42 year old man lay with his wife broke “lifeblood” but fortunately repaired in a timely manner

(Original title: 42 years old man with passion over broken “lifeblood” doctors timely surgical repair)

News Network-contemporary living in Guangxi Province newspaper reporter Xu Zhe

April 9 when bullying at 4 o’clock, a middle-aged man hurrying to the Guangxi ethnic hospital emergency department for treatment. Doctor about illness, men equivocate, wounds were startled when doctors see. Originally, hematoma of the man’s penis turned purple, such as egg size, doctors immediately admitted to hospital.

The patient is ningming County man, surnamed, 42 years old. 8th night when you lay with his wife, because the action is too large, he accidentally injured penis. According to the patients own words, then heard a noise and felt a sharp pain. Found that after an injury, one immediately to the local county hospital to seek treatment due to restricted conditions, doctors rushed forward to the National Hospital of Guangxi.

Emergency room doctor found worn after swelling of the penis, the penis of a bent corner, shaped like a purple eggplant. In ultrasound diagnosis of penile fracture (white membrane rupture and hematoma formation). 5:30 A.M., emergency department physicians emergency wears has implemented a “penile prosthesis” penis deformity recovery after surgery, general condition stable.

According to doctors, ruptured corpus cavernosum penile said, is severe penis trauma. Erection of the penis, by direct force, caused the white membrane around the penis and penis burst. See more at 20-40 young adults, in cases such as masturbation, rough sex.

Patients usually can be heard as a hard object at the penile broken sound, with pain in penis was soft-shrink. And gradually began to swell, curved, penis skin is purple, injuries and urethral urethral bleeding and urinary difficulties.

Penile fracture occurs immediately after treatment, treated in a timely manner. Doctors say are for the treatment of penile advocating early surgical treatment can not only lower the incidence of complications after injury, but also can make penile function in patients with early recovery.

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