8 college students at schools in Kunming the rooster in the turnover of nearly 800,000 yuan

When the senior students are preparing for the examination, job worries, Kunming University of science and technology, jingweifu is busy preparing to purchase a new batch of chicks. He and 7 students in the school built a small chicken farms, more than a year selling more than 2000 chickens, more than 200,000 eggs, a turnover of 800,000 yuan. In 2016, their “invigorating taste” project of biotechnology company won the “youth” national entrepreneurship competition Silver Award, and the Komori incubators seed investment of 500,000 yuan, Yunnan, road shows only 11 teams of the day investors favored projects.

A research project to turn students into chicken farmer

Because there was no resistance (antibiotic) chicken and the development of selenium-enriched eggs, jingweifu and his classmates start in just one year, won the first investments is that they did not think of himself. Until then, this is just a research project.

Jingweifu mentor Deng Xianyu, Kunming Institute of technology introduce high-end talent, currently chairs the Queensland green agriculture research group leader. During the sophomore year, jingweifu participated in the research Deng Xianyu “based on microbial technology, integration and application of high quality ecological farming of laying hens”, continuously conquer difficult, task group published 6 articles, filed 9 patent technology achievement successfully finished. However, as with most issues, with the publication of results, team members one after another after graduation, subject being “forgotten”.

“The achievements should not be forever locked in the library. “Under the guidance of Deng Xianyu, jingweifu and students was founded in December 2015 Kunming” benefit of eating “bio-technology co., Ltd. Company located in the “Kun incubator” schools not only provide hardware such as computers, desks and chairs for them, let them “bag check”, or as a key industry for supporting this project.

“Chicken farm” was built at the school of life sciences and technology behind the animal experiment building, it was granted school benefits of eating a piece of land. Where the chickens all without resistance (antibiotic) culture.

“The concern is currently the use of antibiotics in aquaculture. “Jingweifu said.

According to the first Chinese antibiotic use and emissions inventories show in 2013, the total use of antibiotics in China of about 162,000 tons, of which aquaculture using antibiotics accounted for 52%. Expert analysis, lots of animal residues of antibiotics, after entering the body, antibiotics will be transferred to the human body. Bacteria evolving resistance to survive, even drug-resistant “superbugs”, causing human infection with this germ deaths due to incurable people every day to eat antibiotics in the food chain, damage also increases the zoonotic risks; access to antibiotics in the environment, some of the environment or slow degradation, serious damage to the ecological balance.

“‘ Yi treat ‘ is no resistance breeding this problem to be solved. “Jingweifu,” said Yi treat “using microbial technology, through a standard vaccination, adding probiotics in pure grain feed and Chinese herbal medicine, antibacterial maggots feed additives for animal health products, chicken is sick. “Intestinal nutrients that are a certain number of viable bacterial flora, probiotics, the bad bacteria can’t survive.”

“No resistance to soil and selenium in chicken eggs after the listing, in short supply. After the examination, our chicken and eggs do not contain any antibiotics, major nutrients selenium, zinc, and iodine 3~6 times more than ordinary eggs, 40% lower cholesterol, high protein content and 12.7%. “Talking about his chicken-and-egg, jingweifu is always talking.

Agriculture itself is a big market

In Yang town, xuanwei city of Yunnan, Kunming University poverty reduction farmed demonstration bases, there are many nearby villagers to visit every day, look at “what without antibiotic chicken look like.” Many people visit, tut praise: “do not feed feed they look so bright and shiny water chicken, is the first time I saw it. ”

Adding probiotic in feed will increase the cost question, jingweifu quickly on the draft of this Bill: regular fodder for 3~4 Yuan per kg, they use pure grain (corn) feed, only 2.5 Yuan per kilogram, plus 3 cents/kg or so species and herbs, “actually cheaper than feeds.”

In Deng Xianyu of guide Xia, they also design out a fast fermentation chicken manure of device, using lactic acid bacteria, and spore Bacillus and produced prion fake silk yeast, benefits health bacteria, will fresh chicken manure in 24-48 hours Zhijian high temperature fermentation finished, fast killing parasites, and Escherichia coli, disease original body, while removal ammonia nitrogen, and hydrogen sulfide, harmful gas, increased chicken manure in the of protein nutrition and flavor, used to feeding flies maggots and layers, save has about 25% of feed, increased about 20% of economic.

“So our chickens are free-range, chicken manure is rarely on the ground. “Jingweifu said.

Bring eggs to the community for the first time when traffic in and around the school gate, jingweifu and his team have been criticized: “these students how to sell eggs, worthy of reading books? “They have to explain over and over again:” our egg is a consequence of agricultural innovation. ”

In response, Deng Xianyu often tells students: “food is the first thing for people, agriculture is a large market in itself. ”

As Kun green agriculture research group leader, Deng Xianyu thinking more about the future of agriculture: “farmers are becoming a technical occupation, farmers in the traditional sense, faces elimination. ”

So his students “half of my time in the field, in the front line”. “My students after graduation from basic have the ability to independently build green farm. “He said.

As venture team of “core”, he of friends circle almost are and green agricultural points not open, he also put user name to “green cycle agricultural”, and poems as of language description he in rural of poverty life: “7 o’clock in the morning, dawn, mention two barrels with benefits health bacteria fermentation of chicken food, stepped with shallow dew wet of pine needles, clean material slot, open sheds, all added full. ”

With the poor with science and technology, with tiny eggs to help farmers get out of poverty, he led students start a wish. So far, the “benefit of eating” have for poor households with more than 300 feather removal temperature of chicken, and higher than the market price by more than 10% purchase prices of the local poor households more than 20 tons of corn for feed. He reckons that if more farmers to use team technology, “a feather layers, can increase the revenue of 360,000 yuan a year or so. ”

Green recycle agriculture not only helps farmers, also trained a number of agricultural innovation and pioneering talented persons inhabited mainly by undergraduate and graduate students. Deng more than guiding the Queensland to two students in entrepreneurship competition, the team has won the award, achieved the combination of college students ‘ innovation and entrepreneurship.

“The market has great potential in agriculture, but agriculture is not so good to do one thing, encountered more difficulties than other industries. “Deng Xianyu said, such as” benefit our taste buds “, Chairman of the” little King “, from the beginning,” coy and enterprise cooperation “to today’s” presence on the negotiating table “,” every single person on our team, including me are growing. “

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