20 years insisted that he become a waste disposal experts

In 1996, Zhang Houhu participate in college entrance examination, he has filled in a lot of people had even heard the name “environment protection”. Environmental protection cause of uncertainty, as the native subjects of environmental protection professionals. Graduated from the professional even when jobs are scarce, he had to go to the construction industry had a year of soy sauce. Nearly 20 years he devoted himself to do such a thing: and junk “deal”.

Chose an unexpected winner environment protection from harvest “magic”

Zhang Houhu, Xinghua city, Jiangsu Province, was born in an ordinary family, many brothers and sisters home conditions are not favorable, hardship and years of torment, and hammer Zhang Houhu hard, overcome difficulties of perseverance and character. Also known as Chu Zhao Yang Xinghua said in his hometown of water, has a long history and culture.

Voluntary reporting of college entrance examination, from the beautiful lakes of Zhang Houhu, becomes as beautiful as my hometown across the country how good! Uncertainty of environmental protection, environmental protection is not a popular profession, but his own simple dream, decided to apply for the University of science and technology of Suzhou (formerly the urban construction environmental protection Institute of Suzhou) environment. The September 1996, he was wearing an ankle 20 cm distance old army trousers, went to Suzhou University of science and technology. Courses for the first time, he was shocked! Here the teacher’s class, he was surprised to find that after here is dark and dirty, stinky wastewater treatment by teachers, can be converted to a stream. “Excited, I am professional, do so in the future you want to learn magic, so much. ”

University Division he chooses and garbage company

When you learn directions and did graduate at the University, to select a direction from the waste residue treatment, some students don’t want to endure hardship, conveniently choose. But Tiger is unquestionably after piece to choose the direction of waste treatment, he said, “garbage is a dirty rotten, but hard work someone needs to do dirty work! Garbage disposal someone must be to overcome the technical problems, I would like to turn it into something beautiful wealth! “When others in the laboratory to study while working, his seven mountains in Suzhou waste landfill every day worked, buried in the garbage operations and experiments with more than 10 hours a day. He said “zero-distance contact and garbage every day, mosquitoes and flies with, feel very dirty and very tired. But since I chose to do. “In 2000, Zhang Houhu graduated from from the environmental Department of the urban construction environmental protection Institute of Suzhou, China’s environmental protection industry developed at that time, environmental related jobs are scarce. Zhang Houhu had to go were employed in the construction industry. But he could not restrain his inner to the pursuit of environmental protection. A year after Zhang Houhu gave up paid work, are eligible for the solid waste disposal in the direction of Shanghai University Master’s degree. Dr then entered Tongji University, from he pinjing mentor is mainly engaged in domestic waste landfill greenhouse gas emissions study for China’s greenhouse gases methane and nitrous oxide emission reduction and development suited to China’s national conditions and efficient technology. Zhang Houhu dedicate to waste treatment, study of landfill leachate treatment, and in 2008 he obtained PhD in environmental engineering, Tongji University, 2011 graduation thesis Award for outstanding doctoral dissertation in Shanghai.

20 years later, he became a garbage disposal in the area of expert

After graduating from Dr, Zhang Houhu worked for the Environmental Protection Department of the Nanjing Institute of environmental sciences, mainly engaged in the research on solid waste. With the acceleration of China’s rapid economic development and urbanization, increasing waste output, the “garbage siege” has become the focus of attention, due to inadequate solid waste disposal capacity, induced by some lawless elements in the interests of illegal disposal of (feel free to dump and bury) garbage, seriously damaged the dumping area of surface water, soil and groundwater environment elements. Zhang Houhu and colleagues studied more and more community attention. After tiger became the authoritative expert in solid waste treatment in the province.

2016, the spate of illegal dumping of foreign solid waste. Zhang Houhu led professional teams, braved 38 ℃ high temperature at the dumping site exploration, fetid rushing and didn’t heat. They help local environmental protection, public security and other departments to carry out emergency response, research related to the monitoring, preparation of toxic and harmful substances forensic report and ecological damage assessment reports, work for illegal dumping of refuse the case provided strong technical support.

So far, Zhang Houhu journals published more than 60 papers at home and abroad. He selected 2011 Jiangsu Province fourth period “333 high-level talent training engineering” third level training object; application national invention patent more than 40 more than items (authorized 35 items), authorized practical new patent 10 items, invention technology implementation model engineering 4 items, presided over/participation national water technology major special, “Twelve-Five” rural field national technology plans subject,, Chinese Academy of Sciences strategic pilot technology special and National Science Fund, subject more than 50 more than items.

“Good governance and building ecological environment pollution and protect our ecological good Earth home, long way to go. “Select back 20 years ago, he was lucky:” in 20 years I have been doing your own thing, not negative expectations of teachers. It could be my life-long career. ”

Character profiles

Zhang Houhu, male, was born in 1977. PhD/researcher, 2008 inauguration of the Nanjing Institute of environmental sciences, the Department of environmental protection, the current Director of the solid waste pollution prevention technology research center.

High school graduation: an Feng Xinghua city, Jiangsu Province high school

Graduation College: University of science and technology of Suzhou

Say I grew up

20 years concentrated on one thing, definitely can do

When filling the college entrance examination, I do not much professional “hot and cold”. Back then, many students may select accounting, computers, these professionals better find a job after graduation. My idea is very simple, hope that through their own efforts to make other parts of the country with my hometown America. After entering the University, through the study of theoretical knowledge, under the teacher’s guidance I selected research – solid waste disposal. Nearly 20 years ago, I insisted on doing this one thing–to deal with solid waste. My understanding is that choice of profession, occupation, you first have to love it, like you would a tough not tired and like to endure, this is all power.

Schools say

Cultivating innovative ability of students

Suzhou University of science and technology formerly known as Suzhou, Suzhou Institute of science and technology by universities directly under the former Ministry of construction urban construction environmental protection Institute directly under the original College merged in September 2001 formed from Suzhou railway teachers ‘ College, is one of the Central and local government, management in colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province.

Environment protection is the predominant subject of Suzhou University of science and technology, integration of school specialty resources. Collaborative Innovation Center of water treatment technology and materials and “technology of reutilization of municipal sewage” National Engineering Laboratory, production, learning and research employment business base to more than 20 companies. Undergraduate and graduate students in the discipline and integrated training of young teachers, strengthen the cultivation of the students ‘ ability to study and engineering application of skills. Younger students can take part in symposia, scientific and technological activities as well as activities to cultivate and stimulate their interest in learning and innovation and seniors participate in application-oriented topics such as creative and practical activity, but extends to the graduation project, students practical training of class innovation, success in the National Challenge Cup competition. Students ‘ cognition about deeper on their own expertise, graduates of higher innovation and practice ability of training to meet the market demand.

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