“Either intentional or accidental, the donkey bus” photo Changchun driver: often donkey head on

[Summary] “either intentional or accidental, the donkey bus” issue, Zhang said he was surprised, “I drive a bus for five or six years, near the road is rural, road motor vehicles, livestock, cars are out of the way … … Parked there, the donkeys are living behind my head on the bus, there’s nothing to make a fuss. ”

Police officer in Jinan micro Tweet screenshots, deleted

New culture (trainee journalist Deng Sheng men) on March 26, the Jinan municipal Public Security Bureau official Micro-Blog “Jinan public security” issued a Tweet: “things are wonderful, either intentional or accidental, the donkey bus. Donkey: refuses to fight! Bus: let you and me back, injured donkey always you! ”。 And attached a picture of a donkey hit a bus. Against a black donkey head to a reddish-brown tail after the bus, bus Vin parts for a start, shot the building for retail of the cottage, shop owners everywhere.

“Either intentional or accidental, the donkey bus” pictures and text, raised the concern of many users. Subsequently, “Jinan public security” delete above, staff said, Twitter does not have any meaning, does not represent any views in Jinan public security, is unsolicited personal behavior, not civilian police personnel on duty.

“Either intentional or accidental, the donkey bus” Changchun?

27th, at 11 o’clock, according to “Jinan public security” released “either intentional or accidental, the donkey bus” stores information in pictures, reporters arrived at Green Park in Hsinchu City, Changchun Road, with lots of Green Island Road. Photos in a number of businesses nearby “either intentional or accidental, the donkey bus” space is the place.

“Look at the pictures in the environmental and commercial, to determine at a glance here, but I’m a donkey hit a bus it no impression at all. “A nearby shop owner said she was not privy to photos display contents of,” I have been doing business here for six or seven years, never heard of this news, is not a very clear picture of the time and source. ”

Another keen-eyed merchants see the front sight and the differences in the photos, photo imaging and judgment many years ago. “This picture is definitely not recent, shops is a new plaque to change now, for almost a year now. ”

Plaque with photos of journalists in front of shops compared, found both in the old and the new, material, the name has obvious differences in layout and fonts. “The most obvious difference is the wall color, used to be brick red, is now white. “The businesses according to changes in the surrounding environment to infer the time this photo was taken,” maybe three or four years ago, what was often see horses, donkeys and mules, many villagers hauling a load of goods to sell, now is relatively small. “In interviews, several merchants from the picture showing the tail of the bus, buses are identified by the day after that section 107.

“There is nothing to make a fuss”

, At 1 o’clock in the afternoon new reporter comes to 107 Lu station he Xin Town, 107 bus driver Zhang saw a picture, confirmed that the picture of the bus is bus 107. “The bus of the number plate for a lot of drivers. “Zhang speculated that the contents of pictures, photographs should be taken for years.

“Either intentional or accidental, the donkey bus” issue, Zhang said, he has grown accustomed, not surprising, “I drive a bus for five or six years, near the road is rural, road motor vehicles, livestock, cars on the road. “Zhang said a few years ago when large traffic, you can see the motor vehicle traffic and livestock on the road,” this does not mean that vehicles hit in the fast-moving State, was parked there, the donkeys are living behind my head on the bus, there’s nothing to make a fuss. ”

Chinese woman who disappeared on cruise suspect killed by German husband shot dead sea

“Global times special correspondent Aoki to Germany” and “German husband wife threw China into the sea. “German daily Bild said 27th Italian coast found an abandoned suitcase, which contained a highly decomposed female corpse. Italian media suspect that this may be a February cruise missing 38 year old Chinese woman Li Yinglei (sound).

Reported that the harbour in North-eastern coastal town of Rimini, Italy, 25th it was found floating in the sea a strange big luggage. Curious hauled luggage, he found inside a woman’s body, the alarm immediately. Forensic revealed that the woman inside the box of “Asian appearance, aged about 35 years old.” This bring to mind a case in February this year.

On February 9 this year, German husband of 45 years and Li Yinglei Burling and two young sons aboard a cruise ship visiting the Greek. On February 20, the cruise ships come to an Italian port, cruise ship employees counting passengers found that Li Yinglei had disappeared. After police received a report of Italy, was arrested at the airport ready to fly back to Ireland Burling.

