Takeout home invasion rape three months pregnant women nude photos threatening sentenced to five years

Yu was photographed by community monitoring.

Cheat after reopening of the Lee House, a takeout pinched neck, covered his mouth, tied his hands … … Forced sexual relations with 3 months pregnant Xiao Li, and nude photos in case of alarm.

According to Yu account after so and so to case in November 2016, he twice sent far to Li Jia pan out, and once again get take-out use induction cooker, when induction cooker has discovered after damage, their “bad brains, money used to cheat the women clients. ”

At present, the Shanghai Pudong Court to the crime of rape sentenced to take-out Yu in prison for five years, deprivation of political rights for one year.

Shanghai Pudong District Public Prosecutor’s Office charged on November 25, 2016, accused Yu to the Pudong new area, the victim Li’s House, lied about Xiao Li bought hot pot before selling induction cooker use bad, lie to open the door, means such as pinched neck, covered his mouth, tied his hands and forces her to have sex. Subsequently, coincides with the knock on the door, Lee took the opportunity to open the door for help, Yu for resisting arrest, Xiaoyuan bitten outside the door and escape. Forensic, Xiao Li, Xiao Yuan’s injury has been constituted more than minor injuries.

Defendant Yu is also a after the, Jiangxi finished in my hometown left school after primary school at home, wandering in December 2012 for theft in Hubei Province has been sentenced to two years and eight months in February 2015, after his release from prison, to work in Shanghai, October 2016 at a delivery company for hot pot restaurant takeout.

On November 25, Yu rides battery car, dressed in overalls, carrying a red box for delivery, disguised as normal takeout and officers, went to the Lee family. After the knock on the door, found Lee single at home, so Yu pretended to be called Xiao Li’s last meal when the induction cooker is broken, asked her to sign their names in the book to confirm he is the last person to use the induction cooker, and small closed the door immediately after signing the name of Li.

Saw that they did not achieve the objective of taking money, Yu knock again, and Lee opened the moment around her neck and pushed her into the room, closed the door and locked it. Xiao Li Yu into the bedroom, with a belt tied her hands and electric bicycle u-lock threat hit the head to Xiao Li, Xiao Li and shocked and afraid, worried that their own 3-month fetus in the belly, not violent struggles. Xiao Li has seen no resistance force, Yu so suddenly ill, and has thus to be raped. After the alarm to prevent Xiao Li, Yu and forced its topless on mobile phones as a hostage.

Just then, friend to Xiao Li Xiaoyuan just to find Xiao Li, heard a knock, Li plucked up the courage and rushed to the door, calling for help as he opened the door. Xiaoyuan saw first one, then came down Yu, the two scuffled, Yu for resisting arrest, Xiaoyuan finger bitten after escaping, Li immediately Dial 110 to call. After police arrived, Xiao Li and Xiao Yuan to the hospital.

Certified, Xiao Li, with multiple soft tissue injury due to trauma, today dampened area is larger than the 15cm2 has become a minor injuries; Xiaoyuan right middle finger, ring finger bites caused by trauma, damage inspection see damaged skin, his left index finger injury of proximal phalanx finger joint, limitation, constitute a slight wound.

Later, Yu fled all the way back home, a week later, he offered to their hometown police surrendered after being escorted back to Shanghai. March 2017, after examination and prosecution, Prosecutor Yu in Pudong, Shanghai Pudong Court prosecuting the crime of rape, recently decided by the Court in order to rape Yu sentenced defendant to be sentenced to five years and deprived of political rights for one year.

Residents rushed out to buy a car brand new official: no car Lottery notification is received

Beijing News News (Xinhua Zhao Kaidi) male residential district after the establishment of “car car” news spread in anxin County, Baoding City, Hebei province, many local residents rushed out to buy a car licence. Too many owners payment of vehicle purchase tax, resulting in two days did not line up. Today (April 12), the Beijing News reporter from anxin County party Committee propaganda Department was informed that at present, it has not received “car car” the related notice, this message only rumors.

