottery line, feel gas field is good, and buy has 2 Note electric selected of big Le through, next see TV suddenly reminds, on has award, became in the jackpot, immediately into bedroom, and shake woke up NAP in the of Mr, Shouting “I first prize in the” response was “stop dreaming, not noisy, I’m sleepy.”

Huang Zhiyi Taiwan color (right) reveals, more than 30 years old young wife 2 note big Lotto, lucky out of 210 million Yuan (NT $) jackpot prize money, brought big prize of the golden years the first billionaire. (Taiwan, the China Times file photo)

Was poured cold water the first time, after the wife is very generous, the award meeting immediately after the 8-digit cash to account, equal to the Super big bonus for millions of Yuan, also have the winning feeling, sharing the joy of winning.

Huang Zhiyi reports, when the winning dream husband to wife, and his wife still did not give up immediately on the lottery, hold hands, up on stage color official website to check the lottery numbers for the current period, before deciding on lottery tickets in the hands of the couple, is really the first prize.

Award to the Bank with the couple before the lunar new year, she told Huang Zhiyi: “saw the jackpot news, always dubious, until he entered the VIP room of the Bank, called gold right hand (used to hold hundreds of first prize winners) taunts of suitable reception, to ease up.”

This lucky buy Lottery has has 5 years experience, usually in Jackpot even bar Shi, will spent points money buy a hope, due to no preference of digital, usually are to computer selected,, past up had in the had more than 4,000 more Yuan; this spent 100 Yuan electric selected 2 Note Hou, on will Lottery put in desks of drawer in, until next see TV only suddenly thought, began on in the 3 a number Shi, mood is happy was, and heartbeat accelerated, determine in the has 6 a number Hou, now reaction is can’t confidence, repeatedly on has award, and asked himself: ” Is this for real? Really was my first prize for you? ”

Because the couple is there are 2 kindergartens and children, except Mr Mrs share, keep some cash reserves used by the House of the future, as well as funding for education and gave 12.5 million yuan of social welfare institutions, retirement, financial planning for all other bonuses.

Huang Zhiyi said the more than 30-year old woman were a few young women in the lucky jackpot Lottery winners.

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