Behring was born in Germany, in Ireland IT consultant. Chinese-born Li Yinglei runs a wedding company in Dublin, the Irish capital. After his wife disappeared, Behring and did not report, he explained that wife disappeared in the Greek port, but she has also done similar things, he thought of her own home.

Li Yinglei was last seen on February 10, when cruise arrived in Genoa, Italy. The family went into a souvenir shop. Shopkeepers say, heated Chinese woman and her husband. Dropped from a man took off his shoes to women. According to the police, Burling’s eldest son says MOM gone and did not appear again, and father to them to keep quiet.

Currently, Behring denied killing his wife, his lawyers requested DNA testing. The Italian news agency ANSA said that suitcase woman who found no traces of violence, everything is still pending the police investigation.

Leaning on crutches, “criminal police deals”: the dresses broken body injuries to stay in bed for seven years

Hui Jianwu at work. Police photo

CNS, Taiyuan, March 27-title: walking with crutches, “criminal police deals”: cross-dressing injuries caused by broken body in bed for seven years

Beijing, reporter Song Lichao

Born in 1963, Hui Jianwu, a more than 50-year old police, but his deeds are widely spread in the Shanxi University teams and the general public. Police in 28, he was wounded six times, two of which fell after injuries, especially during a hunting caused by severe multiple fractures of lumbar vertebrae and bedridden for as long as seven years. The “five disabled for the public” police by local people as “criminal police deals.”

In 1993, Shanxi Datong mining area a series of mega-mutilation of women, more women being raped and maimed, killed, by the Shanxi provincial public security Department, as in the case of “second case” fully detected. Meanwhile, Hui Jianwu stepped in, assume the “cross-dressing” makeup of reconnaissance missions. April 7 at 10 o’clock in the evening hours when in pursuit of the suspect, under Hui Jianwu fell off a bridge, resulting in severe multiple fractures of lumbar vertebrae, loss of ability of daily life and is rated as “five disabled for the public.”

In the days bedridden for seven years, Hui Jianwu family economic and physical pain to overcome unimaginably grueling, with dogged determination to overcome the disease. Stand up again, he hit the steel belt and returning to the police post, began a new journey.

Shanxi “gangsters” in special operations, Hui Jianwu cause right arm in the fight with the outlaws periosteal injury only to take two tablets of painkillers after arm lift with a bandage, and insist that the case investigation. Disabled body, after all, once in emergency he fell from the stairs when the police arrest suspects, leading to a second serious injury of the lumbar spine. After a year of hospital bed after suffering, Hui Jianwu crutches once again back on the job.

Police in 28, Hui Jianwu six wounded, including two seriously injured fell after, both with strong determination to overcome the pain returned to work without hesitation. Once arrests to dominate the party in the Shanxi Datong mining area coal building known as “the captain of the gun” suspects at some point, Hui Jianwu regardless of personal safety, from a hand grabbed a dagger, a double pipe guns, but a knife. He has played numerous roles of professional requirements, he fulfilled the task assigned by the organization.

In recent years, led by Hui Jianwu, Datong mining district public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau police were growing enthusiasm, initiative, “gangsters” has been continuously increasing, eradication of 16 evil-force criminal gangs, against evil criminal suspects involved more than 50 employees, uncovered more than more than 60 criminal cases, effectively halted the momentum of underworld crimes.

From the first day when Interpol, Hui Jianwu made a rule for myself: to bit by bit, starting from a meal, a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of wine, where effects are not to participate in the Justice Party.

Hui Jianwu two lumbar spine injuries, four spinal fractures, spinal stenosis and nerve compression so that it left a serious legacy of pain to sit slightly longer time, but he stuck in jobs without complaint. In the second after a waist injury, Hui Jianwu repeatedly declined arrangements Shuttle, adhere to work on crutches. Buses crowded when you turn on foot, half an hour away, Hui Jianwu took more than an hour, every day an hour earlier than colleagues from home start.

