4 year old nephew crying uncle is angrily held up a pair of scissors to kill more than 25 years old

Washington (reporter Wang) the evening of April 9, Handan Hanshan district a marvel family tragedy occurred. 25 years old single boy in my sister’s care when the 4-year-old nephew Zhang Qiang, children crying, and impulse has ended his young life with scissors. Afterwards, Zhang attempted cut his wrists and his sister to bear against drank pesticide.

Zhang Jize who lives in rural areas, have two brothers and two sisters, parents are remarried, his mother has died, and he lived with his elderly father. On April 7, he came to Handan Hanshan district Sha Village, visit the second sister. The evening of April 9, Zhang Qiang, home care of 4-year-old nephew, meanwhile, somehow suddenly picked up a pair of scissors cut a child’s throat, this tragic scene, had just stepped into the House’s sister. Children seriously, and taken to hospital died. Zhang Qiang, lose to yourself abnormal remorse for the crimes committed, he cut his wrists with a knife, after they stopped. That evening, Zhang’s sister grief drank pesticide, fortunately rescued in time life was not in danger. At present, criminal suspect Zhang Qiang, has been detained by police.

According to Zhang Qiang, account, he does not have any grudges or conflicts with the second sister, nephew to die there is no stereotype. Just because the children kept crying, anyway to coax has no effect, emotions get out of control, the results lead to disaster.

In this regard, the Handan psychologist Jia Yunjiao believes that because children crying and the initiation killing, and ordinary people impossible, can only show the suspect’s personality problems, but does not know how to communicate with people, Exchange, more lack of strain and their capabilities. This may be related to client special family background, life has a certain relationship. (Zhang Qiang as alias)

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