20 years old young man plunged in Hong Kong due to data loss is not happy

Overseas network on April 19, according to the East reported this morning (19th) at 2 o’clock, falls incident occurred, a 20-year old youth surnamed Chen from the Aberdeen fish An Yuanhu An Ge Middle fell, passers-by heard a loud noise to find youth lying open space outside the building in a coma, then to police. Ambulancemen test was later certified dead.

Youth body consists of tents covered family members to the scene to assist in the investigation

Present investigation and seized a suicide, contact to their families about it later. It is learned that Chen had told the family that he damaged the phone recently, hidden homework information lost in the phone, doubt was not happy. Police believe event after no suspicious circumstances.

Overseas network about Hong Kong in the past few years have an average of 23 students commit suicide every year, concentrated in the 15-24. Some analysts believe may be frequented the virtual world with young people, have a problem do not know how to seek assistance related to vulnerable families and social support than ever before.

Plans for Aberdeen fishing An Yuanhu An Ge

According to the Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao reported March 2016, Hong Kong killed four students jumped from the second floor in the 5th, half of 20 young lives and loved the new threat definitions.

According to the news agency, Hong Kong, Hong Kong on February 14, 2017 a 15 year old boys to 12th in Ma On Shan in the new territories from a suicide, this is within 8 days of the 4th student falls to life events.

Hong Kong Police have not found the suicide note at the scene, following a preliminary investigation, suspect dead because of academic problems committed suicide, an event no suspicious circumstances.

Director of Hong Kong’s suicide research and Prevention Center at the University Paul s.f. Yip believes that the learning pressure on students is one of the factors, students are required to adapt to school life and deal with them after the holidays, and the student may be suffering from emotional problems, bad relationships.

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