In recent years, Hui Jianwu tried dozens of times by the provincial, city and district party committees, Government recognition and incentives, personal deeds many times by the Central, provincial, city, major media coverage, a two-time provincial, city of heroes and reporting on your tour, his “criminal police deals” story, widely spread in the University teams and the general public. Hui Jianwu with the Squadron, awarded by the Ministry of public security it four times in a row “area of responsibility at the national level criminal police Squadron”.

Online chat to get to know Shandong man threat be raped and nude photos of female college students

Victims of female college students

The night of March 19, in Yantai, a sophomore on the University’s Wang met for two days in the dating software male friends meet Zhang nan, was raped by Zhang nan, also threatened him nude. Qing Quan Zhai border police after receiving the alarm, quickly dispatched, and captured zhangnan.

On March 16, in Yantai, a sophomore on the University student Wang through a dating software matches a named “big son” of people, the two began chatting. Wang told the “big son” Yantai City, she was a college student, “big son” told her his name is Zhang nan, in the Sun around 100 jobs.

The afternoon of March 19, zhangnan suddenly through the live chat software to contact Wang Yue, ask her to play, Wang told thinking their location. Zhang Nan driving a grey sedan after receiving Wang, then find a place to eat. At 20 o’clock, thinking to look at the scenery on the grounds, with Wang Yue came to Fisherman’s Wharf, parked in an empty place, and begins to rape. Stylistically, not from, Zhang Nan grabbed her neck and ripping her clothes, threatened her if not from, would kill her. Stylistically, see no one, fearing to endanger their lives, then at the mercy zhangnan. Afterwards, Zhang Nan Wang took 4 topless, and sent her back to school.

Capture the scene.

The next afternoon, Wang by having police clear border after police received a report of the village, after communicating with the victim, thinking about dating software to the school gate after the catch. At present, the case is still under further investigation. (The characters ‘ names in the paper are not his real name)

Community explosion killed 5 people in Inner Mongolia reward for suspect

Tuyou, baotou City Public Security Bureau today issued a reward notice notice says: March 25, 2017 at 13:55, tuyou ditch town North village, Xiangyang district residential building explosion, major suspects Han Zhongfeng (male, of Han nationality, was born on June 7, 1968, domicile: dongchangfu of liaocheng city, Shandong province, Tang Jie, 32nd, white, ID: 372501196806070355) at large. Provide clues, assist the public security organs captured Han Zhongfeng, reward of 50,000 to 100,000 yuan. Telephone: 0472-110 13947276398 inform you! 13:55 March 25, tumed ditch just north of town in Inner Mongolia village, Xiangyang community incident, 5 people were killed and 25 people injured, 4 of them seriously, 83 homes housing varying degrees of injury.

“Shame killings” loan sharks behind these things you know?

(Original title: graph | title do you know how much? )

“We strayed into the trap of usury and hurt himself or hurt anyone else. “” We strayed into usurious trap, harm himself or hurt anyone else. ”

Yu Huan case of intentional injury, liaocheng in Shandong “shame killings”, the humiliated mother written by Yu Huan Su Yinxia son “petition” has such a sentence.

“Insult female homicide” back to “origin”, sowing is usury.

For usury, a lot of people have heard of, but it may not have a clear and accurate understanding. What is usury? What trap does it have? Not be illegal? Police could you tube? To look through a picture.

Taiwanese women to see Grandpa finally racing after police stopped to help steer your

Beijing, March 27, according to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” report, the “thank you for that moment to keep me warm to them. “Share a few days ago to see Grandpa last time, hurry drag racing was stopped by the police, after the tears from her description of the reason police didn’t pursue not only helped clear to hospitals, and give comfort, she couldn’t help crying in the hospital holding the Green police.

Information diagram. Source: Taiwan’s “Central News Agency”.

Netizens on the Internet posting said, received notice from hospital, Grandpa, to her one last time, hurry along Lu Biao, the netizens were stopped by the police. Users lift the helmet lens, with tears on his face watching the police said: “I’m sorry, my grandfather was dying in the hospital, please, please, don’t stop me, how much I paid, I give you driver’s license ID card, please don’t stop me now”.

Unexpectedly, the police not only to her billing, also asked Netizen’s grandfather in “hospital”, more because of concerns about friends riding motorcycles, drill to drill is too dangerous to finally open the siren to help users make way to the hospital.

