29-year-old man dating two girls take bricks it took 51 years old girlfriend dead

Washington aged 51 a bricks and mortar killed the cohabitation of three year’s 29 year old boyfriend Ding, for this years forgotten love drew a blood end. Yesterday afternoon, the Shanghai first intermediate people’s Court for the murder of a public hearing.

A Ding is a forgotten year couple, both aged 22 years. The end of 2013, they met through online game, because interest is similar to quickly establish a relationship and began living together. Because of the big age gap, said Ding had been cheated my family, girlfriend, only a few years older than themselves. In 2015, the Ding family urged the two people getting married as soon as possible, some worry that once registered, lies about her age will be exposed, will always find an excuse to delay. During the national day 2016, Ding family know the money’s true age, in order to let Ding get married as soon as possible, they also introduced him to a female friend. Ding is unwilling to break off with some money, but on the love relations with a new girlfriend.

On October 20, 2016, after work Ding back its money at some staying in Pudong, both of them due to marriage problems fast. 21st at 4 o’clock in the morning, a small sleeping, using a brick bashing its head, with both hands on the neck, a pillow pressed their face, by Ding died on the spot. Identified, Ding before being struck with a blunt head and face and his nose and mouth and a brief outline of craniocerebral injury combined with mechanical asphyxiation caused by neck. On that day, gave himself up to the police, case truthfully its crimes after the fact.

During the hearing, prosecutors believe that money for emotional entanglement deliberately unlawful deprivation of a person’s life, causing death, criminal facts are clear, the evidence should be based on voluntary manslaughter investigation of his criminal responsibility. One confessed to the crime and expressed remorse. The trial lasted about two hours, a court judgement day in Shanghai.

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