29 years old men suddenly awake craniotomy calm and talking to doctors


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    Open the head, exposing the brain, open your eyes and talk to doctors … …

    The Beijing News “our video” live a surgery yesterday, recording the image: cut the head, can continue to chat.

    Craniotomy in the process, says wake up face itches

    Yesterday, 29 years old boy lirun (not his real name) to do brain surgery. The night of March 23, lirun at work, without warning he collapsed, hands and feet twitching more.

    After rushed to the hospital, doctors diagnosed head tumors, doctors believe, though less patient attack, seizure frequency in the future will be increasingly frequent, medication only the symptoms, not the cause, if you do not do surgery, tumor spread elsewhere, is likely to lead to paralysis.

    After a series of discussions and preparations before lirun final confirmation on April 17, in brain surgery.

    “Come on, wake up. “Surgery surgeon doctor, wake up call lirun. At this time, the operation is still underway, lirun’s skull was a scalpel incision, exposing the brain.

    Patients wake up

    Lirun side lay on the operating table, together with the instructions to make a series of actions: blinking, mouth, count … … Some doctors are using surgical tools, lirun removal of brain tumors.

    Operation in progress

    Lirun wakes, has said his face itch, itchy rib, allow doctors to help scratch a scratch. But parts of the operation, lirun didn’t feel any pain.

    Be wakened during craniotomy patient room: chat with the doctor with the flashcards

    The anesthesiologist told “we”, in their surgery, brain nerve close to the patient, and use of narcotic drugs, which can keep the patient is conscious, but also so that patients will not feel pain of surgery.

    “Wake up”

    This type of surgery, the scientific name for “awake craniotomy”, its biggest advantage is that you can more accurately locate the nidus without damage to other areas of the brain.

    Previously, traditional excision of brain tumor associated with cerebral functional area operation, most use of all narcotic. Because they could not fully touching the boundaries of the Ribbon, even if the doctors successfully remove the tumor, it can also cause speech or motor function.

    Doctor Dai Xuejun: wake up why

    “Awake craniotomy” significantly avoid this from happening. During the procedure, the surgeon uses tiny electrical currents, stimulation of tumor and normal brain tissue boundaries, if the electrical impulses to other functional areas, lirun behavior stops during operation: stimulus to their normal language function, lirun can’t stop talking; stimulus to motor, lirun’s fingers are stopped.

    This surgery surgeon Dai Xuejun told “we”, similar to surgery, he had already done in dozens of cases.

    Dai Xuejun

    “Many complications, less likely to relapse,” Dai Xuejun said in the large blood vessels, the Ribbon of complex areas of the brain, tumors, it is very difficult.

    Discussion on surgeon and expert on the air

    Operation successfully ends, patients with tumors, extremities function is not affected.

    5:30 P.M., Dai Xuejun villagers lirun limbs has been normal, physical recovery to baseline levels, and clear thinking, verbal fluency.

    Lirun in bed throwing up his arms in

    Medicine quick question quick quiz:

    “Ask” caused by Cesarean section anesthesia when plants can also do 喚 awake craniotomy?

    “My answer” brain awakens the patient itself is normal, and cannot be used to awaken a vegetable.

    “Ask” malignant glioma surgery meaning big?

    “My answer” these tumors without surgery, is likely to spread to the Ribbon leads to paralysis.

    “Ask” patients in surgery suddenly coughing or sneezing?

    “My answer” sedative under control this problem will not occur.

    “Ask” How did not say how much this surgery?

    “My answer” full operation around 30,000.

    “Q” hosts conscious while maintaining a posture of patients with Mody? He would like to move it, especially on the head!

    “My answer” on the operating table is fixed to the patient’s head and body, and due to the effects of sedative drugs, patients can remain awake for a long time when light sleep state.

    “Ask” developed countries mostly of robots to do this surgery, so doctors do not take a NAP for lunch is not a problem.

    “My answer” robot only in accordance with the instructions complete modeling work, not up to removal of complex work.

    “Ask” like brain surgery, head of gas how to deal with, will be absorbed by the body?

    “My answer” can be absorbed by the body, do not worry.


    “My father two months after surgery for cerebral hemorrhage, paralysis on one side, sometimes clear and sometimes vague words don’t know. Really do not know how long the path to recovery. But anyway the doctor is Savior, wards of Thanksgiving so many doctors struggle! ”

    “Brain surgery is a delicate surgery is generally quite long time, surgeons are working so hard. ”

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