African women aged 37 have 38 children, Dr: ligation can have life-threatening

(Original title: African women aged 37, 38 children, including 6 twins, 4 to 3 babies, 3 to 4 babies)

“Web report” Africa Uganda a woman aged 37, 38 children had, including 6 twins, 4 to 3 babies, 3 to 4 babies, leaving two children is one a child. Have children do not want to be her, to a few months ago to undergo sterilization.

Hong Kong East reported on April 27, Ba Tanzi (Mariam Nabatanzi) gave birth to twins for the first time when at the age of 13, she had 6 pairs of twins, 4 to 3 babies, 3 to 4 babies, the rest is one a child. Including 10 girls, 28 sons. Oldest child is 23 years old, the youngest just 4 months old. But she also doesn’t feel special, because his father had 45 children with a number of the wives.

Africa 23rd to the Pan-African news agency reported. Ba Tanzi says, who at the age of 12 being arranged by their families to marry her husband, who was 40 years old. Although many children, but their home life is not easy, her husband had more than one wife, and after they left, take Ba Tanzi and want to take care of her husband’s children. Ba Tanzi will also from time to time by her husband to violence, whose husband has a year to treat at home, even if the back is returning early.

Reports said Ba Tanzi earlier no longer have children, but doctors said her eggs to her too much, if it stops the Suppression of ovulation will make her life was in danger and suggested that she wear the IUD, which made her serious ill health. Ba Tanzi admittance for four months ago, her open call doctor told her not to be pregnant again, the doctor said to her after her caesarean section: “I cut from the inside of your uterus. ”

Uganda’s Mulago Hospital’s Chief of obstetrics and Gynecology doctors in large hospitals Kiggundu Ba Tanzi’s case, the ligation believes doctors should be for her. He said that Ba Tanzi is most likely inherited from her father, and Ba Tanzi ovulatory problem of excess. And that, she should be able to use ligation method, but do not have access to proper medical advice.

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