A family of 4 and 3 “strange disease”-ridden lives only in a wheelchair

(Original title: lower extremity weakness can’t walk, take steps to wrestling, Xinzhou family of 4 can only be in a wheelchair for three people “strange disease”-ridden)

Children love with family members suffering from a strange disease.

Washington (Xinhua Peng Xuewu) starting from 2007, Wang JI Jie Lake Village, Xinzhou district of Wuhan City, Hubei Province, seven ju Shang Wan children’s cherished husband of lizhen in 4 years and two daughters have been suffering from a “strange disease”, double lower extremity weakness unable to walk, take a step on wrestling, had to rely on wheelchairs, heavy burden of children’s treasure out of breath.

Children’s treasure is 47 years old, husband lizhen, 48, 1988 two people get married, gave birth to two daughters, Li Yan and Li Qin. Li Yan, and Li Qin was beautiful, and very healthy, families were still happy.

In early 2007, lizhen often feel pain, legs were dull, and thought are rheumatoid arthritis, to a hospital in Xianning, didn’t identify the cause, there is no adherence to treatment.

2008 51 period, 17-year old Li Qin in sudden unexplained fainting to the ground on the street. In 2010, Li Yan married. This year, Li Qin begins, left thigh and lower back pain, leg weakness, difficulty walking. A year later, Li Yan gave birth to a daughter. Soon after, she began to have a sister with the same symptoms.

Within 4 years, and three people have been sick, will share the same symptoms. Because the poor have no money for treatment, and three were eventually developed to legs to walk, up steps, walk on wrestling.

Yesterday, the reporter in the children’s precious sees, lizhen and her daughters are unable to walk properly, sitting in a wheelchair.

Children love said that in recent years, the Government for the father and daughter three people apply for disability benefits and subsistence allowances, holiday will come to see our condolences.

In October 2013, caring people funded by Li Qin were diagnosed as suspected by hospital hereditary ataxia, also was found to have benign arachnoid cysts. Treatment cost 200,000 yuan, which is astronomical for children cherish a, Li Qin for lack of money for treatment.

Lizhen father of three who is what? Can you cure? This is the children’s treasure in the heart of the mystery, is a large stone in her heart.

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