“After 95” students into the workplace: Home employment to fewer cities

News Agency, Wuhan, March 17 questions: “95” after college students to work in their hometowns in employment

Entered in March, China welcomed recent college graduates surges.

Mei Chenghua Xinzhou district of Wuhan City people, aged 22, is a “95”. Now, he has reached an employment agreement with an auto parts manufacturing enterprises of Hubei province. “Our bedroom 4 people, 3 people signed up, including me, Hubei enterprises, one from Henan, also thinking about going back to Henan. “He said, from mid-October last year began to focus on employment policy, is very optimistic about the prospects for the development of Wuhan in Hubei province.

Mei Chenghua believes that as “along the way”, “the Yangtze River economic belt,” “Central rise” strategy, rapid economic development in the Midwest, on the talent demand and favorable policies.

In early March, supply and demand of graduates in Department of Hubei Province started to meet month activities. From March to May, the 10 big job fair to be held in the province, led the University to organize various job fairs in nearly 90, about 1.3 million jobs.

This year, represented by Mei Chenghua “after 95” to work for the first time. According to Ministry of education data shows that college graduates is expected to reach 7.95 million in 2017 China people in 2016, an increase of 300,000 people.

In recent days, the reporter visited the Wuhan job fairs to find more, “after 95” graduates of career prospects, working conditions are taken into account, leaving employment in the Midwestern city, became the choice of many.

“Deep and along the southeast coast of North Canton employment opportunities, and high wages, can learn. “21 year old graduate Chen on the micro-think, but employment pressures, higher consumption levels are also in these areas, lack a sense of belonging.

Jody from South University for nationalities, has been working for a law firm in Chengdu. The Sichuan Liangshan guy said, most friends choose to stay around or back home in Wuhan, to first-tier cities, less.

As an only child, in Wuhan University of Yunnan, Zhang Ruochen decided to go home. “To the first-tier cities, next to impossible to get MOM and dad to life in the short term. “She said, back home can balance family and career.

Not long ago, Wuhan retain 1 million within the coming 5 years of college students ‘ employment plans, and will accelerate the construction of students ‘ pioneering neighborhood park, Central College, encouraged to attract more college students in Wuhan, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Service Center Ding Xuefeng, Director of college graduates in Hubei Province told Xinhua in an interview that in 2016, a total of 427,000 university graduates in Hubei, which more than 60% jobs in Hubei Province, changed “peafowl fly” traditional perception. This year, Hubei has 428,000 new college graduates. With the advance of a series of supporting entrepreneurship employment policy, more people would be expected to stay. (End)

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