After hearing the news, Mr Yang told the Beijing News reporter of anxin County residents, the recent “male, after the founding of new car buyers have to shake,” the news spread on the ground. In order to seize the license plate, he bought a new car in early April. Need to pay your vehicle purchase tax on a new car, then went to the DMV registration and inspection of vehicles. On April 10, Mr Yang went to the Inland Revenue Department tax payment of vehicle purchase tax of the Hall, “bona-owners hundreds of people queuing on the day, I did not line up, it is intended that the next day had come earlier. 11th “6 in the morning, Yang once again to pay the vehicle purchase tax, tax whose door was still closed at that time, teams have lined up in long queues in front of. The door, everyone has brought numbers sequentially, Yang found himself is more than more than 170 in front of more than 170 people. Until today, Mr Yang did not line up. Anxin County of Bureau of State taxation Hall staff told reporters that the past few days, many people queued payment of vehicle purchase tax, “today 8:30 A.M. and Hall opened, it has brought together more than 100 people. ”

Mr Yang said he heard to many people around me “car car” message. “Our community a three car owners bought a few days ago, is the first licence. “In addition, Mr Yang, there are a lot of people to buy cheap used cars.

Anxin County local 4S store salespeople say, since the beginning of April, vehicle sales in the shop has much improved over the same period. “The best time of day to sell seven or eight cars. The sales person said to licence, these two days, many customers 12 midnight to go to the DMV queue. “Many people standing in line, quantity, number, can only say that the huge crowds, go during the day does not. “The staff member said.

Today (April 12), the Beijing News reporter from anxin County party Committee propaganda Department was informed that at present, it has not received “car car” the related notice, this message only rumors.

“Heroic man” hundred Yuan banknote with occlusion motorcycle number plate was fined penalty points

(Original title: hundred Yuan banknote shielding plate new “heroic” man being punished)

Tan one hundred Yuan banknote with captured by traffic police shielding plate

Golden Goat network news journalist Tan Yaoguang Peng Jining correspondents Lin Zebin photography: recently, Xinhui district, Jiangmen city, Guangdong Province, traffic police investigating an “heroic” exposed drivers, even with hundred dollar bills keep out license plates, usually deal with playing cards, discs, masks, as well as blocking license plate violations are common, but with hundred dollar bills blocked number plates first.

April 6, at 17 o’clock, southern city of Xinhui District Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade police patrol from the center of town road when the squadron found ahead of a two-wheeled motorcycle number plate obscured, surprising number plates are the same for shielding, a hundred bills cross posted on the number plate. To eliminate traffic accidents, police immediately signaled the driver pull over to check TAM, and evidence collection, upon examination, a TAM to block the number plate is a real, if being blown away by what? When the police asked TAM to produce a driver’s license, driving license, insurance policies and other documents, told police Tan Mou was not carrying a driver’s license and insurance policy, the police immediately using the police to verify a TAM passed the type which corresponds to the license. Police then holds the principle of equal emphasis on punishment and education, knowledge of traffic safety education for drivers.

Ultimately, illegal driver’s Tan on myself deeply regrets the violations of, and accept the punishment. A shielding plate, TAM did not carry a driver’s license, insurance and other offences punishable by a fine of 400 Yuan and 14 points.

Women were eight lovers cut lip and nose: he gets out to renew a reunion

Mistress surnamed Huang Jinkun men suspected to be faithful, and pulled sharp cooking knife disfigured her. (Image courtesy of Taiwan media)

China Taiwan network April 12 hearing, according to media reports, the cut of Taiwan’s Changhua County on October 29, 2014 with shocking features of passion. One man surnamed Huang (79 years old) suspect named Mistress (47 years old) faithless, recently wrote a warning letter “of things that I have … … Must wash house at all costs. ” Not expected, while mistress was sleeping early this morning to tie her to the bed, a knife with a sharp knife cut off the ear scratch, nose, lips and eyelids. During last name women’s pain woke up screaming, but is tucked up under a blanket gag before and after being abused for over an hour.

Will after the assailant cut the organ into the toilet flush, more ambulance calls her rushed to the hospital. Caste woman was conscious when rushed to the hospital, upper and lower lip was cut, and gums exposed, his nose was cut off from the root of the following two eyelids and lower left eyelid was cut, causing nasolacrimal duct damage. Two ears were cut off, horror picture is deplorable.

