2017 in ear training camp course today!

Not being educated, learning to explore!

Those who recruited the most diligent LL LL

Quiet life monotonous, creative minds.

May 5 – May 7, with dozens of entrepreneurial master surfaces

Chat across 3 days!

Course information

Enrollment: 50

Registration deadline: April 26, 2017

Start location: Guangzhou

Course fee: free (lodging, transportation, and class activities at their own expense)

Application conditions

(1) the founder/co-founder;

(2) official has, Penguin, Penguin index original 80% above;

(3) identification ear training camp culture, to ensure that class time;

(4) and in accordance with one of the following conditions:

A, has received at least one round of investment; b, in innovation and industry status and prospect of advantage;

Registration procedure

1, applicants fill in the application form;

2, phone/micro-letter initial;

3, the Admissions Committee interviews;

4, the granting of admission;

Participate in ear training camp program, you may also have access to the following benefits

Five-star equity

★ Green channel added “original base” enabling assessment;

★ Access Tencent content fund investment;

Note: compliance with the regulations in ear training camp curriculum, in line with the March 2.0 support evaluation criteria for outstanding students, will give priority to configure the above equity resource package;

Basic rights

★ Curriculum resources in priority to participate in ear training camp series, containing ear training camp (General classes, open classes, classes);

★ Regular assessments adjusting the penguins the following functions: account level, coordinates, graphic/graphic/video original video features, cover large, e-commerce features, question-and-answer feature, etc … …

★ Priority material library using Penguin media platforms;

★ Priority access to ear Salon hatching system of investment and financing opportunities, and investors face to face;

★ Priority experience penguins new features online closed beta opportunity;

Note: to comply with the rules and regulations of the ear training camp course participants, will give priority to configure the above equity resource package;

Registration stamp



Email: melissaluo@Tencent.com

Course schedule

Course instructor (more celebrity mentors will participate … … )

King of swing

New media observer, Director of the school of media and design, Shanghai Jiaotong University m-lab Tianqi Amoeba fund investment partners;


Expert, experienced Internet people, cross-border technology, management and content.

Fan Weifeng

High, Zhang, founder and CEO of capital, known as “Chief of staff of the new media”. Author of ten lectures on new media, high, Zhang capital is a professional new media investment fund.


Complex media group media, Deputy General Manager for revenue management, media marketing has a wealth of experience and success in the field, by the China Advertising Association, China digital marketing and Industrial Alliance, hired as an expert member.

Old edit

Sophisticated message and does not work TV founder, managing editor first 36 krypton.

Tang Yingxian

“Listen to” Director of operations, from the CCTV editor in Chief strategic planning and a number of IP and content business, accumulated media operators and IP network to create a wealth of practical experience.

Course tutors


Tencent executives:

Group Vice President Chen Juhong, Tencent Tencent Vice President Yellow Sea, Tencent online media development department General Manager Wang Yongzhi, Chief Editor of daily express He Guoshuai (), Tencent Ma Yongwu, Dean;


Big Lady:

Pomegranate Po report joint founder Wei, and new world founder Zhang Wei, and CCTV face-to-face column editor Guo Jia, and Qian fiscal new media CTO Huang Zhimin, and Zhejiang reported group media dream workshop CEO Jiang Chun, and Antarctic Circle founder and CEO Pan Guohua, and has extension spread Deputy General Manager Chao Ning, and small feather private kitchen founder Shen Tong feather, and public, “42 chapter by” founder Qu Kai, and Shanghai Austrian beauty Senior Creative Director Zhao round round;


Investment chiefs:

Integrity partner Li Jianwei, Director of Tencent invested Mao Junyan, Director Zhu Yanmei, seminal British Snow Angels day partner Zhang Benwei commune;

Ear training camp introduction

Ear training camp, relying on Tencent 13 years of media content creation, user, product, operations and commercialization of media and pragmatic experience, inviting Tencent executives, senior experts and industry veteran tough, share experience with entrepreneurs.

• Resources to speed up, Omni-directional butted Tencent platform resources to help grow;

• A strong mentor team: Tencent executives, industry leaders and the media be tough, Tencent venture star, famous management investor;

• Incubation platform support resources and investment and financing system, docking one-stop services;

Sponsor: University of Tencent’s Penguin media platform, Tencent

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