Netizens thought to hospitals, the police will leave, did not think of them at the entrance to the ward until friends grandfather left, completing all the formalities to help her. Police concerned with netizens commented, “to come”, Internet users cried and said to him, “I have no family, I did not rely on in this world.”

Police also warmly to comfort her, “my son is as big as you, he to study at XX University, or you would be my daughter. “Friends after listening to him can’t help crying in the hospital holding the Green police.

Netizens said, uncertain public it will harm the cops were called, so I chose to use anonymous platform to thank them, “thank you for help me to clear them, thank you for that moment to keep me warm.”

Others praised “the police really are great people of Taiwan nanny”, “too”, and also some netizens joked “if he wants to introduce you to his son,” also read NPA netizens responded by saying: “to serve the people, it is our pleasure”.

Fishermen lost at sea between Hebei, Shandong network dispute one death and two injuries caused by conflict

(Original title: two fishermen lost at sea in Shandong, Hebei network disputed clash, one dead, two injured)

On March 27, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Cangzhou, Hebei huanghua town leadership was informed by the South River town, on March 22, Cangzhou, Hebei huanghua and fishermen lost at sea between Shandong binzhou zhanhua network controversy and other reasons, naval clashes occurred, resulting in one death and two injuries, damage to fishing vessels.

Earlier, the virtue of huanghua Town South River fisherman Dr 26th said in an interview with journalists surging, 22nd, in the Bohai Sea, 6 Shandong province clashed several crew members on fishing vessels and their fishing boat, which unfortunately was hit by iron bars on the right of the three elder brothers Yang was later sent to Dongying, Shandong, has died on arriving in Dongying port.

Huanghua, Hebei Public Security Bureau official responsible for the 27th in an interview with journalists surging, said “the case is currently Shandong maritime police responsible for investigating, huanghua police work. ”

The same day, the fishery station in zhanhua area, binzhou, Shandong baofeng Zhang confirmed to journalists surging Shandong binzhou zhanhua clash and Cangzhou, Hebei huanghua network controversy, but he did not disclose the specific injury information, but stressed that the Shandong maritime police has responsibility for the case.

Shandong province Marine Police Corps involved in the investigation of the case officer surnamed Xue told journalists the surging, “Shandong Marine Police Corps (March 22) received a report just out of the police, the case is not closed, after closing (formal) announced. ”

Badaling Tiger maulings heroine, is awaiting trial by nine levels of disability

On March 27, the press cover-this huaxi City newspaper reporter from Beijing “Tiger” was informed by the lead Ms Zhao, whose disability results were identified a week ago, “did not get the notice paper, court staff told me it was nine.”

It is reported that Zhao jaw pin has not yet been removed, now living can take care of themselves, but not for cosmetic surgery of the face, although several companies invited her to go to work, she declined, “all talk about it after the judgment of the Court, around the 10th of next month, the Court will inform the parties talking, then should be held.”

Disability evaluation results identified nine

On July 23 last year, three of Zhao with mother, drive to the Beijing Badaling Safari world, Ltd (hereinafter called “Badaling wild animal world”) to play. The Tiger Park, Ms Zhao off the bus was towed away by a tiger mother Zhou Keqin got off the rescue, was bitten by a tiger.

Events culminating in MS Zhao severely injured mother Zhou Keqin were killed.

After Zhao escaped, was rushed to the hospital, and lived for more than 20 days. After inspection, body over more than 20 were injured, cheeks to the Chin has a length of about 20 cm scar, also scored 4 steel nails in his mouth and ate 2 months of liquid. Until the national day last year, Zhao said his lower lip and without it, “to do mouth to mouth train every day.”

In early February this year, yanqing district people’s court designated accreditation body to Zhao expert testimony. On March 27, Ms Zhao told the news-this huaxi City newspaper reporter on the cover and the verdict was released a week ago, but now she is yet to receive paper notifications, “Court told me, are nine levels of disability”.

Facial injuries are waiting for the Court to restore

Since the injury, Zhao did not go out to work.

She told the news-this huaxi City newspaper reporter on the cover, the last 8 months, at present, the jawline nail has not been removed, and because the right rear molars and right near the front after a tooth off, other teeth are loose and have an impact on consumption.

