American pet dog weighs 45 pounds and nearly fat dies after weight loss “sentenced to two dogs”

“Web report”, according to the daily mail of Britain reported on March 22, Alabama dog Abby (Abby) weighing up to 45 kg, meat roll of the body, can be said to be “fat balls”. Extremely overweight body causing it to walk is difficult, fortunately at the local pet rescue Center staff buliteni·weierke (Brittney Wilk) with the help of it through fitness weight 16 kg, and just before “sentenced to two dogs.”

Abby always before eating, and don’t exercise. As time passes, it becomes more and more fat, every step of the way to stop for breath, therefore they have to sit in the stroller was pushed forward. In May 2016, ABI owners neighbors worry about its health situation, so contact a local pet rescue Center. The staff of the Centre and the Abbey of host communications, successfully went to the Center to help it with its weight.

Brittany rescue centre staff when I first saw Abby was very surprised, because it’s so fat, sits in a small shopping cart. After inspection found that it other than extremely obese, many parts of the body are affected, several joints are damaged. Brittany said: “we found it at a critical moment. If it has been so much fatter, probably would not live long. ”

Brittany for the Abbey developed a strict weight loss program: healthy eating, and 6 times a week under water “treadmills” exercise. She said the buoyancy of the water helps and Abby are offset in part by weight, so that it can get more exercise.

Now, Abby had returned to a normal weight, and regain a new life. A family has adopted it, and often take it with you to go hiking, so as not to further increase their body weight.

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