Couples sex live profit nearly 2 million a year was arrested in conjunction

Guangzhou daily Shenzhen News (full media reporter Tong Dan correspondent Tang Ting) Shenzhen Nanshan Police yesterday informed said, they recently joint Shandong Yantai police knocked has a using network live platform for erotic performances of groups, organizers Lee a was Yantai police catch justice, Shenzhen police is in Guangdong, and Liaoning, and Heilongjiang, and Jiangsu, to captured has 6 name online for erotic performances of “anchor”, 6 people has Yu yesterday was prosecutorial organ to suspected “spread obscene materials profit crime” approved arrested. According to the police, the gang rely on so-called “yellow broadcasting” exorbitant profits, less than a year to make a profit of nearly 2 million Yuan.

6 people live sex shows

It is understood that in early March this year, Nanshan high-tech police station received reports from public Security Bureau, was at a place called “bread broadcast” live-live nude shows on the phone app. Reporter says Mr Wu, themselves using mobile phones to download a broadcast software, log in top pay in the form of tips, in the Studio you can watch real live nude shows video and real-time conversations.

Nanshan police immediately set up a task force to carry out an investigation, and Yangjiang in Guangdong Province, Shenyang, Liaoning, Heilongjiang jiamusi, Jiangsu Nantong captured 6 suspects in pornographic performances.

High-tech police security team leader Yu Xingju said, after they received a report with Nanshan branch of the Security Branch, the Police Brigade in the platform-related yellow anchor location and the associated IP address are locked and yellow anchor in question were arrested in late March, a total of 6 people. “The 6 suspects was 5 girls and 1 boy, Nantong, Jiangsu, Zhang and Zhu Mouxia was filled a couple of. “Trial, 6 people confessed to his crime.

“Green broadcasting” cover

According to reports, the live platform is divided into “green planting” and “yellow broadcasting” in two forms, there is a level of anonymity. High-tech crime introduced deputy leader Liu Yuhan, police station, the platform download needs to recharge, such as ten dollars or 20 dollars, as its members, are eligible to enter the room and talking to these anchors. It is the beginning to a “green broadcast” in the form of normal chat and attracting customers. Early tips, brush gift comparison shots and generous, she will ask do you want to watch more exciting performances, and pull us into subtle performances of these rooms, it’s “yellow broadcast” performances, there is no bottom line.

At present the evidence the police have more than four or five g. Evidence shows that between every night at 11 o’clock in the evening and the next day at 5 o’clock in the morning for the yellow involved Live Rush, the suspect Gets a windfall is also very amazing. It is understood that the platform watching every day, thousands of people, tips for anchors and platforms, profit is divided 55 or 46. Each anchor’s profit may have two thousand or three thousand Yuan a day, might have been a million.

Police said the live broadcast platform on the Internet technological threshold is very low, the lack of effective supervision, and yellow covered “anchor” also has a great deal of mobility.

April 2016, over more than 20 Webcast Internet companies has been published in Beijing self-discipline Convention requires all anchors must be real-name authentication. But because the industry was mixed, quite a number of the real-name authentication platform is still not in place, those yellow live platform also became involved in the worst-hit areas. High-tech crime deputy leader Liu Yuhan, police station said, organizers released the recruitment conditions, are in fact illusory, in apprehending the suspects, none of them is through the real-name authentication.

Sister was born 6 years after brother again and again to the doll into a toothpick

(Original title: sister was born, 6 year old brother has repeatedly pierced a toothpick onto the doll! )

Today, lap children, and many parents will certainly be regarded as “life winners”. Zhejiang Province, a Deputy Director of psychiatric hospitals into the age of Ying Zhang, recent new baby daughter, sons and daughters, who should have been happy, but he faces of happiness “growing pains.”

He sent the journalist two photographs, which are made of a rubber bird doll head, poke a toothpick on from all sides, looked a little terror.

Small days to rubber stamp on the birds head 4 toothpick. Ying Zhang

“This is my eldest son stamp after the birth of his baby sister. “The doctors told me.

What the hell is going on here? Pressed, doctors told me the whole story, and hope that through his experience, reminding those who prepared or had parents gave birth to a second child, a timely concern home “Dumbo” mood, prevent mental illness.

Little sister bad name

Get rid of the habit of licking their fingers appeared

My son is one of those more introverted, gentle vigour of child, name days (not his real name), 6 years old, likes to quietly at home and watch TV, play with toys.

One-child policy before, we didn’t want a second couple, so nicely: I am responsible for taking him out to play, his mother often told him stories, get him in bed, Grandma will take care of the daily food, home with him as the Center.

Two-child policy in these two years, though my mother and he is a little big, but you can also catch the last bus, we plan to have another, or small day company.

We asked small: “give you a brother or sister, OK? ”

Little days agreed at the time was frank: “well! I love it! I can play with TA, you can also teach TA write! ”

Therefore, we feel free to pregnant.

Last year, little on the day of her mother’s arms, little day performance was no exception.

The calm, continued until the small days hospitalized expectant MOM.

His mother accompanied him to sleep every day in the past, when the hospital, little night to see her mother.

I can see, little began to feel some changes in his life, he was not used to.

Sister came out, I’m happy Strip he went to the hospital to see his mother. Has always been very sticky mother little day, see the mother holding the baby sister, stood aloof, unwilling to go.

“Do you like my little sister? “I asked him, he replied,” like “,” you give little sister a name, OK? “I asked him, as a result, he adopted a very good animal names, called the turtle or something.

We say that the name is not good, you change, and second name or bad.

At this point, I am son of sister may be a little hostile.