“Jaw pin in a year, and probably until 7 August. “Ms Zhao said, despite injuries in a gradual recovery, there are several companies invited her to go to work, but she declined,” because there is no cosmetic surgery of the face, I worry about my work, will affect colleagues, also affect their mood and all court decisions later. “

Miss Zhao, around 10th next month, yanqing district people’s Court notified the parties to talk, after which may be heard.

According to understand, last year November, due to on Badaling Wildlife World of attitude not satisfaction, and insisted think other has main security responsibility, Zhao ladies and father to Beijing yanqing District Court submitted has prosecution Badaling Wildlife World of complaint, claims including funeral, and death compensation gold, and spirit damage compensation gold, amounted to more than 1.54 million more than Yuan, and application the case Beijing first intermediate people’s Court promotions jurisdiction, or by Beijing city senior court specified non-yanqing District Court of other court for trial.

But on December 8 last year, yanqing district people’s Court rejected Mr Zhao is a request that the hospital has jurisdiction in this case without jurisdiction of the promotions.

At present, the case from the court case has been more than 4 months.

Female friends about his Park to see man’s luck changed early this morning, “peach blossom hook”

Recently, the Zhengzhou police one after another group the remaining suspects arrested

Henan business daily () reporter Wang Chunsheng/photo

Henan business daily journalist Gao Peng

Tian Xie is a 11-man robbery gang of “big brother”. Starting from late January this year, their multiple Park in Zhengzhou to “fairy dance”, shortly after friends meet Rob date after people’s money, crime 8 succeeded nearly 100,000 yuan.

The gang members with an average age of less than 20 years old, and robbed the victims, mostly for thirty or forty years old business men.


An unusual date

On February 7 this year, a little after 1 o’clock in the morning, Su Qing (not his real name) did not fall asleep, in a dating software, he and another person called “little crazy” woman online chat hot.

“We met at the people’s Park, right? “Facing each other’s invitation, Su Qing without too much hesitation, made his way to the Park. See “little crazy”, the two also did not greet a few sentences, 3 young men appeared in front of two people, one of them claimed that her to seduce his wife and began beating her.

After was beaten, Su Qing’s 19,000 Yuan by 3 people took in many ways, 4 people quickly fled the scene of the crime. After 1 hour, Su Qing called the police.


8 cases robbed nearly 100,000 yuan

Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau handled the case investigation team Vice Captain Chen Youtao Jiefang Road branch according to her description, analysis of the gang crime with more than.

Through the investigation, police JI-long Zhang, Yue Tao lock the 3 suspects, hiding in longhu town. February 7, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the police rushed to the xinzheng 3 people arrested.

A month later, the police finally found the groups principal Tian Xie Zhongyuan district, Zhengzhou city, on the traces of a hotel, then caught it.

Through interrogation, police learned that a 11-man robbery gang. “We have decided to implement the 8 cases involving nearly 100,000 yuan. “Chen Youtao says one victim at a time really had no money, was forced to hit 50,000 yuan in the ious.

According to Tian Xie and his henchmen’s confession, police captured shortly before handing over the remaining suspects.


Gang members with an average age of less than 20 years

Tian Xie from luyi, working around two days after dropping out in Zhengzhou. In November 2015, Tian Xie for drug trafficking was arrested by police substation, Changxing road, Zhengzhou city, bail a month later.

The beginning of 2017, have no money to spend, Tian Xie to his girlfriend as “bait”, about male netizens out again Rob. In order to blast fan and Tian Xie and his associates bought pipes, batons and knives.

Anhui Dingyuan, Shangqiu ningling and zhoukou Huaiyang … … Henan business daily reporters learned that 11 people from all over the inside and outside the province, age 22, the youngest 17 years old with an average age of less than 20 years old.

In the eyes of Chen Youtao, these children are very poor, “some of my parents divorce, or else my parents weren’t around, didn’t finish junior high school drop out. “And robbed the victims, are some of the businessmen with financial strength, corporate managers, and even has a master degree of private employers. Chen Youtao said, because these people do not fit to the money, and some ribs were broken, legs broken.

Another approximately 3.5 months, Tian Xie will turn 19 years old’s birthday, in the face of police “robbed the consequences” of interrogation, he said: “are closed for some time. ”