It was reported that two people had very deep resentment in 2015, the first fixed “judicial” to talk about, two are willing to renew a reunion. Huang and Zhu Nv meet, they ask: “why are you doing this to me” and stressed that he had never fallen. Huang Hui said: “you travel with other men”. Zhu Nv said the man’s wife was also present. Two people later found “is all a misunderstanding,” because the two persons now living entirely on impulse modulation. Zhu Nv forget good Huang Weng told her, confirmed Huang Weng also had her two heart knot open, women said Huang Weng was released from prison, they renew the wing.

Huang fix psychologists Li Shujing, promotion of women and pointed out that most of the victims after the incident just want “it did not happen” to repair “justice” to the perpetrator and the victim a chance to unlock the misunderstanding. Yellow and the female, for example, “Although exactly how no one knows, but at least two people are able to put down. “(Taiwan network Lu Jiajing, China)

42 year old man lay with his wife broke “lifeblood” but fortunately repaired in a timely manner

(Original title: 42 years old man with passion over broken “lifeblood” doctors timely surgical repair)

News Network-contemporary living in Guangxi Province newspaper reporter Xu Zhe

April 9 when bullying at 4 o’clock, a middle-aged man hurrying to the Guangxi ethnic hospital emergency department for treatment. Doctor about illness, men equivocate, wounds were startled when doctors see. Originally, hematoma of the man’s penis turned purple, such as egg size, doctors immediately admitted to hospital.

The patient is ningming County man, surnamed, 42 years old. 8th night when you lay with his wife, because the action is too large, he accidentally injured penis. According to the patients own words, then heard a noise and felt a sharp pain. Found that after an injury, one immediately to the local county hospital to seek treatment due to restricted conditions, doctors rushed forward to the National Hospital of Guangxi.

Emergency room doctor found worn after swelling of the penis, the penis of a bent corner, shaped like a purple eggplant. In ultrasound diagnosis of penile fracture (white membrane rupture and hematoma formation). 5:30 A.M., emergency department physicians emergency wears has implemented a “penile prosthesis” penis deformity recovery after surgery, general condition stable.

According to doctors, ruptured corpus cavernosum penile said, is severe penis trauma. Erection of the penis, by direct force, caused the white membrane around the penis and penis burst. See more at 20-40 young adults, in cases such as masturbation, rough sex.

Patients usually can be heard as a hard object at the penile broken sound, with pain in penis was soft-shrink. And gradually began to swell, curved, penis skin is purple, injuries and urethral urethral bleeding and urinary difficulties.

Penile fracture occurs immediately after treatment, treated in a timely manner. Doctors say are for the treatment of penile advocating early surgical treatment can not only lower the incidence of complications after injury, but also can make penile function in patients with early recovery.

Men will be transferred to the Villa before marriage girlfriend girlfriend: only you as a brother

[Abstract] man will be worth 4 million Villa transfer to his girlfriend before marriage, and sign a contract. After two people fell out, the girlfriend said “we can only do brothers and sisters”, the two sides officially broke up. Then Villa girlfriend replaced the lock cylinder, the men out the door.

In March last year, Mr Zhao Villa name worth about $4 million, in the form of commodity transfer to a girlfriend’s House, now split, but has experienced “get out of the family with nothing.”

Zhao said that his family was good, in 2009 in the North Shore road, 1 million down payment to buy a set of the sea • Riverside first, worth about $4 million Villa. During 2009 to 2016, Mr Zhao started mortgage more than 1 million.

In January 2015, love comes under the neighbors, Mr Zhao xiaoxie met and fell in love with his girlfriend. Talk about girlfriends xiaoxie, Zhao said, “like sweet, left-right for you”. Girlfriend’s favorite friends show their affection, occasionally buying small gifts for their mother for hearts.

Two people love plain sailing, Ben married and all the way to. Parents of girls, want two people to have a home of their own. In March 2016, Villa of Mr Zhao’s name in the form of commodity transfer xiaoxie gave his girlfriend’s younger brother. Seems to be a form of contract, 2.5 million traded and ultimately into the hands of Mr Zhao’s 200,000.