I also noted that the sons had broken the habit of licking their fingers and likes to suck his thumb.

Licking their fingers, and generally occurs in infants up to 3 body (Oral stage), the 6-year-olds should not have, kinds of degenerative behavior is often a manifestation of child stress, anxiety.

However, because Albert verbally kept saying like sister, so I hope I’m being too sensitive.

Rubber birds head poked with toothpicks

Father secretly pulled out the next day and was stamped on the

However, what happened later confirmed my guess.

Small day mother lived in the hospital for 7 days, then returned to home confinement, son followed later, my mother-in-law reported home after work every day.

One day, my mother-in-law House tidy little Tin toys, found a poke with a toothpick on the rubber birds, bird head was the size of my finger.

I feel not yourself, son had never been this violent.

On that day I also didn’t go off, all pulled out a toothpick, put the bird back to the toys.

The results, the next day, the birds head stamp with a toothpick!

I pretended not to ask: “who is this bar? ”

Small day was directly admitted that his stamp: “this bird looks a bit mean! Looks very annoying, so I’m going to hit it! ”

Child’s behavior will reflect his inner emotions.

Small never of this violent attack, is a theory of children, since after his mother gave birth to his sister, he has changed.

At this point, I suddenly remembered that I used to reception of a patients-a 20 year old college student, often expressed negative views on the Internet, for example, “why God so unfair to me,” “in this world I the same as me” “I have seen” and so on, was later found by his father, brought here for treatment.

He was diagnosed with depressive personality of University students. Communication with the patient and his father, I find that the College student when in fact quite lively and cheerful, but since 9 years old after his parents gave him a sister, he gradually became silent, communicating with parents is becoming scarce, feeling easily down, sentimental. The formation of the depression of University students ‘ personality, and his regeneration has a sister, and may not be timely attention was his emotions are not unrelated.

In this case, I started to sit up, I don’t want my son’s character is slowly being affected.

But it was still just a child of 6, I have no idea and he speaks a lot of truth, and I saw it, small day more likely to hide their real thoughts, I directly asked if he was sister and estimated he would deny them.

Said the doctor cure cure for others, treating their loved ones often do not cure, there is some truth in this. One time, I also think well how to adjust the little Tin mood.

Small day tell the story of when he was a child

Love slowly moved his

Later, I Advisory has I of many peer, combined they of views, again added I on small days of understand, began action has–I put small days plush head Shi of photo are finishing out, again put small days hold in arms in, to he told these photos of story: “small days Ah, you see, you and sister as, is from mother belly in health out of, a began is plush head. When you, MOM and dad very, very nervous, because the time has not yet come out, you’re in Mommy’s tummy a little oxygen. So you was half a month premature, is cut out from the Mommy’s tummy. At birth, you are very thin and small, in the neonatal intensive care unit for 10 days. At that time, you live upstairs, my mother lived downstairs, MOM every day thinking of you, dad to see you every day. Finally wait until your weight has increased, we are happy to bring you home. At that time, MOM and dad often gives you in the evening, although already very tired during the day, but at night he always hold you, gently patting you belch out of your milk, and then you go to sleep. Also, you need to change your diaper, urine feces … … So take care of your every day, you can grow so large it…… “

Small listened, didn’t say anything, but he relies on me more and more tight, getting in that happy smile on her face.

I went on: “when you grow up, will take care of myself, but my little sister and now you’d like to talk, did not move, also need care. If MOM and dad don’t take care of my little sister, she will do? ”

Little days then naturally: “that’s not right, she needs to take care of, or else she will get hungry. ”

“So should take care of MOM and dad are also small when, taking care of little sister? ”

“Well, Yes. ”

After this Exchange, small days seemed to be really sensible, and begin to really like my little sister.

Sometimes I joke with his mother, said little sister is so boring, give good, small but days will try so hard to say, “no, no, little sister is our home. “He has started to learn how to protect his little sister.

This time, the young mother gave birth to little sister, looks about 10 days.

Later, when I go and tidy little Tin toys, discovered rubber-coated toothpicks on the bird is gone.

Don’t let the “great treasure”

“Two” after birth

The feeling of being left out

Chang went home after this, more deeply understand the two children on the psychological impact of the first child.

Two days ago, a friend of his gave birth to two children, while Ying Zhang to congratulate them, except to buy diapers, for small children, also bought gifts for children.

When Ying Zhang took gifts to children, said he could have the distinct feeling that big kid happy.

“Sometimes I think our generation, parents have five or six, not between brothers and sisters did not feel properly; why is now just one more, the psychological impact on children will be so great? I think this is now home to the kids too, baby. ”

Ying Zhang explained that, at the beginning, people thought that can only have one child, so put all resources at home as much as possible in the first child, the child also believes he is the only family Center.

“When a child after the formation of this self-centeredness, home and then had a second child, Dabao will feel their space is being violated, their love was robbed by two. So, once the first child experienced ‘ only Centers ‘ situation, he will take care of the two children is unbearable, there will be attacks. ”

Ying Zhang said that in the case of two children now become more common, parents need to pay more attention to this is an only child, but now is only “first” children’s mental health issues, timely and sensitive to their psychological loss.

Different babies have different ways to ease, but the unifying principle is to do two things –

First, don’t let the “great treasure” in “two” after birth, have the feeling of being left out;

Then, when I felt “great treasure” emotions, communicate, make him understand that parents focus on “two” body is only temporary.

“Parents can get the great treasure, a brother and sister is a lot of good things for him; or often boast exaggerated treasure, praised Bao’s strengths, advantages do not take advantage of Andy to contrast, stimulate greater treasure. ”

You can quickly identify hidden in a pile of snakes?

