87 elderly people living alone for two days the two crooks door-to-door deception 3300

87 years old living alone two days met two consecutive cheater door to defraud, although not to be fooled a second time, but was the first crook to walk more than 3,300 yuan.

Cheng Lao who lives in Xian lianhu district slightly North West community, living alone for many years after his retirement. At noon on March 16, a young man came to drive home, claiming to be Qin Hua gas company, after you check the gas cooker, said Cheng home appliances leak and needs to be replaced, and to ride old cookers are recommended, preferably to more than 5,000 yuan, the 3500 medium, to discount to 2000 Yuan. Cheng said his family had no money, men immediately indicated that the drive way old banks. Then, drive old and men came to beiguan cross near the industrial and commercial bank took money, old men paying 2000 Yuan cheng, man is not enough, going to 1300.

On March 17, more and more old and wrong way, Cao teacher called neighbor accompanied him to zhifang village nearby stove shop, found that men give him a home stove and sold more than 200 million. Old went to Yao Wang Dong Qin Hua Cheng gas company Office, the staff said they never installed active-site. Knew he was cheated Cheng Lao police station of beiguan alarm.

When I get home at noon, drive home and knock on the door, an older man who claimed to be Qin Hua gas company, drive old gas alarms, to 1000 Yuan. Cheng said he had no money, and men just forget about it. 17th, Qin Hua gas company staff said the Office of their company will sell Cookware, but staff do not actively door-to-door sales. Meanwhile, they’ve never sold natural gas alarms, tenants are advised to carefully screened door-to-door salesmen, avoid being. China business news journalists Miao Qiaoying

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