Real estate closing, two more tenderness, to Italy to shoot the wedding … … But recently, love boat said. “By June, when it started giving me that, we can only do brothers and sisters.” Emotional pull for a month, the two officially broke up. Unlucky in love, shopping malls and setbacks, Mr Zhao had nothing, living in the “transfer” Villa. Ex-girlfriend has suddenly changed the lock, he must be shown the door.

Mr Zhao was very depressed, has invested 2 million houses how to say no is gone. Mr Zhao’s former girlfriend xiaoxie believes that real estate transactions, find Chong loan company Chong 2.2 million loan, pay off the Villa completed the transfer of loans. For interviews with journalists, Shay was adamant: “you can not solve, directly through a lawyer and sue them. ”

Property disputes against Zhao, Zhang Fenghai in counsel’s view, from the perspective of civil cases, Mr Zhao is true for housing purchase contracts on the surface, so wanted to get back to real estate, it is necessary to overthrow the purchase contract signed by both parties, but this process is a complex and very difficult.

Love is precious, house prices are high. Real estate closing is no small feat, especially in the absence of prior to marriage. If is empty, don’t really say Too young,Too simple?

Students studying in the United States about the study abroad experience: spent 4 million do not know what year

[Abstract] hogae often see such reports in the newspapers: “the United States spent 5 million Yuan, after returning only 5000 Yuan a month.” While his parents never told him to get a good job “back” but hogae used to have in mind when “back to this”. “I think this life is done, I spent 8 years in the United States of 4 million Yuan, when can I earn 4 million? ”

In 2015, hogae graduated. This time, he decided not to apply for H1B lots for the return to work.

Return to work after six months, hogae often has nightmares. Dreamt during an interview just to speak was the interviewer like thunder when ordered to stop. It is not the most horrible dreams, and he once dreamt he was covered with blood, shouted for help but no one around, after waking nightmares, he was covered in sweat.

Studying in the United States for 8 years, hogae was determined to remain in the United States after graduation. Eventually he chose to return home. “I believe this is the right choice. “Hogae says he hopes his experience can help parents who plan to send their children abroad to study some more rational.

Hogae wears black-rimmed glasses seem so gentle, 27, his fluency in English and Chinese. Hogae’s parents being in the hardware business in Shenzhen. In 2008, finished high school hogae was admitted to University of Rochester Simon school finance, which began a study abroad trip.

Arrived in the United States, hogae was a 17 year old teenager. He looked like a deer lost their way into the forest, living with aunt arrangement in the United States. A year later turned on University life does not give him excitement in your imagination. “My English is good, but the courses are very hard, like hieroglyphics. “Hogae fear most is that in the first half of panel discussions and answering questions, he felt a little too much, he had to set up a training class.

“I almost forgot my mother looks like”

Class, hogae to an invisible barrier, students sat in class, local students who sat on the other side, sit with white students, black students sit together, as only a single Chinese face in the class, hogae feeling isolated. In a group discussion, no one is willing to and hogae points in a group, he wanted to join another group of South American and African students, but was turned down. During that time, hogae depressed, with plans to drop out. He sought psychological counselling to school of Chinese students organization, urged on by several sister, abandoned the idea of dropping out.

Hogae once specifically asked several American students, why have a prejudice against Chinese students, their answer is China’s unruly students, like to drive their cars showing off. But it seems to hogae, this is their pride prejudice. “Campuses in the United States, driving luxury few Chinese, Chinese students I know, quality is very high. ”

Read a year of College, hogae found their own circle of contacts or Chinese students, no friend of the United States. “Maybe it’s because of cultural reasons, Chinese students will cook together over the weekend and sing k. ”

4 years in the United States, parents only see him twice, “I almost forgot what mother look like. I don’t even think they have no time. ”

One day receives three rejection letter

During your senior year, hogae used 3 months in a row without a break for a day, every day in the library, dormitory 2.1 lines, graduate dissertation proposal after the report was handed over to tutors, instructors feel that topic no new ideas, repeatedly changing his fifth selection is approved by the teacher.

Is looking for a job with the paper. Hogae’s only advantage is good spoken English, but this advantage is not in the United States. Most frequently when hogae interview with 4 units a day, one in the morning, and two in the afternoon. But the interview was a special blow to him confidence things, and sometimes he would receive 3 rejection letter, then he is afraid to open mail. In July 2013, he interviewed a man named financial data analysis firm, just read half of your resume, sit diagonally opposite the interviewer let him stop him, said the interview was over. “Did not give any reason. “Hogae spread out his hands, and made helpless.