Snakes can be said to be very much the master of disguise, they can use patterns of the body color to make you become one with the surrounding environment, which makes it difficult for predators to note their presence. Recently, one Twitter user called Helen shared showed pictures of snakes that capacity.

She wrote: “this morning has just received this from a fellow herpetologist. Don’t need the text description, tasks that: can you see the snake? ”

Have you found? If not, please look at the following diagram:

Another Houston Internet users Tweet said: “at the Brazos State Park Park yesterday, I get the same pictures. An enlarged, another without amplification. ”

When Fan Yusu start screen, PAL owed millions of things


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    Fan Yusu

    Recently, a man named Fan Yusu people Readme article crowding the screen with her circle of friends. She expressed in simple, sincere emotions, gain a lot of praise. In an interview with reporters, Fan Yusu says: “in Beijing, I was a passenger, not related to me and the city”, “don’t believe that words can change your life, I am used to earn their living by coolies”. Her attitudes chord with netizens and lively, here to see Tencent netizens ‘ comments, how did they all shared our feelings and stories.

    1, you and I are passing

    Fan Yusu attitude of many in big cities to fight Internet users feel the same way. Netizens said they can’t really integrate into the big city, become master of the city. “Object” PA-screen comments, hidden under seemingly indifferent attitude of helplessness and sadness.

    Watch happy: I’m a farmer, I am just passing through to the city!

    Letting nature take its course: preparation ~ sing (heaven and Earth) long passing rush tide and tide, enmity and death white a few people can see, Red Dust billowing …

    Ji Xiaochen: the company I was a passenger, 51 non-holiday and I had nothing to

    2, to live is to do things has nothing to do with eating

    In big cities there are hundreds of thousands of people in order to better adhere to. These Netizen and Fan Yusu, bowing to the pressures of life are sticking to their dreams, those dreams for their life satisfaction and fun. Their story seems ordinary but powerful.

    Cold: when I first worked out, I also like to write text, once dreamed of being a writer. Later, my teacher told me to change fate, only to abandon your dreams. So go forward, hard work so far, and finally settled in the city, but always in fear and trepidation. Body has a safe and secure place, but have been floating around. There is no Royal Road, only kept pace.

    Looking forward to butcher pigs: I wrote poems and lyrics from high school to now, never published, but never give up, maybe it’s only in my life “has nothing to do with eating thing”!

    Wisdom = eyes: I remember reading when I was in College, so a slogan on the wall of the school cafeteria, “eat to live, not live to eat”, and the phrase “has nothing to do with eating live to do things” mean the same.

    3, ordinary life, or shining

    Fan Yu Su and his special charm to harvest the netizens moved. Fan rain element, they moved in the power of words, moved by her literary talent and the free and exciting life.

    Simi man: people who have written, insipid thing to write brilliant. As I always say: my mommy how to eat do cuisine. We envy them, it’s just a aunt pickled Chinese cabbage, Halo!

    Silent: she was very real. She seemed at a loss, in fact, she knows what she wants. She look very thoroughly, so her heart is tired. Her feelings were the inspiration for her writing. When she was writing and express these feelings, she is relaxed, happy, happy. I wish she had been happy to be alive.

    Jian JI no one open and fall: real hot text, humorous views on the matter and there is no lack of people, especially moved that sentence in the article: people always want to do and things not to eat.

    4, the dream, only pay homage to, please?

    Not all people are able to stick to his literary dreams, recall had a lot of friends in the comment section of that high-spirited self, but now the reality of being crushed, to mediocrity, feel aggrieved.

    Huang Ronghai: now, I have to rely on text to support their families, no longer have the energy to pick their own ever-so-freedom of expression. Code words became a chore, blew me away, fear … … In fact, my life is simple, even if Drudge, those words will occasionally good, can now deal with the system … … Are singing the praises of the dry, tired heart!

    Bagpipes: deep feeling! Drifting often literary dream when I was young! No neglect of livelihood, working 14 hours a day down chopsticks do not want to take any strong pen! Underclass was able to feed the spirit always empty of conformity! How?

    Cher: in those days wrote poems and stories are possessed, my father-in-law said I’m not live without my husband and I divorced, I have published many works, but with the passage of time, work, family, children, the elderly, the passion and dreams are exhausted in the stream of time.

    Bent Moon: quite a year, my knowledge of literature is also good, from elementary school to high school essays ranked second or third, later to write literature, due to plant shallow shelf, causing lifelong regret.

    5, determined, who said women as men,

    There are some women, after watching Fan Yusu’s story, deep in her independent, not tied to the family but to be self-reliant. Women say their users experiences and current situation, hoping to Fan Yusu-like, more courage and determination.

    Fruit tree West: leave her husband alone with her two daughters. See this period a great, how many women are a variety of reasons to leave her husband and abandons the child!

    Pension “empty account” 4.7 trillion, we can get it?

    5.5%, which is the society recently announced pension increases. A message is of more concern: pension payments “yellow light” personal account “empty account” 4.7 trillion.

    Objectively speaking, increasing the pressure of aging today, realization of pension increases will not be easy. However, Wang (ID:banglicai) also noted that pension increases are already down for two consecutive years – in 2016, pensions dropped to 6.5% per cent, but prior to that, my pension for enterprise retirees standard has achieved a margin of about 10% for 11 consecutive gains.

    Personal account of “empty account” means what? Means that if you do not use the young money in their personal accounts, pensions now will not be able to make ends meet. We work these young people a month pension did not enter our personal accounts, but for this generation of retirees pay “pension”, “empty account” in the amount of 4.7 trillion.

