3 days before Secretary Lok Ma: to daughter “making faces” room of bribery

Chen Lequn information chart

Three days before his retirement, “Lok” Chen Lequn unexpected.

On October 18, 2016, the archives Bureau, Shantou city, Guangdong Province, formerly Party Secretary, Director Chen Lequn on suspicion of serious offenses, the receiving Organization review. The news shook the entire Shantou.

Chen Lequn, Chaozhou people, born in 1956, to work in 1978, and served as research of Shantou municipal Committee, Deputy Chief and Chief, Deputy Director. In March 2010, Shantou city Party Secretary and Secretary for archives. Archives have always been considered “formerly,the Hanlin Academy”, people cannot help but ask, why Chen Lequn into their “shame file”, “formerly,the Hanlin Academy” and how big?

Secret “tea fee” triggered an investigation

Chen Lequn “Lok” originated in a seal problem clues letter involving 15,000 yuan. End of August 2016, Shantou city, Anhui provincial Commission for discipline inspection to the clue letter transfer Commission for discipline inspection.

Clue letter indicated that, in March 2012, the Shantou Archives Archives mounting machine to buy from a company in Anhui Province, the price of 187,800 Yuan. In the process, supply company, Anhui Shao Mou offered to send 15,000 “tea fee” to Chen Lequn, Chen Lequn agreed, according to Shao Chen directed money into the bank account of a woman surnamed he.

The investigation, as early as 2010, Shantou archives employees taking orders from Chen Lequn Huang opened a company called heaven software limited, Shantou city, celebrating a Chen Lequn mistress and mother of Huang, 50% shares. Chen Lequn, in his capacity as the head of and influence, in what is known as “formerly,the Hanlin Academy” archives, Shantou City Council intervene in bidding projects.

Seemingly secret “tea fee” into account and lead to discipline the suspicion of the officers. Because of the special relationship between the account-holder and Chen Lequn, cover of the unveiled Chen Lequn corruption.

Mistress “living” crazy money

Chen Lequn family, wife is a school teacher, daughter grew up grades, have married overseas. But Chen Lequn feudal thinking, always wanted a son, and it has become his heart. According to Chen Lequn account in 2004, a woman fresh out of school to work in Shantou, he met with him later, and another son’s ideas contributed to his and he’s developed into a relationship.

Low-key Chen Lequn, in dealing with and he has been cautious and maintain the delicate balance of work, family, lover. In 2014, a baby is born, he’s spending significantly, coinciding with Chen Lequn at 59 years of age, he began talking about “don’t expire right” that I would like to cash on the occasion of the reign, rich material laid the Foundation for his son. In order to celebrate a mother’s “living” is guaranteed, just a few years, Chen Lequn “hard” way to do everything possible to find the money, even after the party’s 18 still no convergence, don’t hand, intensified, and on the road against a disciplinary offence in corruption.

In early 2014, Shantou archives identified some key files for repair, salvage, project budget amounts to 500,000 yuan, according to the relevant regulations, the project to open tender. Chen Lequn used its influence, tailored specifically for the Tian Yang company a “filing an an extra point for local units” scoring standards, ensure that the Tian Yang company in terms of scoring more than other enterprises interested in bidding, bid-rigging, to the point of blatant.

Not only that, in the meantime, Chen Lequn to find safe side also ordered Huang to a number of enterprises involved in accompanying, wall labels. Hwang in Shantou archives Bureau of procurement matters, is responsible for tendering documents, Shantou City Archives Commission bidding companies bidding on behalf of, at the same time, Hwang also is bidding company and who actually controlled the Tian Yang company.

A variety of tricks to exhaust, the result has no doubt, in February 2014, the Tian Yang company successfully won the bid, priced at 498,000, just below the budget 2000. January 2015, and in June, is also the same “routine” Tian Yang company has won the bid in Shantou archives “rescue repair archive” and “salvage repair archive and digital” items, priced at 943,000 1.189 million Yuan respectively, 7000 and 1000 Yuan less than the budgeted amount.

After investigation, the beginning of 2013 to September 2016, Chen Lequn by means of collusive tendering, designated, Shantou Archives Archives restoration, rescue and digitization, a total of 9 Tian Yang company to undertake a project, the project totals more than 4.95 million Yuan. Subsequently, Chen Lequn extracted for a variety of reasons from the Tian Yang company capital of 1.4 million for their own use.

For my daughter, “making faces” bribery room

“In order to avoid in-laws in Shanghai to Shantou laughed, also earns points for her daughter face, to improve their living conditions became a top priority. “Chen Lequn wrote in his confession book.

I heard Shanghai “in-laws” came to Shantou, as vanity, Chen Lequn ignoring their families, decided to purchased in Shantou, a high-end residential area of 183 square metres, together with the residential renovation price of nearly 2.8 million Yuan. After the exhaustion of home savings, in the face of difficult to fill the gap more than 500,000 yuan, Chen Lequn, archives, playing the bidding idea.

The end of 2015, and talk to the second Design Institute President Hwang, Shantou City Municipal Archives: new building design tenders when Chen Lequn Huang, been set to “tea” (kickbacks), Huang promised that if the design project successful, return Chen Lequn 200,000 yuan. After Chen Lequn operations, Hwang was the winning bidder, Huang as Chen Lequn would also abide by the “promises” both sides are happy.

Chen Lequn Tan Chen, charged has Shantou second building Institute 200,000 wouldn’t Shi, fundamental no realized that this is crime behavior, right Dang is “tea fee”, think is deserved of things, more has this thing no knows of fluke psychological led, in times disciplinary Shi are self comfort–except party zhiwai, these things are is God not know go unnoticed, so more unbridled, arbitrary, in disciplinary illegal this article not return Shang more go more far.

At this point, Chen Lequn has been troubled. From respected everywhere, “genius” Director Chen into organizational review, what a shame. Chen Lequn break honest rules, money transactions, in violation of State laws and regulations on bribery charges and suspected of bid-rigging, has been expelled from the party, and dismissed, transferred to the judicial organs according to law.

Discipline that

Leading party cadres must firmly be disciplined, show good manners. However, Chen Lequn luck outflanking tactics and tricks money money, think that corruption is “wall throw bricks”, not “hit” on his head, and ruin, it is too late.

Forgot to pull behind, in front there was no way back. Although Chen Lequn been in the army, worked as a primary school teacher, worked as a librarian, low-key man, step by step to become party members and leading cadres, but his spirit is pure, feudal ideology deeply rooted, that houses larger than others, luxury decoration than others, seems to be worthy of his “leader” status. He had no fear of party discipline and state laws, was lust covered eyes, dark mirror of the self clean self, “Lok” is inevitable.

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