Six months, hogae whole lost 30 pounds, father a few phone calls urging him to work every day and paper thing. His father asked him to remain in the United States, while his mother supported his return.

Go crazy for a work visa

If you want to stay and work in the United States, you must obtain H1B work visas. H1B work visas every year, 65,000, there are 20,000 for master’s degree students, together with 85,000. In 2016, the success rate of Chinese students is 8.4%, first ballot success rate even lower, at 5%. “Graduate success rate is higher, around 33%. ”

“H1B ballots really decided the fate of the moment, as you like it, you can access parents a trip over the United States, tied in the whole future will be overshadowed, even has the dead heart. This means that you may have to leave the United States within a year. ”

2013 hogae was defeated in the first draw. After much thought, he has to apply to graduate school, this is his last chance to stay in the United States. “A lot of foreign students in the United States did not intend to graduate, but because graduate H1B success rate will be much higher, therefore, had to choose to go to graduate school. Master’s degree, spent 400,000 yuan each year. ”

“I believe that the home is the right choice”

In 2015, hogae graduated. This time, he decided not to apply for H1B draw, he wanted to return home. Hogae found that decline in value of overseas, if you are applying for a job does not pay attention to overseas work experience, students an advantage than a disadvantage, because sea turtles do not have experience working in China.

But hogae believes he is the right choice. China now is very much low level is not a problem, is better than staying in the United States when a fringe group. “I believe that the home is the right choice. If I don’t have enough experience, you can accumulate. ”

Hogae often see such reports in the newspapers: “the United States spent 5 million Yuan, after returning only 5000 Yuan a month.” While his parents never told him to get a good job “back” but hogae used to have in mind when “back to this”. “I think this life is done, I spent 8 years in the United States of 4 million Yuan, when can I earn 4 million? ”

Today, hogae in Hong Kong, find a job, because his parents in Hong Kong. His goal is to find a monthly income of more than 30,000 yuan in the future.

Speaking of 8 years of education experience, hogae loud sigh: “now parents must send their children abroad to study or think clearly, why send children abroad? In order to save face is to allow children to earn more money in the future? To send their children abroad to study whether it is conducive to the child’s growth? ”

Impact, the man fell into the bucket “by forgotten 3 hour” traffic police claimed 2 million

January 22, 2016 at 23 o’clock, Shenzhen Nanshan, standing on the side of the tow-truck driver Chen Jinhua was hit by a drunk driver, eventually falling to about 1.9 meters high above the ground the trailer the compartment, which caused him to be “forgotten 3 hours”.

Expert testimony showed that Chen Jinhua injured secondary. So far, still unclear words, difficulty walking, and rehabilitation in the hospital. Chen Jinhua’s family believes that responsibility in addition to the driver, the traffic police at the disposal of the traffic accident in default, “forgotten 3 hour” Chen Jinhua missed the best opportunity, it sued Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment, Nanshan Group (hereinafter “South Mountain Police Brigade”), claims 2012880.1.

On this, Shenzhen Yantian District Court (following referred to “Yantian Court”) November 2016 trial think, consider to traffic accident of complexity and particularity, Nanshan Police Brigade implementation of search-and-rescue is a constantly collection information and judge of process, especially Chen Jinhua was hit Hou off to hidden of trailer car bucket in the, has must of contingency, Nanshan Police Brigade in search-and-rescue process in the launched parties power has been multi looking for, no deliberately delays or allowed, not exists not perform treatment obligations of violations, It dismissed the plaintiff’s claim.

These verdicts, on April 11, 2017, surging qiumeihua told news, unacceptable to the families, had appeal and trial, but not the second instance verdict.

Chen Jinhua residential rehabilitation treatment so far. This figure is qiumeihua intended for

Was pushed inside the bucket up to nearly two meters high trailer

Born in 1986, Chen Jinhua, a tow truck driver. On January 22, 2016, job driving Chen Jinhua, Guangdong A88267 medium trailer, from West to East along the northern ring road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen when driving to the High Bridge Road, medium trailer fails, Chen Jinhua vehicles parked in the far right lane.