    So here’s the thing, we pay pensions and not individual accounts, we’re old, do you still receive a pension? Our pension money come from? In recent years, on the pension dispute, Wang (ID:banglicai) will give you a comb.

    How much do you pay per month pension?

    Many companies give their employees on “five social insurance and one housing fund”: pension insurance, medical insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance and housing provident fund – the so-called endowment insurance, that we pay a certain percentage of money each month, and then will be able to meet a certain number of years or after retirement in proportion to get the appropriate number of pensions, as the guarantee of basic living.

    Therefore, strictly speaking, every month we pay this money belongs to the basic old-age insurance. At present, this money by the enterprise and different payment pro rata payment of the insured.

    An old-age insurance payment ratio, for example, Beijing: 20% of enterprises according to their total payment per month base pay, paid according to the wages of employees 8%. “Base pay”, generally refers to the towns individually and flexible employees in the previous year’s average monthly wage of employees in the city.

    In broad terms, old age when we receive a pension, may also include pension, personal business, such as old-age insurance, but due to corporate pension and personal insurance is still not widespread, so when it comes to pensions, refers to the compulsory basic old-age insurance.

    Basic old-age insurance are not all the same, now there are three main types: the basic old-age insurance for urban employees, authorities and the endowment insurance, basic old-age insurance for urban and rural residents.

    Pensions generally received less than one?

    Wang (ID:banglicai) comb material found in public, for the urban workers ‘ pensions, and some provinces and cities arrived in was not received in the current period.

    According to reports, one issued by the social security administration, Department of economic development of China’s social security annual report 2015 shows last year, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jilin, Hebei, Shaanxi and Qinghai in six provinces of urban employees pension funds received in the current period does not arrive. Among them, 18.3 billion yuan less than the expenditure of income in Heilongjiang, Liaoning and Jilin also difference of 10.5 billion yuan of income and expenditure, 4.1 billion yuan.

    However, overall, still maintained a corresponding growth in the accumulated balance. According to the development of Chinese pension report 2016, by the end of 2015, today national pension insurance fund balance has reached 3.5 trillion yuan, increase of 354.5 billion yuan over the end of 2014, an increase of 11.15%, down 1.34% is growing much faster than the previous year.

    However, a report by the Chinese Academy of social sciences pointed out that an “empty account” phenomenon, caused by media attention. Figures show that the 2015 individual account in basic old-age insurance for urban employees cumulative amount of bookkeeping (“empty account”) to 4.7 trillion yuan, today when old-age insurance fund balance is only 3.5 trillion.

    In other words, even if all the urban workers ‘ basic old-age insurance fund balance of funds must be used to fill personal accounts will still have more than 1 trillion difference. Personal account here is that young people like you and me part of the pension payments.

    Your pension gone?

    Associated with aging and pension, and formed the so-called “empty account”. Related to China take the form of pension payments.

    There are two main ways of pension payments, a PAYG system, one is accumulation pension system.

    As its name suggests, the former refers to the current generation paying retirement pensions of a generation; while the latter is determined according to the principle of balanced pay amounts to personal accounts funded from the personal accounts pension after retirement.

    Specifically, China adopted a compromise approach, uses a combination of integrated accounts and personal accounts, and accounts of the funds depends on the retirement community median income levels. In Beijing, we have a monthly salary of 8%, belong to the individual account.

    Experts point out that, in practice, (because nobody from the pay system to a part of the accumulated cost of) old and personal account of the insured person accumulated enough, young people had to pay for security of personal account pensions paid in the current period, resulting in accounts have not only on the actual amount, thus forming the so-called “empty account”.

    Explain to the person who studies pensions, ponds, for example, pensions are a pond, pension balances is the water in the pond, a stream, a go. For example, now the flow of incoming money is $literal, generation, born after, go to 50, after post.

    Therefore, when $literal in the future, after the crowd when maintenance is needed, because of the large number, and could face money problems.

    Public data show that early, at ages 65 or older accounted for less than 4.5%, to 1980 does not exceed 5%, grew 0.5% for 30 years, and by the year 2010, this proportion had increased to 8.9%, since $literal, the generation number of the huge, maintenance in old age has raised a question of attention.

    China pension financial 50 Forum of strategic thinking on the reconstruction of China’s pension system reported that since 2000, China’s basic old-age insurance replacement rate (proportion of pension income when working) continues to fall, fell from 70.79% in 1997 to 45% in 2014.

    When we are old and pensions can be paid?

    On this issue, the views of the industry.

    Experts optimistic, said “empty account” is just a way of accounting, pension increases downward, mainly under the influence of economic conditions, the minimum wage increases also recently downgraded, and the so-called “funding gap” has no associated.

    In addition, he also referred to a future arrangement, the national social security fund, which was set up in 2000, devoted to population ageing peak of pension and other social security supplement, allocation.

    It is to be noted that, the national social security funds and local government management of old-age pension, basic medical and other social insurance fund is separate funds, sources of funding and operational management is different, use also differs. According to the information on its website, the end of 2015, the national social security fund with total assets of 1.9 trillion, the Fund since its inception, the average investment yield of 8.82%, the cumulative return on investment amounted to 790.8 billion yuan.

    But there are studied the pensions of people worried that, when $literal, the generation old times, the pension paid to us is not enough. Now is the time to plan ahead.

    From international experience, when pensions not received when arriving, there are at least two ways, one is to raise the retirement age, one is to reduce the level of basic old-age security.

