24 year old girl sick bearded in the boyfriend encourages confidence beard

(Original title: United States 24 year old girl a long beard in the boyfriend encourages confidence beard)

24 years old girl Alma Torres from New York, suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome, his face is covered with a beard. In order to conceal their illness for several years she has been secretly to shave their beards.

Alma has a boyfriend of 5 years prior to Taylor,Taylor will use tweezers to help her put beard off, but he had always believed that Alma’s beard is beautiful because it is her natural beauty. Urged on by her boyfriend, Alma begins to look at ourselves and had a beard no longer escape.

From August last year, however, Alma was a cyber attack. One think Alma so ugly, even those who say that she should commit suicide. On the way, Alma will encounter people who want to take pictures of her, and she just smiled, not subject to these external influences.

Due to the effects of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Alma can’t get pregnant, and, frequently, spasms and pain in the ovaries and cause fatigue anxiety. She wanted to tell her ill girls go be yourself, if you feel comfortable, then don’t make it. (China Youth Network compile reports)

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