Around 23:30, Chen Jinhua, and another trailer: driving Yue Yang Zhiqiang BX6243, heavy duty trailers. However, Yang Zhiqiang BX6243 implementation of traction when driving and Guangdong, a Guangdong B0X0C1 small cars, crashed into the side of Chen Jinhua, Yang Zhiqiang and the two driving trailers. After identifying, Yue Hu Guangxu B0X0C1 drivers drunk driving.

The accident led to Chen Jinhua injured secondary, Yang Zhiqiang injury level. Nanshan Police Brigade on March 2, 2016 of the road traffic accident certificate issued by the show, Hu Guangxu bear full responsibility for these accidents, Chen Jinhua, Yang Zhiqiang without responsibility.

Traffic police police record cards.

Afterwards, Chen Jinhua Hu Guangxu sued the driver, after the road accident compensation agreement reached between the parties, Chen Jinhua access in addition to medical expenses, nursing fee of advances amounted to 1.6 million Yuan.

On April 11, 2017 surging Chen Jinhua’s wife qiumeihua told the press, Chen Jinhua are still in hospital, “and is unable to speak, walk. “Medical costs 600-800 per day.

Qiumeihua believes that responsibility in addition to the driver, the traffic police at the disposal of the traffic accident in default, resulting in her husband Chen Jinhua “forgotten 3 hour”, missed the best opportunity.

Qiumeihua to the news provided by the surging 110 traffic police police record cards, according to the January 22, 2016 23:53 traffic police arrived at the scene.

Yantian port on November 16, 2016 issued by the administration of the Court judgments, according to the January 22, 2016 23:53, Wu and Hu two civilian police officers arrived at the scene of the accident, found that the scene of the accident injured 2, respectively, Hu Guangxu, Yang Zhiqiang on January 23 and 20 points, Yang Zhiqiang, Nanshan District, was rushed to hospital for medical treatment. At 3:20 on January 23, rescue workers in vehicle accident support move to buckle when the yard, BX6243, heavy duty trailers in Guangdong found injured inside the bucket of Chen Jinhua. 3:50, Chen Jinhua, Baoan district, was rushed to hospital for medical treatment.

Yantian Court found, Guangdong BX6243 heavy duty trailer vehicles about 1.9 metres off the ground, bucket to SAG inwards, standing on the ground unable to see inside the bucket from South Mountain Police Brigade received the alarm to Chen Jinhua was rushed to hospital where, after a total of 3 hours and 44 minutes.

Police: when speculation Chen Jinhua may go after escaping driver

Qiumeihua said it was a winter night when the accident happened, the cold weather and her husband because of police negligence, delay 3 hours of treatment time, so police assume the corresponding responsibility. So, qiumeihua Nanshan Police Brigade to prosecute on behalf of Chen Jinhua, claim 2012880.1.

According to the aforementioned judgements of the administrative, Nanshan Police Brigade said, in dealing with the traffic accident, the police do not give up looking for Chen Jinhua, has repeatedly call Chen Jinhua phone, but could not be reached, don’t know whether Chen Jinhua has left the scene, or whether they were injured in the accident were sent to or go to hospital, and speculation about Chen Jinhua may go after escaping driver.

Nanshan Police Brigade said it has to perform their duties, there is no outstanding violations of the duty to rescue.

On this, Yantian court trial think, accused Nanshan Police Brigade No in first time search-and-rescue to Chen Jinhua, that no full perform its rescue obligations of statutory duties, but consider to traffic accident of complexity and particularity, Nanshan Police Brigade implementation of search-and-rescue is a constantly collection information and judge of process, especially Chen Jinhua was hit Hou dropped to hidden of trailer car bucket in the, has must of contingency, Nanshan Police Brigade in search-and-rescue process in the launched parties power has been multi looking for, no deliberately delays or allowed, There are no offences does not comply with treatment obligations.

Yantian court verdict, Chen Jinhua requires administrative compensation claims lack factual and legal basis does not support, rejected all the claims.

For this verdict, qiumeihua said, unacceptable to the families, had appeal and trial, but not the second instance verdict.