    These two approaches are not negative means. Survey found that, among people over 60 years old in itself is hoping to “many years”, bigger pensions and reduce the level of basic old-age insurance, you can through an annuity, individual commercial endowment insurance to compensate.

    In addition to strengthening the function of preserving and increasing the value of the Social Security Fund, a progressive enhancement of basic old-age insurance, annuity and commercial insurance “three-pillar” pension system, and is also considered one of the reform.

    What individuals can do in advance to prepare for old age?

    See the problem, little said: only now working hard, saving a large sum before the old! He thinks this is the best way! But if not?

    Insiders pointed out that, although individuals cannot use basic old-age pension, but you can buy commercial pension insurance to guarantee that “the elderly”, and the type of annuity, generally traditional, profit sharing, and universal.

    In addition, some businesses have enterprise annuity system and enterprises through investments, implement the appropriate value.

    Business insurance, Wang (ID:banglicai) probably give you some reference to it, just under the column, because the products are different, if you are interested in also own the banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions Advisory.

    Traditional old-age insurance: traditional pensions are insured and the insurance company, by signing a contract, both parties agree to determine the pension time and fix the corresponding amount received, generally speaking, the interest rate is determined, usually in the 2%-2.4%. Historically, the interest rate is variable, generally with the existing level of bank rate remained fairly.

    Selling point: fixed returns, low risk.

    Disadvantages: it’s hard to resist the effects of inflation. If inflation is higher, in the long run, there exists the risk of devaluation.

    Profit-sharing pension insurance: profit-sharing pension usually have a guaranteed interest rate, but the slightly lower interest rate than a traditional annuity, generally only 1.5%-2%. Participating insurance outside of fixed minimum return annually there is uncertainty of dividends received.

    Advantages: in addition to an agreed minimum return, the return of this money and the insurance companies linked to business performance, theoretically, withdrawal or partial withdrawal threat of inflation on pensions, pensions are even more value in value.

    Disadvantages: the dividend is uncertain, bonuses and free, the operating relationship with insurance companies, may also be due to the bad performance of the company and their losses.

    Universal life insurance: universal life insurance after deduction of part of the initial costs and security costs, premium into personal investment accounts, guaranteed income, generally in the 1.75%-2.5%, some linked to Bank one-year after-tax interest rate on a regular basis. In addition must meet the prescribed minimum benefits, and uncertain “additional income”.

    Advantage: universal insurance is characterized with guaranteed interest rate, no cap, billing rates are published monthly, most of which are 5%-6%, monthly, compounding, can resist the impact of interest rate fluctuations and inflation.

    Disadvantages: insurance high upfront charges high, investment account funds, surrendered in the early losses.

    (Based on publicly available data of commercial insurance)

    Female college students trapped in a pyramid scheme lecture notes: the first woman to do direct

    One guy is located in xianyang by friends into MLM organization took the opportunity to flee, back home the boys are worried about cheating his friend’s safety, then multiple forums for help on the Internet. According to this network leads, Qin in xianyang, xianyang city, police in Bao-Quan Lu Xiao Qu out a 10-person pyramid selling groups. At present, 10 marketing staff involved had been dynasty brought back by the police for further action.

    Users posting for help saying friends trapped in pyramid

    April 23, more well-known website of xianyang forum or message board appears on a document entitled the friend he had been deceived into MLM! has been unable to extricate themselves, leaders and save her! post. One network called “wine” said, his friends called “little Britain”, is one recent University Internship student! last November by her friend into MLM nest, there have been four or five months.

    “Took me past some time ago. Inside all the cards, chess, shopping was followed everywhere. Learn how to cheat cheat money, invest some money earning millions. Brainwashing in class all day. I stayed there for 21 days! I spend way tell her not to do it, but she didn’t listen to me, I’ll run out. “The netizens said, he was worried about a friend deep in the MLM organization, harming.

    The user said, this friend of his parents very much, always worried about her. Think leadership can save her now. Take her back to her parents. Bao Quan district, xianyang and pyramid sales dens address is 5.

    80 square meters of 4 women and 6 men and dwelling houses in the lectures

    According to the description on friends for help, dynasty, xianyang City Public Security Bureau Branch patrol Brigade and Wei-yang XI road police station and police launched investigation, “Bao Quan how much community building, post only mentioned on the 5 floor, we found on April 25 after the network began to investigate. “The police said Li Mo Pai one day they Baoquan community West of the yard, 5 floor, of a building found the suspicious officer had called the landlord opened the door, 10 marketing staff control.

    “We came in 6 men and 4 women were eating, eating pickles, fried cabbage with rice. , “Said Li, who, through the Group notebook” how to create a sense of mystery and getting others to trust “content, such as judging, this is a multi-level marketing organization. In addition, according to the dates of your notebook to infer, the safe havens were established a long time.

    Police asked who comes from Jiangxi province and Guangzhou, Netizen “clouds of wine,” said friend Xiao ying was among them. Xiaoying admit that Internet post boy was her name, “he did not long to go now. ”

    April 25 at 10 o’clock in the evening, when China business news reporters came to the pyramid sales dens, 10 MLM is crouched on the ground to accept civilian police-related inquiries. As you can see, their luggage piled neatly in the living room. On the South side of the bedroom was covered with foam board, and the South side of the bedroom there is a 1.5-metre-wide bed and a sofa. The gang’s leader Li Mou said, men in the north side of the bedroom floor, women pushed on the South side of the bedroom. Among them, a guy admits they are in class.

    Female college students don’t insist money

    It is understood that the little Britain is 23 years old people in Jiangxi province, at Sichuan University, internship at the end of last year, was called by friends of xianyang, and friends left, she remained in xianyang. Xiaoying said, where they lived, 2900 Yuan admission fee, lecture learning management knowledge, earn management fees.

