46 year old man house filled with high heels to regular monthly “great aunt”

In addition to man is the woman in the world, a person’s gender is male or female, is the moment sperm and egg have certain things. Until recently, personal accidents occurred, I began to wonder about this.

His name is Xu Wentao, 46 years old, neither woman nor man completely, the medical diagnosis of Hermaphroditism, is commonly known as hermaphrodite, hermaphrodite.

His gender is male, but trapped in the body of the decades she has never stopped struggling, and female sexuality is more and more evident in the body over the years. He was confused, and doubted, but he finally made a decision, surgery, Liberation she, being true to yourself.

Recently, I talked with him twice, and really appreciate the strong, confident, and let people love him.


He was not the same as the other boys

Meeting him for the first time, in our Office. It was a Saturday afternoon and we talked for an hour, I have a general understanding about him.

The weather was a little hot, girls on the Street outside the window is put on a colorful spring. Appears in front of me, he is a very bright, red stripes t shirt, black tights, and a pair of red high heels (wedges, with high 8cm), grouped together with his bald head a little more endearingly. We saw each other he enthusiastic beckon to me, the hand grip on the red cell phone case is striking.

“You seem to like bright colors? “Because he’s special, I spoke to him to be careful, only from the outside temptation and began to talk.

“Yes, red is one of my favorites, ever since I was like. “I never thought he was about their situation without taboo, frankly says a lot.

He said his home in Xian in the countryside, there’s a sister here has a sister, he was the only boy in the family. However, ever since he was not the same as the other boys. He doesn’t like to play with little boys, but more like little girls playing together, House and dance band, playing hacky sack … … These girl’s game and he enjoyed it.

Also, his love of the female kind of sense, girl’s skirts, shoes, hair band, he put it down, often dress in his sister’s body.

At that time, the family thought it was kids naughty, and did not care. A bit older, he began to feel was wrong to wear women’s clothing in front of outsiders, like and wear but could not restrain impulses, so when over the weekend, avoid the adults secretly wear.


After puberty

Each month which days he would stomach pain

“To those unusual behavior when I was a kid, late-maturing, and gender awareness and other grounds was only just passable. But as I grew up, exposing the problems more difficult to understand. “He shook his head and said.

In adolescence, he attacks every month a stomachache, the little belly like a needle in the tie, made him very unstable, and fixed on the 15th for a few days. To that end he has been puzzled until later confirmed his own sexual deformities, it suddenly dawned on him, days turned out to be the legendary aunt come.

And then wait until adulthood, he grew into a young man more than 20 years, parents are eager to have grandchildren, keeping him home, but he has delayed action.

“Reasons has two a: a is I on woman seems mention not up interest, even forced himself with family along a time, also up development to led led hand, on again also no other idea has; II is I also has a seem, was born of when, I of chick chicken on long have not is obviously, grew up yihou also special short, I specially run to public toilet and public baths observation had, does with normal male difference many, for Andrology experts also see had many, some said fill points male hormone maybe also can stimulus development, But no use for some time, also said that the operation can be stretched, but I don’t want to do it. “When it comes to length, he gestures with his hands up.

In addition, his obsession with feminine care products more than before. When chatting, he showed me his phone Taobao shopping records, most are red or black high heels, all stiletto (high 12cm). “I prefer that style, when income was good before, spent two thousand or three thousand Yuan to buy every month, now has low income, can only spend hundreds of Yuan a month, like I have over 100 pairs of shoes do you believe? “When it comes to his beloved high heels, he enraptured as the woman.

Conversation, he took a look at my feet wore flat shoes, like a big sister said in earnest: “little sister, I must ask you a Word, women must wear high heels more temperament. “One time, I was speechless.


Physical examination discovered

Let the decades of confusing pride relieved

Talks about his obsession with female items, it will have to talk about my meeting with his second, the place is in the North of his rented room. This is a size of 20 square meters of space, the door is a simple kitchen and toilet, remaining more than 10 square set single bed and a small table with drawer.

Bed a little snake skin high up, fully accounted for half the room place. “This is my baby. “With that, he opened one of the bags, excitedly showed me the inside of the heels, women’s clothing, all kinds of hosiery, handbags and wigs, equipped to make me a woman, shame.

This is as a man, she

He said that he loved women, love changed women’s own, and feel very confident, very attractive. When night falls, he’ll put on women’s clothing, wigs, give yourself a spot of makeup, high heels go round again. At one point, he stepped on the stiletto to around West Lake, there are several middle-aged men to see him up on the way, he felt that was a good feeling.

That day, he put on women’s clothing in front of me, wearing breast, worn above the chest, then topped with a floral dress skirt, black stockings, wavy brown hair and a pair of black stilettos, feminine. Makeup of it, he is also handy, hit the liquid Foundation, site focused on covering of bearded, painted the flaming lips … … “you’re makeup can make you blush? I will teach you a way to easily.

Source: evening news helinawen Yu Yue photo correspondent Yang Zichen

Duty Editor: Zhang Qin

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