“A drop of blood to measure cancer” keep misreading expert: exaggerated mislead people

Yesterday, one of the major breakthroughs! Drop cancer blood test has been approved for clinical use in the article the fire network, mentioned in the article: “Luo Yongzhang College of life sciences at Tsinghua University team has developed a special kit for detection of heat-shock protein 90 in α. Patients just take a drop of blood, can be used for cancer detection and treatment effect evaluation (Note: without a drop of blood can detect cancer). “Netizens said,” if it is true, that is great news! ”

In this regard, Professor of Zhejiang Cancer Hospital in Sudan, “said a drop of blood can be measured with cancer” this is too rigorous and exaggerated the role of tumor markers in the diagnosis of cancer, “the article title would mislead people think a drop of blood can detect whether cancer, what kinds of cancer. ”

Global does not have a blood marker

Hundred percent diagnosis of tumors

Sudan argues that through a number of detection of tumor markers in the blood, can provide the directives and judgments on human cancer, can monitor the progress and outcomes. But in the early diagnosis of cancer, this usually need to be used in combination with traditional, classical testing methods.

In lung cancer, for example, low-dose spiral CT is a globally recognized, and can improve the detection rate of early-stage lung cancer, classic screening reduced mortality, professional doctors recommend lung cancer high-risk groups, such as heavy smoking (20 packets/year), 50-74-year-olds, at least once a year with low-dose spiral CT.

However, low-dose spiral CT have a false positive rate of up to 96%, which is 96% of lung nodules are benign. Such a high false-positive rate, there are other methods to overcome. If a similar heat shock protein 90 in α-tumor markers, will help to reduce the rate of false-positive screening, in a group of patients with lung cancer in “pulling” the real patients.

Detection of tumor markers in early diagnosis of tumors of blood is “a role” instead of “absolute”. So far, global does not have a blood marker is hundred percent to diagnose tumors.

Luo Yongzhang also rumor

Monitor rather than a drop of blood test for cancer

In fact, Luo Yongzhang and I’ve the rumor in an interview, “a drop of blood can be measured with cancer” this statement is inaccurate, accurate statement should be “monitor”. In his view, due to the radiation dose is large and expensive, and CT Imaging detection methods are not suitable for regular use, therefore, prognosis and therapeutic effect of tumor marker for cancer patients is of great value.

Specific monitoring methods is that cancer patients in the conventional treatment is blood test, by comparing a person 90 Alpha content’s changes to assist doctors to evaluate the treatment effect, and continuously monitored.

Medical examination form “tumor markers” increased

Does not mean cancer

In addition, the Sudan believes “one drop of blood” is also not accurate, immediate tumor markers, only a drop of blood is not enough.

The so-called “drop of blood” found cancer is blood in the “tumor markers”. What is a “tumor markers”, simply put is the substance produced by the malignant tumor cells or tumor stimulate the body to produce the material.

As tumor markers AFP for liver cancer, lung cancer is the CEA CA125, ovarian cancer, breast cancer is CA153, pancreatic cancer is CA199, and so on. These tumor markers can reflect to some extent of tumor development, to monitor the treatment and prognosis of help. Compared with other cancer monitoring tool, tumor markers are more convenient, fast, costs are significantly reduced.

Sudanese Professor of heat shock protein 90 in alpha testing technology into clinical and successful application is a boon in cancer patients. Early clinical trials showed that the sensitivity and specificity superior to common tumor markers in clinical, abnormal increase of the expression of early clinical symptoms may suggest further confirmed. “But not so absolutely rely on this test, because of nonspecific tumor markers exist, some normal or benign tumor and inflammation may also slightly elevated tumor markers, false-positive test results. ”

Currently the gold standard for diagnosis of cancer

Is still pathological detection based on

Sudan says the clinical diagnosis of cancer, currently can not be divorced from traditions such as ultrasound or CT examination, pathological diagnosis, relying on blood tests to determine whether the cancer is too hasty. “When you see the medical form elevated tumor markers, not too scared, after testing, if indicators are found above the reference range, further examination is needed to diagnose. ”

Is the case of lung cancer, tumor markers, such as heat shock protein 90 in alpha, CEA and other indicators rising after eliminating benign, doctors will suggest chest CT examination. If there is a positive nodes, at last, the need for aspiration or biopsy to get patients ‘ tissues or exfoliated cells, pathological diagnosis can be confirmed.

Professor of the Sudan, now recognized worldwide as the gold standard for cancer diagnosis is pathological detection based on whatever the indicators currently cannot be a substitute to pathological diagnosis. As ordinary citizens, to do is to stick to regular physical examination, this is still the best way to find tumors early. Especially in high-risk groups, more targeted screening.

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