    However, the China business news reporter found in small notes, and personal summary of the British, most commonly mentioned quote the “friends of development, to form their own team, become managers, dividends”. Mentioned in the notes, 2900 Yuan to become a salesman, each developing a single product (friends) to 525 Yuan of dividends, as Director on each dividend 1050 Yuan, the total level of posts, make every single 1820, product development more sooner achieve the dream of annual income is 3 million. Xiaoying lecture notes and even says “first woman to do direct, the second woman to do insurance education, four women, three women do science……” and more annoying.

    “What do you have, says direct? this is a pyramid scheme, how can you make a lot of money?” Police asked, little Britain is still unrepentant and insists it is working, can make a lot of money, this is a fission mode of human resource management.

    That night, the police brought 10 marketing staff involved to do further processing. “We have to investigate to see if there are others, if not to convince those involved in MLM only education and repatriation. “Police reminded the young people don’t have an overnight fantasy, to stay away from the pyramid schemes. In addition, reminder, receiving their pyramid selling is illegal, members of the public suspected Dial 110 to call the police pyramid sales dens.

    Zhejiang people cobble together the 12 animals but also wish to declare Guinness

    In Jinhua, Zhejiang Yongkang copper mountain village, Zhoushan town, there brothers and sisters in a family of 13 people, the youngest of which is a pair of twins, the complete Zodiac 12 animals of 13 brothers and sisters, is incredible.

    Cheng Zhen spectrum is ranked 11th in the family brother, Zodiac is sheep, West District, in my Office there is a weighing apparatus factory, he is followed by a pair of twin brothers, Zodiac rooster. In front of him also have 7 sisters and 3 brothers. When his father Cheng Jinbang were alive, on one occasion, a village the village and his father talk, discovered this phenomenon.

    Cheng Zhen spectrum’s older sister, born in 1947, born under the pig, and two elder sisters, born in 1949, of the cow, three sister behind the four elder sisters and brothers and sisters were born two years apart. Down in the order, 13 brothers and sisters, their personalities better raise the 12 animals, amazing! Copper Mountain former village Party Secretary Cheng Jintai said that his brothers and sisters will be 12 Zodiac put together, this is a good thing! This is really very low probability, because fertility is unlikely in a year, it would be a little strange.

    A year copper mountain village to build a CI en SI, Cheng Zhen spectrum under the leadership of brothers and sisters in the old father of 13, donated 1000 Yuan per person, also put their names and signs engraved on the tablet of the temple to commemorate, seeing people are amazing. Cheng Zhen said: “every child sponsorship per person 1000, he carved the 12 animals, a lot of people look startled. ”

    13 brothers and sisters, has 12 animals is complete, Cheng Zhen spectrum or whim, called Guinness Book of world records. I’ve applied for the Guinness Book of records, the headquarters he called me back, and he said this really unique, not found, but the Guinness Book of records is a worldwide thing, however only Chinese zodiac, the Guinness Book of records was not relevant.

    Nevertheless, the step mother to produce 13 children, and 12 Chinese zodiac is complete, there are rare indeed.

    Jinhua brothers and sisters a House 13, is the youngest twins, the 13 brothers and sisters complete Zodiac 12 animals, very magical, has applied for a Guinness, Guinness responded: Guinness is a worldwide thing, only Chinese zodiac, the Guinness Book of records was not relevant. Are you trying to say?

    “The bird’s nest General Assembly” organizers continue to scam called “group is a multimillionaire”

    On April 24, the subway station near the Olympic Park a lot to come to participate in the “bird’s nest General Assembly” in the elderly. Figure/Yin Zhiyan

    “I went to the bird’s nest for the meeting, is to look at what brought 50,000 yuan. “On April 24, 2017, Mr Boyle received a notice, pay 10 Yuan registration fee to participate in the bird’s nest to the General Assembly, can also receive money.

    Mr Boyle to his daughter Xiao Chu that “If there is no money, I believe it is a pyramid scheme, has no longer contact them later. ”

    Little Chu told Beijing “the eye of the storm” (micro signal: btime007), in October 2016, Mr Boyle joined the “charity enriching group of” micro-groups, advice of the group, she has invested in several “high return” investment projects, for a total of more than 40,000 yuan.

    24th, Mr MA came to Beijing from Hebei, after getting off the train, she did not see the sign of people receiving the bird’s nest, what Congress did, money didn’t get 50,000 yuan.

    Although the police have been looking into the matter, and arrested 31 suspects suspected of fraud. 26th, Beijing time, “the eye of the storm” (micro signal: btime007) to “investors” on the identity of “bird’s nest Conference” Organizer “Wang”, he said, “you’re in my group is a multimillionaire.”

    Aunt Xue displayed her investment group. Respondents images

    Old man carrying a family app

    Mr Boyle, 62, from Qinghai, is the retired workers of a local State-owned enterprises.

    Mr Boyle’s first contact with MLM is in March 2016. One day, Mr Boyle called the daughter of Chu calls, said there is a project to make money, invest thousands of money they can earn hundreds of thousands of Yuan, she also showed her daughter a lot of project-related documents and information.

    “I look like PS documents, is obviously a fake, I search in the Internet news is a pyramid scheme. “Little soldier of Beijing time,” the eye of the storm “(micro signal: btime007) says,” my mom is not, we both got into a big fight, she abandoned the so-called investment projects. ”

    Small Chu worried that Mr Boyle continues to contact MLM, living with aunt Xue received from the hometown in Qinghai, Hebei. “I lived this for 3 months, can’t stay, nothing to do, go home again. “Small, June, Chu told” the eye of the storm “.

    October 2016, Mr Boyle from his hometown in Qinghai, Hebei daughter again Chu Jia. Little Chu found that Mr Boyle a cell phone in hand, “she used that I gave her an Apple phone, now the OPPO cell phones.”

    Aunt sit in front of the smaller Chu rarely use OPPO cell phones, sometimes out of view when are intentionally walked away, carrying small Chu. Let Chu felt that “the phone often have signs, she would carry me to see, I think there must be a problem.”

    Little Chu carefully observed that Mr Boyle with her information, all from the app group, Mr Boyle added a lot of micro-letter groups.

    “All I asked her what the app base, she rejected, in particular, do not want to tell me. “Little Chu said,” then I found out that she has many relatives in my home, often to the speech made by my aunt who said what, fill in information such as address, telephone number, ID card, bank account, that is to report. “

    Later the little Chu came to understand, mother and join the new micro-marketing team.

    “Investment” 40,000 zero return

    “One is a project registration information such as phone number, address, bank card, then States will give you millions of disposable. “Felt Mr Boyle to the Beijing time,” the eye of the storm “(micro signal: btime007), the” main group says will soon give money all the time, but giving money to never said. ”

    Aunt Xue joined the group named “charity enriching group”, starting from October 2016, Mr Boyle follow the main advice, have been out of money.

    “I don’t how much money, usually for 10 blocks, 20 projects up to 168 dollars. “Mr Boyle said.

    But Chu calculation before and after mothers put in a total of 40,000 yuan. “Her mobile app that is specifically designed to play this, all micro-group investment, transfer is transferred directly through the app owner or other so-called ‘ teacher ‘. ”

    “Many, many projects, register for free, for instance, some projects are transferred to the main 1000 Yuan, unified receive 1500 Yuan, 1.5 times the profit. “Mr Boyle introduced, mostly aged fifty or sixty people in the group.

    “The Group has a project more profitable. 353 Yuan, will receive 15 million yuan in cash, plus a House and enjoy Beijing primary treatment, monthly salary each month. “Another man told the Beijing in the letter the group” the eye of the storm “(micro signal: btime007), a lot of people actively” declarations “(investment project).

    For a long time has passed, Mr Boyle has not really got a penny in return.

    And Mr Boyle, the group there are a lot of people no money, even at one point suspected hoax. “Vote for less”, many people chose to invest.

    Was also in the group asked group leader and exactly when to send money, a problem with the group, and he said recently, you need micro-letter original group name and group heads are modified.

    “Formerly known as fumin group, poised group, love of charity groups in the world, now unified into a study of traditional culture. Groups require group group members by 8 o’clock in the morning every day to see information, raising the national flag, all changed into blue head, a former Red. “Mr Boyle said.

    Group set group of rules, not allowed to talk to any group members, as long as people ask “when letter”, and so on, will be kicked out of the group by group.

    “Some people privately jiaqun private chat, main straight pull black group members, group members are always looking for people to protest. “Mr Boyle to the Beijing time,” the eye of the storm “(micro signal: btime007) said.

    Main group often micro-group members into the new group, said investment in new projects can, like digital cash, maotai, the Big Dipper, and so on.

    Group, June, an old man tells of “the eye of the storm”, she comes from Shandong, 62 years old, a retired accountant of a local enterprise. His wife died early, and had an only child, usually nothing in free time at home, gardening, playing badminton, “a little money, a little time, that have nothing to do, and have been wanting to do something.”

    Little Chu concluded that Mr Boyle has been brainwashed by MLM, “I just had a big fight with my mom, simply makes no sense makes sense, she was hooked. ”

    “The ‘ bird’s nest General Assembly, ‘ there’s nothing there”

    April 2017, Mr Boyle’s micro-letter groups began to notice, to meet Beijing’s bird’s nest, just join will receive 50,000 yuan in cash, and room and Board expenses are all expenses, just pay the $10 registration fee.

    “We go by train, will be holding a sign at the station to meet us. “Aunt sit stubbornly telling her daughter,” I’d like to see, is there any led 50,000 yuan. If this is false, I would not do. “

    Little Chu once again one big fight and Mr Boyle, in desperation, Mr Boyle bought a train ticket to Beijing, “not to look at why she is not willing, won’t forget.”

    April 24, 2017, at 10 o’clock in the morning, Mr MA came to Beijing West railway station, after getting off the train, she did not see any sign of her people.

    Aunt Xue has been walking around the train station, also met 3 villagers in Qinghai province, is ready to participate in the “bird’s nest” Conference. Mr Boyle was so excited to call little Chu, “the 200,000 people signed up, will come to Beijing, the bird’s nest will be false. ”

    Small-Chu from the bird’s nest’s website looking for information sent to Mr Boyle’s talk on a mobile phone, “you look at the bird’s nest can hold many people, up to 80,000 people, said 200,000 people you meet at the bird’s nest can hold you? ”

    Mr Boyle replies, “that may be met in batches. ”

    A few hours later, Mr Boyle and 3 the villagers did not find people who came to meet them, they went out of the railway station, find a hotel to stay.

    Mr Boyle told Chu that “waiting for (the bird’s nest General Assembly) notice. ”

    The next day, the morning of 25th, aunt sit four people have not come to any notice, will go into the bird’s nest.

    Statement posted at the entrance to the bird’s nest: Beijing National Stadium (bird’s nest) on April 24 to 25th no venue for, any “charity General Assembly.” Also an announcement: April 25 visited the bird’s nest suspended one day.

    Beijing time, “the eye of the storm” (micro signal: btime007) learned that due to take part in “bird’s nest Conference” people, nearby subway station was closed. On the square in front of the bird’s nest, also once played a police tip, clearly prompted the so-called “bird’s nest General Assembly” and “thawing national assets”, such as pyramid selling, reminding people not to be deceived.

    Earlier, police announced on April 23, said Tianjin public security organ in the Ministry of public security organization knocked a made-up “charity headquarters and enriching” body to “thaw national asset” for swindling crime groups, claim certain deductions where he, Chen Chunyu, Li Na and other captured 31 suspects.

    Aunt Xue 4 people to a room, back room, gave Chu a call, “there’s nothing here, I went home in the afternoon.”

    “You lost it? You return don’t contact the MLM? “Little Chu said.

    “Well. ”

    Aunt Xue and 4 afternoon left Beijing by train.

    An old man shows her transfer records. Respondents images

    Pyramid selling organizers: in the group you are a multimillionaire

    On April 26, the old man time to Beijing, “the eye of the storm” shows the transfer records in their investment projects. Beijing time, “the eye of the storm” then “investor” identity contact one of “Wang”.

    Beijing: Wang Hi, could you find your investment?

    “Wang”: Yes, you are micro-wakan, our latest project is the investment of 5000 Yuan, earn at least 100,000 yuan.

    Beijing: what project? Returns how to calculate?

    “Wang”: (micro-group of friends), they all know, China heritage project, as long as you transfer money directly from the app, I can, I then refer to the above “leadership”, investment is transparent. I can’t give you a detailed explanation here, I’m too busy, I learned more than two months.

    Beijing: there are other investment projects?

    “Wang”: Yes, you invest 1680 Yuan, is 5 times after times profits are fissile. My time is precious, you application for investment now, I say way to go on the line, waiting to collect the money is.

    Beijing: what is this project? How long can you receive in return?

    “Wang”: I’ll inform the meeting, came to the meeting are the elite, my team there are tens of thousands of people, I still have a lot of group members are ordinary people, I haven’t used this part of the resource. Now coming to the meeting to invest are afford elite.

    Beijing time: be sure to enter the micro-groups do?

    “Wang”: you can let the person who recommended you into the group, I can pull you into my team’s hundreds of micro-elite group. Micro-as long as you have into this elite group, I’m sure you are a multimillionaire, here is the cradle of millionaires, you know me as a person, in good faith, to follow me.

    Beijing: the investment secure?

    “Wang”: you try, only more than more than 5,000 yuan, if you do not have this capacity.

    Text/Yin Zhiyan

    Thief steals the night shift, he was stealing, floor by Interpol

    Burglary steals the police got off the night shift

    The “Xinmin evening news •” burglary steals the police got off the night shift, it’s as bad as the thief. Even worse is that he forced two families failed to pick a lock, went home empty-handed was hold by police and her father. A few days ago, annoying the theft occurred in Huinan Town, Pudong.

    “Dad, I’ll lie down and rest. “That day, 28, the Pudong branch of the Public Security Bureau criminal investigation detachment penalty technician Zhou Binjie finished the night shift, go home and NAP in the living room. 12:10, door slightly abnormal noise coming from the outside. By front-line technicians engaged in burglaries scene investigation experience, Zhou Binjie quickly guessed that someone tries to unlock a home invader. He crept forward, with the cat’s eye view outside, a height of about 165 cm thin short hair men, all wearing green jackets is trying to open their own doors. Zhou Binjie gently back and motioned to is father to rest quietly at home alarm and ready, intends to police at police before and after the attack, grab a present.

    Alert to avoid each other, Zhou Binjie always kept doors at a distance through the peephole oblique observation, master its modus operandi. After a few minutes, the man tries to open door locks failed, turn and walk away. Zhou continued to cautiously through the balcony window cracks observed quietly, saw the man downstairs into the adjacent 2nd floor–zeixinbusi, he will continue to commit! Zhou Binjie horns, and father take the initiative!

    After a few minutes, the green man came downstairs to leave, father and son was waiting at the door of the small weeks roll on, take the green man arms, respectively, to firmly hold it. The man wanted to take someone as an excuse to get away. “Who, what few zero room, and out we went to the guard confirmed! “Small weeks so ask, show one’s horns and the men struggled up and shouted:” you are not the police, why me? ”

    Where he wants, Zhou Binjie flashed up a Sergeant: “I’m the police! now suspect you were suspected of stealing, a visit to the police station with me! “Then, Zhou and arrived at the Office police police will be listed to benefit South police station, t unlock tool was found at the scene, and confirm that the staff of the green man of convictions for theft. At present, the man who has been detained, in further proceedings, the case.

    Shenzhen quadruplets Dad: is an unlisted company does have two daughters at home

    [Summary] Shenzhen quadruplets dad responded “cheating” question: home is not a listed company, a total of 8 people, not preference, are two daughters don’t want to appear to face the public.


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      Recently, the Shenzhen “quadruplets” event has become a staple of conversation, which resulted from the April 21, “super cute quadruplets” collective television debut, big show poetry talent and on Twitter to get more powerful forward v.

      In a multiple-document program, the existence of this sister is nearly transparent, almost no sense of place. In time, people have accused the “Shenzhen quadruplets” parents prefer boys, and even pulled out the suspect has two daughters in his family, the father in the listed company information like that.

      Today, the father of quadruplets in Shenzhen weibo “Shenzhen quadruplets” issued an apology, said home had two daughters, but for their normal life has been on the show try to avoid mentioning, look to the media to family life.